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Invest in People Who Invest In You

I have neglected writing for the last month, with only 8 posts to show for it. Normally, I would be beating myself up for that. I often feel like if […]

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The Dirty 30 has Arrived! Celebrating 30 with 30 Facts About Me

Be more informed with Cluey surveyed over 300 consumers and asked if negative media attention towards a brand ever shaped their opinions or buying habits. 95% said their opinions […]

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NBA Playoff Predictions

I am more on top of putting out my playoff predictions usually. I am in the middle of a job change and traveling. Sue me. Anyway, I am currently sitting […]

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Don’t Burn Bridges, Michael

I don’t understand the concept behind giving a 2 week notice in some situations. Yet, it is supposedly the right thing to do. Since this was originally a sports blog, […]

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10 Biggest National Treasures (Real or Fictional)

Much like the term GOAT, National Treasure has now become loosely defined and probably overused at this point. Who cares though? It’s a great compliment to be called GOAT or […]

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Go Out and Get What You’re Worth

Self worth. It’s a term I have thought about lately. By lately, I mean the last year or so. I consider myself a confident person. That doesn’t mean I don’t […]

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Mother’s Day Fun: 8 Best TV Moms

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. While we only have one day to celebrate motherhood, it should be celebrated every single day. The cliche’ is behind every […]

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NFL Draft Grades

Arizona Cardinals: B Round 1: No. 16 Zaven Collins, LB (Tulsa)Round 2: No. 49 Rondale Moore, WR (Purdue)Round 4: No. 136 (from Ravens) Marco Wilson, CB (Florida)Round 6: No. 210 (from Ravens) Victor Dimukeje, […]