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Raw Highlights: May 09, 2016

Jericho Highlight Reel 

Raw begins with Jericho’s highlight reel.

Jericho pokes at fresh wounds after murdering Mitch the potted plant. He picked up the remains of our good friend Mitch and teased the crowd talking about how he used Mitch to take out Dean Amrbose. tumblr_o6kx2gDqQH1u1ljrzo1_500

Not cool, Jericho!

Cue the realest guys in the room as Big Cass shows up and completely owns Jericho on the mic.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but Big Cass has been really impressive holding his own since his partner Enzo Amore suffered the concussion. You can’t teach that!

To prove it, we now have our main event…Jericho v Cass.

Thoughts: Heel Jericho needs to stay because it is so much better than being a face. Big Cass is so damn over right now and it is awesome. I love that WWE is allowing him some freedom on the mic. He is much better talker than I thought. Once Enzo comes back, the crowd is going to lose their shit. I am praying his at Raw on June 13 in Nola because I will mark out so hard.


Zayn earns spot in IC Title Picture, Ryder/Owens Out 

Earlier in the night, Shane and Stephanie McMahon are in the middle of bickering between the Miz, Kevin Owens and Cesaro about the recent announcement regarding the Intercontinental Title being a Triple Threat Match. Sami Zayn shows up and says he is willing to earn his spot like a true babyface. Shane and Steph give it the green light and book him against the match. Zayn wins with the Helluva kick against the Hollywood star making the match a Fatal Four Way.

Later that night, Zack Ryder is found talking to Shane about wanting a bigger role saying it was a dream come true holding the IC Title at Wrestlemania 32. He wants to earn a bigger role.

Kevin Owens crashes the conversation and bitches about Sami Zayn getting his way and being handed a title shot. He says the new era is about giving whiney losers title matches. KO then turns to Ryder and says he doesn’t even understand why Ryder exists. Shane naturally books Owens v Ryder for later, which Owens of course wins.

Thoughts: Can KO just take up an hour of every show? I think every Raw should have a Kevin Owens appreciation hour. He is my favorite heel in the last 5 years. Don’t ever change Kevin.

Women’s Championship 

The match for Charlotte and Natalya has officially been booked for Extreme Rules. There is one major stipulation that Ric Flair is banned from ringside. We get an early taste of what that will look like as Charlotte takes on Paige. Shane bans Flair from ringside.

Flair tried to get involved and Shane gets every ref to come out and bring Flair back. Charlotte gets distracted while Paige gets the roll up for the win.

Thoughts: I still don’t see Natalya winning the title from Charlotte at Extreme Rules. I love what they are doing with Charlotte and Flair making it seem like she can’t win without daddy by her side. First off, you will never hear me bitch about Ric Flair on TV. WOOOOO! Two, its cheap heat that always works. Just ask Seth Rollins (Hurry up and come back).

The Club v The Family 

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson battled the Usos and Roman Reigns in a 6 man elimination tag team match as their rivalry continues.

Jey Uso is the first eliminated with a roll up.

Anderson was eliminated with a small package by Jimmy.

Jimmy got smashed with a phenomenal forearm during the commercial break being eliminated.

Roman delivered a superman punch to Gallows to even the score 1-1.

AJ vs Roman ended with a DQ after Anderson came back and crushed Reigns with a chair. Gallows and Anderson were ready to maul Reigns before the Usos showed up to save their cousin. The club clears the ring of anyone named Uso leading to Reigns dropping Anderson and Gallows with a spear.

AJ stuns Roman with a kick to the head before attempting to Styles Clash Reigns on a chair before being dumped over the rope on a reversal by Reigns. While AJ stares at Reigns from the Apron, the leader of the Roman Empire drops a chair at AJ’s feet telling him to use it. Shortly after, AJ tosses it back to Reigns saying he doesn’t need it. As Roman went to pick it up, Styles attempted the Phenomenal forearm as Reigns ducked out of the way. Styles slides out the other side of the ring and the two talk smack going into the commercial break.

Thoughts: Before I give the WWE credit here, the club v the family is the dumbest damned thing I have ever heard. Can Balor just show up so we can at least have the Balor Club. I get you can’t use Bullet Club, but be creative. You were able to get a f****** plant over, but you can’t come up with a more creative stable name.

While the names may suck, the build has been slow and methodically well done. Each week I am left wanting more with this rivalry waiting for something big to happen. It feels a lot like the rivalries back in the attitude era where multiple matches decided the outcome of major rivalries and I love that.

New Day Rocks as per usual 

New Day comes out prior to their match with the Dudleys and begins talking about their upcoming match with the Vaudevillains for their WWE World Tag Team Championships. Kofi, Big E and Xavier took turns butchering their oppositions name. They also honored their last official Booty O left from Wrestlemania. Xavier Woods remixed “A Whole New World” from Aladdin to make a song about Booty Os and I lost my shit. Greatest thing I have ever heard.

Vaudevillains interfere in the match, Dudleys win off the distraction. Following the match, the Bygone era douchenuggets take down the New Day.

Thoughts: The promo was amazing as always. New Day lost, no biggie. They are still the most over thing in wrestling.

Jericho v Cass 

Payback is a bitch.

During Jericho’s entrance, he is attacked by someone who then takes his jacket. Guess who it is? Of course, it is Dean Ambrose.

Long story short, Ambrose begins to rip Jericho’s $15,000 jacket as redemption for Mitch the Plant (Rest In Peace). Jericho charges the ring and gets pummeled by Ambrose before an eye gouge allowed Y2J to capitalize. After looking in agony at his jacket, he starts to make his exit before he is stopped by Big Cass. Jericho slaps him to which Cass responded by grabbing Y2J around the neck and throwing him into the barricade and then into the ring setting up Ambrose for the Dirty Deeds. Ambrose then finishes the job and destroys the jacket.

Thoughts: As much as I love that jacket, you just don’t kill Mitch the Plant and get away with it.

Overall Thoughts: Well Raw was the night of roll up pins and champions losing. Kind of weird, but whatever its WWE. Ive learned to accept that it doesn’t always make sense.









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