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Raw Highlights: June 6, 2015

Money In The Bank will be here before you know it! We have one more Raw before the WWE heads to Las Vegas on June 19 for one of my favorite pay-per-views of the year. Before I recap this week’s episode, I can’t even begin to describe my excitement that the go-home episode of Raw will be in New Orleans, suite life duuuude. Based on this week’s show, I am stoked about some of the storylines in the works.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

MITB funnyRaw opened up with a bang this week with Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio standing and sitting on top of ladders in the ring, which was kind of hysterical. All of which will be competing for the contract in the annual MITB match.

Lillian Garcia began announcing everyone’s name before Kevin Owens interrupts her of course. He goes on to say that everyone knows who we are because we are big stars except Zayn because no one knows who he is. Classic KO.

Jericho began his banter about being the most famous of everyone because he is the best in  the wo…

Owens then cuts off Jericho and finishes the sentence saying the best in the world at what you do. We know, you say it every week. Owens continues about winning the match and how everyone will be in his shadow.

Ambrose’s crazy ass then just says, can we just start fighting already?

Owens says he will win and won’t have to worry about the other five because he beats them and he will take on any legend and starts naming off a few before saying you can check all of them out on the WWE Network and literally said after “there’s your plug.” The guy is such a heel and I fucking love it.

Sami Zayn of course says he will give anyone a fair shake and an opportunity at beating him for the title if he wins being the true babyface that he is.

Ambrose then interjects saying yeah we get it, you two are opposites. I will fight a polar bear or aliens. I don’t care. Can we just fight already? Then tells Chris Jericho that he looks like a dork.

Del Rio says something in Spanish and KO says sarcastically (because that is his primary language), “ooooh look, Spanish.” At this point I have covered my couch in feces and urine from laughing so hard.

Cesaro chimes in for the first time before Jericho cuts him off saying he created the MITB match and he will win it because he is the expert. Cesaro then asks why Jericho has never won it. Then this became a promo where everyone picked on Jericho for a minute as he got tongue tied saying he won the first one. Zayn quickly says no you didn’t. Then Jericho says he won the 6th one. Zayn then asks Jericho where he won it to which Y2J replied “apple? appleton? The Big Apple? Oh it was stupid idiotville. Does it matter?

Cesaro quickly chimes in, “oh your hometown.”

Jericho then steals the entire show after looking at Cesaro with a deep stare saying “I’m from Winnipeg, you idiot.” (At this point, I have died) If you don’t understand the reference, then in the words of the illustrious Y2J, you’re a stupid idiot.

*Stupid Idiot chants erupt*

Ambrose hears enough and slowly gets off his respective ladder climbing up Jericho’s and punching him off like the lunatic he is. The fight breaks out between all of them before TEDDY LONG shows up!??!? HOLLA!

Teddy rambles about Smackdown going live and how he is going to take over.

Jericho says “what are you babbling about you old bag of bones? You don’t work here anymore you stupid idiot.”

Stephanie McMahon eventually comes out saying Teddy is incompetent and can’t run a show. It wasn’t the last we saw of dear old Teddy Long, but long story short, he won’t be running anything. He did provide some comedy for the night.

Stephanie books three matches between the six participants in MITB…

Del Rio def. Zayn

Cesaro def. Jericho

Ambrose def. Owens

After the Ambrose/Owens match, Ambrose went to reach for the MITB contract hanging above the ring and Owens pushed him off the ladder sending him to the canvas.

Absolutely love the build to the MITB match. Most of these guys are young up and comers who are eventually getting a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title which is awesome.

When WWE originally billed the match, they teased seven participants which they still are. There are some rumors swirling around that the seventh man could be none other than the Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt, according to inquisitr.com. He was supposedly at Raw this week and is making in appearance next week in New Orleans.

I hope Wyatt is in fact in the match because that could set up a serious screw job to him as we saw last year when he screwed Reigns in the MITB match.

The perpetrator who could take Wyatt out of the equation could be none other than Finn Balor (hurry up and come to the main roster). Now, I know Wyatt and Lesnar feuding has been a rumor since prior to Wrestlemania 32, but Lesnar is schedule for a fight at UFC 200 so I wonder if that plays into the equation.

Only time will tell.

Fatal 4 Way Tag Title Match 

It was announced on Raw that the New Day not only has the daunting task of facing The Bullet Club (John Cena himself called them that) for their straps, but they will also have to face the Vaudevillains and Enzo and Cass.

