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Money In the Bank Predictions

Money in the Bank is one of the best pay-per-views every year due to the unpredictability of what can happen in the annual ladder match.

Last year, we saw Sheamus win the title in what was a head scratching decision by the WWE. That is part of what makes it fun though.

This year, we have a great build to the PPV across the board. Aside from the MITB match, AJ Styles v Cena should be an instant classic. We also have Seth Rollins v Roman Reigns for the title.

So it should be a solid night in Las Vegas at the seventh annual Money In the Bank.



Dolph Ziggler v Baron Corbin 

We have the third and what I hope is the final match of this long drawn out rivalry. The matches have not been terrible, but are you ever excited for the pre-show? This match found its way on the main card. While it makes sense for Corbin to win being the younger talent, he has been obsessed with destroying Ziggler. I believe it will prove costly tonight.

Pick: Dolph Ziggler

Apollo Crews v Sheamus 

We have seen Crews and Sheamus verbally and physically assault each other the last couple of weeks leading up to MITB. Sheamus has not done much as of late and Apollo Crews really has not had a big moment since jumping to the main roster. Wait no more, because he gets it tonight.

Pick: Apollo Crews

Charlotte and Dana Brooke v Becky Lynch and Natalya 

The Dana Brooke/Charlotte partnership was thrown together too quickly after Emma was injured. Since then, I have found myself utilizing my fast forward function on the DVR for Raw every week. I think Charlotte turns on Dana during this match and Becky and Nattie pick up the W.

Pick: Becky Lynch and Natalya

US Title – Rusev v Titus O’Neil

Rusev kills Titus. Vince McMahon is the last of Titus’ worries.

Pick: Rusev

Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Title – New Day v The Club v Vaudevillains v Enzo and Cass

I am stoked for this match up. All four teams involved have been great. I cannot stress enough how excited I am for the tag team division. The future has never looked brighter. I could see any of these teams with the exception of the Vaudevillains walking out with the belts. As much as I want to pick my favorites Enzo and Cass, I am sticking to the WWE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS becausssssse NEW DAY ROCKS! NEW DAY ROCKS! NEW DAY ROCKS!

Pick: New Day

Money In the Bank Ladder Match- Sami Zayn v Kevin Owens v Dean Ambrose v Chris Jericho v Alberto Del Rio v Cesaro 

Again, unpredictability is the name of the game. I have read some articles about people who think ADR could slither away with the briefcase after what happened last year with Sheamus winning. However, I don’t think we see WWE pulling a major swerve this year. That narrows it down to two people for me, Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens. WWE has the most to gain from those guys carrying the briefcase.

KO is the best heel in the company right now alongside Seth Rollins. Having a heel with the briefcase always makes it more compelling.

Ambrose having the briefcase can potentially set up the Triple Threat match for the title between the Shield that we have all been salivating over. With the brand split coming, I just hope all three are on the same show.

Pick: Dean Ambrose

John Cena v AJ Styles 

Despite the hate Cena gets, the guy is the face of the company for a reason. Sure we all make fun of the five moves of doom. We make fun of how he instantly is back from the dead after being beaten, but most of the time his matches are entertaining. He helps guys get over. With that being said, AJ is about as over as you can get. This is a dream match, which Cena talked about in the promos.

Since signing the contract that the Club can’t be at ringside or help, the odds are stacked against the Phenomenal One, which is why I pick him.

Pick: AJ Styles

WWE World Heavyweight Title – Roman Reigns v Seth Rollins 

Ugh, I want a swerve here. It won’t happen though. Although I know the outcome, this match won’t be any less entertaining. Roman and Seth will put on a hell of a show for the fans in Las Vegas. Again, much like Cena, I love to hate Reigns for the sake of hating him. I don’t think he is as bad as the smarks make him out to be. I do agree that he should never EVER pick up a microphone. In ring though, he doesn’t bore me. Then we have SETH FUCKING ROLLINS, the greatest fighting champion of all time trying to reclaim what is rightfully his. The match will be good, but same story.

Pick: Roman Reigns


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