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MJF and CM Punk Promo Top 10 Insults

Headlines have been pouring out in the wrestling world about the best promo in 25 years between the 24 year old Maxwell Jacob Friedman and the vet CM Punk. Every […]

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NFL 2021 Week 10 Not So Monday Morning Thoughts

The Opening – The greatest stat in NFL history. With the Panthers win over the Cardinals Sunday, cat teams v bird teams are now tied at 209-209-10 throughout the course of […]

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(Ep49) The OBJ Sweepstakes

Apple Podcasts (click here) Spotify (click here) Anchor (click here) Pocket Cast(Click here) Google Podcasts (Click here) Breaker (Click here) Radio Public (Click here) On episode 49, I am joined […]

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NFL 2021 Week 9 Not So Monday Morning Thoughts

The Opening – Bizarre, period. That is what this week in the NFL was. Hotard Huddle Podcast – We missed an episode due to me dying of a sore throat and one […]

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Top 10 Favorite Wrestling Factions

One of my personal favorite elements in the world of professional wrestling is factions. I always found wrestling to be infinitely more interesting when factions were involved. Since AEW began, […]

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NFL 2021 Week 8 Not So Monday Morning Thoughts

The Opening – For the first time since this fantasy league began in 2015, I am the top of the ladder. What a glorious feeling it is. Still a long way […]

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Happy Halloween – a little Halloween Survey

Happy Halloween everyone! Here is a fun Halloween Survey below. Feel free to share your answers. Unless of course you think Candy Corn is good, then I am just not […]