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Raw Highlights: May 30, 2016

With Money In The Bank a couple of weeks out, it was a slow Raw tonight. We had a few solid spots that I will recap in this week’s Raw Highlights.

Opening Segment 

Shane McMahon enters the arena. Upon entering the ring, Stephanie McMahon’s music hits and she comes down. May I say, Steph was looking great on this night.

Shane teases tension as he throws some shade Steph’s way. The crowd cheers Shane and boos Steph, typical.

New Day then shows up and say how pumped they are for Smackdown going live. Big E says he is excited to bring the power of positivity to Raw AND Smackdown. Floating champions maybe? I hope.

new-day-francesca-620x350The trio vows being worried about breaking up because of the draft. Tells Shane and Steph to think about the kids. Thinks about Francesca II because she deserves all three fathers.

New Day suggests dance off between Shane and Steph. Shane jives around to crowds approval and as Stephanie is about to, Vaudevillains interrupt and attack New Day.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson making push for titles? 

Anderson and Gallows attack the New Day during their match with the Vaudevillains and say they can inflict damage without their former friends AJ Styles.

They go on to say they’re just getting started and not going anywhere.

Reigns v Rollins 

Reigns comes out and says Seth Rollins souled out and broke up The Shield. Reigns said Rollins self proclaimed himself as The Man. Reigns wonders how Rollins can call himself that when he is running from The Guy. Of course he then says “Im not a good guy. Im not a bad guy. Im the guy.”

Cool Reigns…Im over you spitting this same promo every night. He then calls Rollins out.

Rollins music hits and begins to walk toward the ring before turning his back at Reigns like the true champion he is. After teasing Reigns a couple of times about getting in the ring, he eventually walks back to the locker room. Why would the fighting champion, Seth Rollins, put himself in harms way when he doesn’t have to?

I love that the WWE is not letting those two touch each other right now. With a couple of weeks until MITB, I think they should make sure they never lay a hand on one another until then.

Rusev v Titus O’Neil 

Rusev killed Zack Ryder on Raw with the Accolade. Following the win, Rusev cut a promo saying Americans are entitled and that he is what America should be. Obviously the boos are loud given the fact it is Memorial Day.

Titus O’Neil comes out the be the American Hero in Green Bay. The USA chants begin erupting and he calls Rusev a Bulgarin Blowhard. O’Neil gives Rusev a shot to the jaw and the Bulgarian brute rolls out of the ring. The USA chants erupt as Rusev retreats.

Remember when Jack Swagger got the biggest pop ever because he challenged the anti-american Rusev? Yeah, me neither. Same thing will happen with Titus O’Neil and I am ok with that. Rusev CRUSH!

Enzo and Cass def. the Dudley 

They continue shitting on the Dudleyz week in and week out because they are certified Gs and bonafide studs and YOU CAN’T TEACH THAT!


The WWE golden boy comes back to a huge wave of cheers. Cena cuts typical Cena promo talking about the veterans making the ultimate sacrifice to which the crowd erupts. The USA chants break out.

AJ Styles music hits as he enters the arena. As the Phenomenal One enters the ring, AJ Styles chants erupt around the arena.

Lets Go CENA/AJ Styles chants erupt around the arena as the two face off. This goes on for a couple of minutes. It started to feel a lot like Hogan v Rock in the build to their Wrestlemania showdown.

AJ welcomes Cena back as he offers his hand saying how much he respects him. Cena accepts AJs welcome and the two shake hands.

As the two hit it off, Anderson and Gallows show up saying that AJ is sucking up to Cena and that they are not here to kiss ass. They are here to kick it.

053016 aj styles.vadapt.480.high.8AJ HEEL TURN! YESSSSSSS

As Gallows and Anderson make their way to the ring, AJ attacks Cena and his friends provide back up as the onslaught continues. The Bullet Club reforms as they attack Cena.


I love it! With the brand split coming, I predicted Reigns and Cena to be on different shows automatically making them the top babyface on each program. AJ would be much better suited as a heel especially if Reigns is going to have a lengthy title run. Although WWE did a great job with the Reigns/Styles storyline, the title is much more compelling when it is heel v face.

Overall, the show was very uneventful minus the heel turn. We are about three weeks out from Money In The Bank so it makes sense for this to be a slow show since we just had a bunch of rivalries capped off.




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