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NFL Week 14 Picks

Mike’s Picks Jets -1 Patriots -11 Packers -3 Rams -1 Ravens +5 Mike Season Record – 29-35 Richard’s Picks Vikings -2.5 49ers +3 Jets -1 Eagles +1 Patriots -11 Richard […]

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Win or lose, this is the end of a great run for Pooka Williams

Typically, my writing does not cover high school students or sports. High school is tough to cover. I used to do it part time. On one hand, you have to […]

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Thank you Colonels for a Season We Will All Remember!

Dear Nicholls Football, I hope every player and coach on staff reads this letter because I think I can accurately speak for the Colonel Nation when I say 2017 is […]

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How The Hell Did We Get Here?

Wow. Two years married to the most beautiful woman in the world. How the fuck did I get so lucky? I was telling her the other day how crazy it […]

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Hotard Era (Episode 4)

The Hotard Era is the official podcast of the Hotard Huddle. The podcast is hosted by me, Michael Hotard. It features my thoughts on life, politics, sports and more. This […]

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Nick Saban is the worst greatest coach of all time

Before you read this any further, some of you may notice I am from Louisiana. Before you start your “you just hate Nick Saban because he crushes LSU” bullshit. I […]

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Hotard Huddle NFL All-Pro Team 2017

The NFL season is in the home stretch and I realize the regular season is not over, but I decided to put together my all pro team anyway. By now, […]