The title picture is kind of a clusterfuck at the moment so the build hasn’t been the best, but we have some really solid tag teams in the match so I won’t complain too much.

Just a few weeks ago, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attacked the New Day on Raw setting up a bout with them at MITB. Vaudevillains are getting rematch after their loss at Extreme Rules. Enzo and Cass never technically lost to the Vaudevillains due to the concussion Enzo sustained.

New Day and The Bullet Club had their run in, but I will get to that later.

Big-Cass-Enzo-AmoreMeanwhile, Enzo and Cass took on the Vaudevillains.

During the match, Aiden English tried to take out Enzo again by throwing him into the ropes, the same way he injured the certified G and bonafide stud at WWE Payback.

Once Big Cass knew what happened, he then basically kills English by stomping a mudhole on him in the corner. The ref calls for the DQ.

Simon Gotch then tried to attack Cass from behind before being overpowered and getting a boot to the jaw and then an East River Crossing.

Enzo comes stumbling back into the ring and hugs his friend.

Women’s Title 

I don’t even know what is going on with the Women’s title right now. I am assuming Becky Lynch will be taking on Charlotte for her championship. Charlotte screwed over Ric Flair and now has a side kick in Dana Brooke. (Insert fart noise) If it does wind up being Becky and Charlotte, the match should be solid at least. The build is just blah though.


John Cena v AJ Styles

Cena comes out to his normal mix of cheers and boos. He goes on to talk about the iconic stare down he had with AJ. He referred back to how it felt when he and The Rock had their first stare down. Cena talked about how he normally gets the “Lets go Cena, Cena sucks” chants and the crowd followed by letting that chant out.

Cena talked about how awesome it was to have the crowd for two full minutes loudly chant “Lets go Cena, AJ Styles.” Again, crowd erupts with that chant as well.

So naturally, Cena wonders why AJ souled out and gave up what could have been a Wrestlemania dream match to take the easy way out.

Cue AJ’s music (which is still amazing after 6 months) as he enters the stage with his comrades.

AJ angrily says his plan was to get in the ring with Cena, look him in the eyes and punch him in the face. He goes on to say that Cena insults him every time the bell rings because on his best day, Cena still can’t beat AJ (waving his hand in front of his face mocking the leader of the Cenation).

Cena tells AJ he had 15 years of material and he gives him the same thing he hears from everyone. That is AJ is offended by his skills and that Cena embarrasses himself in the ring.

BURNCena kills AJ saying his jokes are outdated like his jorts.

He goes on to say that AJ has failed in WWE by not winning the Rumble, losing a shot at the title twice and that he is not phenomenal, he is desperate.

AJ now furiously says he has nothing to prove and that makes him dangerous and the Bullet Club is insurance because Cena has a history of burying people.

The Bullet Club approaches the ring ready to attack Cena. As they enter the ring, the New Day comes out to save Cena as they now have a 4-3 advantage. The Bullet Club retreats backstage.

NEW DAY ROCK chants erupt, but the war didn’t end there…

Later in the night, the Bullet Club defeated New Day on a phenomenal forearm to Kofi.

After the match, Bullet Club continues attacking the New Day and for all that is holy, Cena chants erupted in Oklahoma.

Big Ending.jpgCena’s music hits and he run downs to the ring to return the favor from earlier. He goes to town before he is taken down from behind by Styles. Styles gets on top of Cena and pounds him. As he stands over a broken John Cena, Kofi dropkicks AJ from the top rope before Big E lays waste to Anderson with a big ending and that was followed up with an AA to Gallows.

Cena and New Day end the show standing tall.

Absence of Rollins v Reigns

Just like Shane McMahon, Rollins and Reigns did not make a live appearance on Raw this week. All I am saying is Rollins better be there next week, otherwise I may jump out of the suite box.

A couple of video packages, much like UFC does, played telling the point of view from Rollins and Reigns about their upcoming showdown.

The main gist is that Rollins never lost the title (you’re damn right he didn’t) and at MITB he is taking back what his rightfully is.

Reigns talks about how all Rollins can do is attack him from behind referring to his match at Mania 31 where Rollins cashed in. Shut up Reigns, he did it during the match you stupid idiot. Also referring to Extreme Rules where Rollins pedigreed him after the match. (got me there)

Overall, really solid show this week. Kudos to WWE for all the Muhammad Ali tributes, that was awesome.

Next week I may potentially do some live facebooking while I am in attendance for the go-home episode before MITB. I am going to mark out so hard when I see Rollins, Enzo and AJ. I can’t wait.



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