Extreme Rules Match Results 

Baron Corbin def. Dolph Ziggler

As expected, Corbin picked up the win. Cool.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows def. Usos 

It was nice a change of pace seeing a tornado style tag match. The match itself was solid and kept me entertained. I am waiting for Bullet Club to literally kill someone.

New Day def. Vaudevillains for Tag Titles 

New Day retained the titles defeating the duo of the Bygone Era. For the first time ever, Xavier Woods actually scored a pinfall. Part of me thought Vaudevillains would win, but I will never be mad at New Day Winning. Ever.

Rusev def. Kalisto for US Title 

Rusev crushed Kalisto for the US title. Thanks WWE for making a memorable run for the popular Kalisto. At least Rusev will have something…until John Cena returns.

Miz def. Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for IC Title 

This was my most anticipated match of the night and it did not disappoint. When you have KO, Zayn and Cesaro in one ring, you don’t get disappointed. I was fairly surprised and a little annoyed that Miz retained as I was fully expecting Cesaro to win, but overall great match. Miz stole the victory in classic fashion. Sami Zayn nailed Cesaro with a Helluva Kick and I thought he was going to win his first title, but of course KO prevented that from happening. The two of them scrapped on the outside just long enough for Miz to weasel in and secure a pinfall on a destroyed Cesaro.

I would just love to make a note that Kevin Owens is my spirit animal. He is the best shit talker in WWE. If you get a chance, rewind to when Cesaro came out. They make a quick cut to KO who gives a stupid grin and gives two thumbs up and says “you’re soooo good” in the most sarcastic way ever.

Dean Ambrose def. Chris Jericho in Asylum match

I had a lot of fun watching this match. I thought it was fairly sadistic considering the era cropped_Capturewe are in. Most of the match was spent near the top of the cage pulling down the foreign objects. I was sad to see that Mitch the Potted Plant II was not used, but those wounds may have just been too fresh to pull that trigger. Ambrose took some shots to the back and ribs with the barbed wire 2×4, brutal. Hats off to Jericho for taking a spill on the thumbtacks which led to a Dirty Deeds giving Ambrose the win. No matter how many superstars fall on those damn things, it always makes me cringe. It looks so damn painful.

Charlotte def. Natalya in Submission match for Women’s Title

Honestly, submission matches are one of my least favorite match types. The only ones I have ever enjoyed included Chris Benoit or Kurt Angle. I did not pay much attention to it. Dana Brooke comes out to Ric Flair’s music and dresses like him. Of course this causes Natalya to be distracted thinking she is going to win, Charlotte wins. Cool dude.

Roman Reigns def. AJ Styles for WWE World Heavyweight Title 

Another great match between these two. I can’t stress enough how good these two are together. Of course the Bullet Club and Usos got involved. Reigns eventually hits a spear on Styles in mid air on a Phenomenal forearm securing the win. As Reigns is celebrating, SETH FREAKING ROLLINS shows up and pedigrees his former Shield partner while the crowd erupts!

Overall, I would give the PPV a 6.5/10.

The aftermath on RAW…

Raw is celebrating its 1200th episode in Baltimore, MD. It featured a couple of returns and some exciting storylines ahead. Of course, we are setting the tone for the next PPV, Money In the Bank. YES PLEASE! I will be in a suite for the Raw in New Orleans which happens to be the go-home episode for the pay-per-view. Hang tight while I scream into a pillow.

Seth Freaking Rollins 

The show opens with Seth Rollins entering the arena to which I began to shit my pants andtumblr_ndrpwvm8x41srbyoyo1_500 smile like a possessed 12-year-old at the TV. The crowd erupts with cheers and started the welcome back chants. Rollins then shows a shot of him destroying Reigns with the pedigree to which the crowd reacts with “Thank You Rollins chants.” It did not take long for heel Rollins to show back up, which of course made me shit my pants…again. I have a Seth Rollins fanboy problem. Sorry not sorry. He goes on to say how the fans treated him like shit and he remembers them booing him and saying he was not a good champion because he hid behind the authority. I remember that too and it was so disrespectful. That man was a fighting champion and he never lost that title damn it! He went on to say his knee buckled from carrying the company, because it obviously did. He rebuilt Seth Rollins and he will take back his title. He said that there is only room for one person on the Seth Rollins bandwagon and that is of course SETH FREAKING ROLLINS.

Reigns interrupts. As soon as he gets in the ring, Seth gets out because he is not about sneak attacked. He’s brilliant.

Shane McMahon comes out and invited Seth back in the ring, he complies. Books the title match between him and Reigns for MITB. YASSSSSS!


EnzoBig Cass comes out alone. As he gets near the ramp, he slowly points behind him and here comes Smacktalker Skywalker! I now have Enzo back in my life too! What a great night. MY NAME IS ENZO AMORE AND I AM A CERTIFIED G AND A BONAFIDE AND YOU CANT TEACH THAT! THIS RIGHT HERE, THIS IS BIIIIG CASS AND HES SEVEN FEET TALL AND YOU CANT TEACH THAT! BATTA BOOM REALEST GUYS IN THE ROOM HOW YOU DOIN! The crowd goes ape shit with the HOW YOU DOIN chants. It looks like Enzo and Cass will continue to feud with the Dudleyz. Does anyone else absolutely love when he calls D-Von, Devon?

Cass goes on to defeat Bubba.


AJ comes out to the ring and feels if the Usos and Bullet Club don’t get involved in the match, he would have won. Anderson and Gallows are not happy about it. They come out to confront AJ who respectfully tried to explain to them that he wants to do business alone, but they are still his brothers. They don’t take too kindly to that. They say they are no longer brothers. No fights break out…at least not yet.

Charlotte Drops Ric Flair 

She is tired of living in his spotlight and hers shines brighter than his ever did. Blah blah blah. Cool. Hurry up and get back Sasha.

New Day destroys Social Outcasts 

New Day comes out to celebrate 23 years of Monday Night Raw. There was a cake in the ring, but Xavier said cake in the ring is never a good idea. Big E takes it and starts teasing fans the announce team that he’s going to shove it in their face. As he does so, Social Outcasts attack the New Day. Then a BO TRAIN break out with them holding Francesca II. I want to be part of a BO TRAIN more than anything in this world.

New Day makes quick work out of the social outcasts. Heath Slater then died by way of a cake.

MITB Qualifiers

Well the first five participants were decided for the MITB. MITB

Sami Zayn def. Sheamus

Cesaro def. Miz

Jericho def. Apollo Crews

Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler

Kevin Owens def. AJ Styles

Kevin Owens continues to be the most quotable person on the roster. Before the match even started, he looks up at the briefcase and screams at AJ who is literally 3 feet away “You think you have a chance? That’s mine! This is my show! This is the Kevin Owens show!”

Later in the match, while he has AJ in a headlock, he screams “HEADLOCK MASTER!”

AJ went for a dropkick and whiffed so KO claps five times and says “very good” while giving him two thumbs up.

After delivering a clothesline on the outside near the announce table, he screams at Michael Cole, “I’M PHENOMENAL!”

Then he tells Cole, “tell him that’s mine!” referring to the MITB contract.

After he slides into the ring, he screams back at Cole “SHUT UP COLE. I CAN HEAR YOU FROM HERE!”

With two spots left, I am curious to see who else possibly returns and gets a spot in the MITB match. As of now, the match is already going to be awesome with Ambrose, Jericho, Zayn, Owens and Cesaro.

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