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My Fictional 3v3 Team (Movies/TV Shows)

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Dear People Who Bitch Because I love Disney World…

“Oh my god, you’re going back to Disney World? You were just there. Go see somewhere new.” I hear it every time. Literally EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME. No. I am […]

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Don’t blame Kevin Durant or LeBron for the Super Team Era

If there is one thing I have learned in 26 years about sports, it is this… Winning cures EVERYTHING! The list of athletes walking this planet or 6 feet under […]

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To Bob, the man, the myth, the legend and MY dad

A father is a son’s first hero… In the words of the great Jim Valvano, my dad gave me the greatest gift you could give to anyone…he believed in me. […]

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Off The Record Episode 30

Off The Record is an uncensored sports podcast featuring Michael Hotard and Richard Fischer. Two former journalist who are tired of the fluff in the industry. Honest, unfiltered and no […]

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25 Best Bromances of All Time

In honor of National Best Friends Day (June 8), I have decided to compile a top 25 list of the best bromances ever. A bromance is a close, but nonsexual […]