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Seven Questions for Game 7

Win or go home. This one is for all the marbles. This where legacies are made or rewritten.  We got a game 7 people! Strap on your funderwear because we got a showdown.

After falling behind 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers are one game away from capturing their first NBA Championship. The Warriors look to finish the job they started by capping off their 73-win season with a title and repeating as league champions.

It all goes down tonight at 7 p.m. Central.

Game 7 is rarity for the finals. For good measure, I have graced you all with my presence for the last 25 years and we have had exactly four NBA Finals go the distance. All of which were won by the home team. In fact, every game 7 of the NBA finals has been won by the away team on only three occasions.

Here are seven questions I will answer in regards to the NBA Finals…

tin foilDo people really believe the NBA is rigged or just hate LeBron James that much? 

Let’s set the record straight, we did not see the outcry for the NBA being rigged when Golden State clawed their way back from the dead, down 3-1 to Oklahoma City. LeBron and the Cavaliers do the same and we have all the tin foil on the head people coming out the woodwork.

To play devil’s advocate, I did think the Draymond Green suspension was a bit bogus, but the guy is under a microscope right now after punting a man’s balls.

LeBron is in another zone right now after averaging nearly another triple double in the finals and dropping 41 on the board the last two games. People just hate the man and don’t want to see him succeed because they are scared he will dethrone that douche Michael Jordan. Whether you think he is better or not, save it for another day.

He is dominating the Warriors so far this Finals, game 6 was a statement. I truly believe it isn’t sitting well with some people.

Do I think the NBA has a bottom line to drag on the series? Maybe.

They don’t have enough pull from the higher powers to make Golden State score 11 first quarter points, make LeBron go ape shit and end these games in blowout fashion. If we drunk-ben-bernankesaw every game end on controversial calls to get to game 7, then maybe.

Otherwise, you sound like the drunk old guy in the bar who smells like beer and ketchup and claims big brother is tapping his flip phone.

Are the Warriors a fluke?

Is this even a real question? Upon my many readings prior to game 7, I actually came across some bozo who actually talked about the Warriors success being a fluke. Teams have figured them out.

They won 73 games and are one game away from winning their second title in a row.

If anyone even remotely thinks what the Warriors have done is a fluke, lock yourself in a padded room and have yourself committed. You’re a dunce.

Did Stephen Curry deserve the MVP award? 

This is probably the most frustrating question about the entire series and season. To all the LeBron fanboys out there, we know LeBron is the best player on the planet. I will never ever dispute that. He is the leagues most “valuable” player. He is the only guy in the league who can take a 20 win team and make them a contender. He is THAT good.

But I ask you, when the fuck has the MVP award EVER been given to the league’s “most Really.gifvaluable player” in any sport?

Spoiler alert…it hasn’t.

If it were, LeBron would win it every year.

Peyton Manning would have won it for the better part of a decade. Aaron Rodgers would currently be winning it every year in the NFL.

The MVP award is typically given to the best player on the best team. That would mean it would go to the best player on the team with the most wins in regular season history. #StephCurryDude

Who is the real villain in this NBA Finals?

When LeBron joined the Miami Heat, he instantly became the NBA’s biggest villain. If you weren’t cheering him on, you were praying to the basketball gods that he lost.

While many of the NBA fan base still hates him, his return to Cleveland brought some folks at ease with their thoughts on The King.

For the first time in what seems like an eternity, he doesn’t feel like the villain in a series.

For a lot of people, they’re scared that the Bulls record will be beat if the Warriors close the season with another championship and god forbid someone dethrones that scumbag Michael Jordan (I was able to plug two shots at him, YES!).

According to Sportsnation’s poll, 67% of the US is cheering on the Cavaliers. Internationally, 68% are pulling for the Cavs. I think most people just want it for the city Bless your heartof Cleveland, bless their hearts.

The combination of feeling sorry for Cleveland, Curry getting unanimous MVP, Draymond Green’s dirty play and chasing Jordan’s record has created a concoction strong enough to paint last year’s good guys as this year’s bad guys.

What this game means to Kevin Love? 

Kevin Love has been so underwhelming since joining Cleveland, he doesn’t even look like a shell of himself.

That could be the good player, bad team syndrome. It was Love and gifted passer Ricky Rubio running the show in Minnesota. With the Timberwolves, Love averaged 26 points and 12 rebounds in his final season. Of course his stats would take a dip playing alongside LeBron and Kyrie Irving, but he is the weak link.

Everyone knows, you’re only as good as your weakest link. He isn’t averaging double digits in any category this finals except minutes played. He was supposed to be part of their big three. He hasn’t fit the bill.

This game is everything for him. If he doesn’t play well, I think it seals his fate that he will no longer be a Cavalier next season. Unless he drops 40, that probably happens anyway.

Who has more pressure to win, Warriors or LeBron? 

Obviously the Warriors. Despite losing the last two, the ball is in their court, literally. They have game 7 at Oracle. They are trying to put the exclamation point on their legendary season and on Curry’s legendary season. Game 7 at home, it is always on the home team. They better find their mojo. If they win, we celebrate a hell of a season. If they lose, we talk about how LeBron and the Cavs stole it.

Who wins? 

cleveland-cavaliers-vs-toronto-raptors-may-25-2016--039adb02eea4c95cBefore the series started, I called the Cavs winning in seven. I am going to stick to that pick. LeBron looks like he did three years ago when the Miami Heat had to fight for the conference and league championship. Both of those series went to seven games. Down in the finals 3-2, it never felt over.

After winning game 5, I started getting that feeling again. People always say LeBron lacks killer instinct. Maybe he does not have the same instinct that Jordan had (no one will) or Kobe, but what I saw in 2013 and what I am seeing now is a cold blooded killer. I just don’t know if he is going to allow this season to slip away.

The first title is coming to Cleveland.






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