WWE Extreme Rules takes place this Sunday, May 22 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. I am pretty excited about this pay-per-view for a number of reasons. The first being the fact that Extreme Rules is usually one of my favorite events of the year (minus the big 4 ppvs) and the second being that it’s in New Jersey. Crowds can make or break a show so it should be entertaining to say the least even if the results don’t play out like I want them.

Baron Corbin v Dolph Ziggler – No DQ match (Pre-show) 41506077

As per usual, I won’t be taking much interest in the pre show. Baron Corbin’s debut has been underwhelming to say the least. Dolph Ziggler continues to be a jobber for people so we all know how this one ends.

Pick: Corbin 

This is the rubber match of the rivalry, the younger guy is going over.

New Day v The Vaudevillains – Tag Team Match for the Tag Team Championships 

The question still lingers in my head whether The Vaudevillains would actually be in this match had Enzo Amore not sustained a concussion. However, they have done an admirable job with their call up despite the crowds not giving them huge reactions. I may be in the minority on that one. They have been solid heels to the New Day since the match was booked. I never see the Vaudevillains as major players in the tag team division, but they can certainly be transitional champions and have a healthy career. New Day is still as over as they were since winning the titles. Obviously they went from being booed out of arenas to being welcomed with loud cheers. I still look forward to seeing them every single week.

Pick: Vaudevillains 

I am not 100% sold on this pick, but I think we could see a swerve here with the Vaudevillains winning the titles. As much as I love the New Day, I do believe Enzo is coming back sooner rather than later. He and Big Cass will be in line for the titles. Big Cass has been in some pretty big spots on Raw since his partner was taken out. I cannot wait for his return just to see the pop he gets from the crowd. It would not make much sense to have them face off with New Day as both are over as babyfaces. I don’t think New Day losing will kill any momentum.

Kalisto v Rusev – Singles Match for United States Championship

For the first time in what seems like forever, Rusev seems relevant. The whole League of Nations stable never really took off. Ever since Rusev dropped the match to John Cena, he took a downward spiral. At one time, Rusev was the unstoppable Bulgarian Brute. Since Kalisto won the strap from Alberto Del Rio, his title run has been vanilla and maybe it is because the WWE kept letting him go over on guys like Ryback. 3715092

Pick: Rusev 

Please let Rusev be the dangerous monster he once was because it is a shame they wasted the last year with him stuck in limbo. I want him to start CRUSHING people again.

Usos v Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows – Tornado Tag Team Match

Ever since the Bullet Club showed up, they attacked the Usos and have been trying to help AJ Styles win the title despite him not wanting support. As the rivalry continues, the Usos and the Bullet Club have been going at each other the since the debut. I fully expect this to be solid match. I am particularly excited about it being a tornado tag match because we don’t see these style matches often. It is nice seeing a change.

Pick: The (Bullet) Club 

I fully expect Anderson and Gallows to lay waste to the Usos and then possibly attack them after the match. I am ready to see the vicious side of the duo.

Charlotte v Natalya – Submission Match for Women’s Championship 

The narrative here is that Charlotte can’t win without help from dear old dad, Ric Flair. Shane and Stephanie made the decision to ban Flair from ringside and if he does show up, his daughter will be stripped of the title. This came after the saddest attempt to recreate the infamous Montreal Screw Job. Little Naitch, Charles Robinson called for the bell saying that Natalya said she quit. Obviously, she didn’t.

Pick: Charlotte

Charlotte gets a clean win because everyone is saying she can’t without Ric. She will and then will rub everyone’s nose in it elevating her heel status. Then the greatest thing will happen…Sasha Banks eventually destroys her. The boss is currently being kept off TV for “storyline reasons.” When she comes back, she is winning the title because Sasha > everything.

Dean Ambrose v Chris Jericho – Asylum Match 

WWE will have their first ever asylum as I mentioned in the Raw recap this week. It is basically a steel cage with weapons hanging from the top. No escaping, you have to win by pinball or submission. This match will end the rivalry between the lunatic fringe and Y2J. This started spiraling out of control when the Ambrose Asylum replaced the Highlight Reel. Jericho retaliated by killing off Mitch the Potted Plant. That sick son of a bitch! That plant had a damn family. Ambrose then destroyed Jericho’s $15,000 jacket. He deserved it. In all seriousness, it was nice seeing a rivalry build for a couple of months and then ending with a gimmick match. It reminds me of what wrestling used to be when I was younger. I say that without trying to be a typical wrestling smark because I hate those people. tumblr_o6kx2gDqQH1u1ljrzo1_500

Pick: Ambrose

Ambrose has managed to lose so many rivalries and still remain one of the upper mid card guys. With Jericho probably disappearing for a while like he normally does, I fully expect Ambrose to go over and then move on to the next upper mid card match up. Who knows? Maybe even make his way back near the main event scene. Still waiting on my Shield triple threat.

The Miz v Cesaro v Sami Zayn v Kevin Owens – Fatal 4 Way Intercontinental Championship

The Miz defeated Cesaro at Payback. Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn. The fallout was all of them pleading their case for the chance to get a shot. All of them won their respective matches to earn it. Now we have what is my most anticipated match for Sunday. Kevin Owens has been on every single pay-per-view since being called up to the main roster. Kevin Owens should be on every single minute of WWE programming because he is Kevin Freaking Owens. No matter how many times he and Sami Zayn compete in the same match, it is always awesome. It is a rivalry the two of them will have for the rest of their careers probably and I am more than ok with that. Cesaro is amazing and picked up right where he left off since returning from his injury. Miz continues to be a solid mid card performer. I love that the IC title is back to being a sought after championship.

Pick: Cesaro 

I believe the Swiss Superman is walking out with the belt because I think bigger plans are in Zayn and Owens future. Let’s be honest, Miz is a transitional champion. Money in the Bank is the next pay-per-view and I fully expect Zayn and Owens to be in that match. Owens winning of course. Because Kevin Freaking Owens. Giving either of them the title would not make sense because a champion probably would not win the briefcase.

Roman Reigns v AJ Styles – Extreme Rules Match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship 

The Styles/Reigns rivalry has been solidly booked so far. It had a strong build up to this match. Both of them have a ton of chemistry in the ring and all of their matches so far have been fun to watch. AJ has certainly been catapulted since making his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble in January. He has been in the main event of the last two PPVs. I am really looking forward to this match mainly to see the manner in which it ends.

Pick: Reigns 

I just don’t see a scenario with Reigns losing the title to AJ because WWE has been pushing so hard for Reigns to be THE GUY.

Shield_zpsfe2b0a2eDream scenario here is AJ Styles using his buddies (Anderson and Gallows) to try and help steal the victory. Usos have already been taken out and Reigns has no one…except his buddy Dean Ambrose who comes to his defense and the two become overwhelmed with a 3 on 2 onslaught. Just as they are about to lose hope, SETH FUCKING ROLLINS comes out and they reform The Shield. Reigns wins and now we have SHIELD v BULLET CLUB forever.   At least that is what me and my good friend who I watch nearly every PPV with are hoping for. I would also be happy with a Finn Balor appearance though.






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