Monday Night Raw was live in Tampa, Florida yesterday. We all know great crowds can elevate shows so they certainly started that way last night. And then the crowd died quicker than the black guy in a horror movie (Except Deep Blue Sea because LL Cool J is not to be fucked with).

Fatal 5 Way Match for Title?

Roman Reigns suspendedLong story story short…Seth Rollins enters the ring and shits all over Roman Reigns aka THE GUY for violating the substance abuse policy and getting slapped with a 30-day suspension. I just love the fact that Seth Rollins week after week gets cheered when he is the biggest heel in the company. I just love it!

Dean Ambrose interrupts him flaunting his title continuing with his nonchalant lunatic attitude. I am starting to get used to seeing the gold on Dean. I absolutely love the fact that the former members of The Shield have completely owned the title picture since the split, which means WWE has been pushing younger talent so all the smarks out there, go sit in the corner and raise your hand before you speak.

AJ Styles and John Cena show up asking to be added to the match. Dean is all for it, while Rollins obviously wants his one on one shot.

Again, I love that Dean doesn’t care who he fights, how many he fights or where he fights. Seth on the other hand wants his one on one rematch as he should very well get because he was most certainly robbed from reclaiming what is rightfully his damn it!

But in all seriousness, I would be all about the fatal 5 way match.

Stephanie McMahon shows up and books a couple of match ups for later including,

Cena v Rollins

Ambrose v Styles

If Cena and Styles win, they earn their respective shot in the match.

Solid opening segment among the five of them. The most pleasant surprise has been Cena’s promos as of late. They still can get a bit cheesy, but they have been edgier than in the past and he has been entertaining as of late.

Sasha continues to dominate 

Sasha scored another big win on Raw as she and Paige took on Charlotte and Dana Brooke. The match ended with a bank statement tap out on Brooke.

It is amazing to have the boss back on TV after being off for a while due to injury and allegedly being kept off for storyline reasons. Sasha Banks needs to just win the title at Battleground, if they even make it a title match because Paige appears to be very much involved with this feud. They could wind up doing another tag match, I don’t know. Whenever Sasha wins the title though, she should then go on to defeat Brock Lesnar, then John Cena, and win the WWE World Heavyweight Title and never lose it for at least 9.4 years because she’s the boss.

Miz and Kane

Give yourself a nice laugh and watch this segment. Miz and Maryse are easily two of the best heels around right now. Maryse coming back has given Miz a breath of fresh air.

They arrive to Raw complaining about not having a red carpet interrupting Kane and Steph’s conversation.

Miz killed Kane calling him the “devil’s favorite insurance salesman” due to his suit and corporate look. It was great.

Kane tells Stephanie that he hasn’t defended his title within 30 days and according to section 8753752b or whatever what the hell he said, he must defend tonight. Steph complies.

Miz has a surprise opponent to defend his title against.

Seth Rollins def. John Cena

As expected, the Club gets involved costing Cena his shot for the title.

Overall, great match. A lot of really good spots. Say what you want about how bad Cena is, but he is good at putting the younger guys over when WWE actually lets him. Unlike the meat wagons like Goldberg, Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, he doesn’t mind putting younger guys over which is one of the things I like about Cena as a person.

Enzo and Cass fed some jobbers 

I have no idea who Enzo and Cass took on, they defeated them in about .4 seconds. As the bell rang, Enzo started a wave around the arena. Pretty awesome stuff.

I am pretty sure that guy does about six lines of coc before going out to the ring. Not really, but guy has more energy than the damn energizer bunny.

Then my wet dream happened…Excited.gif

The social outcasts showed up and the realest guys in the room destroyed them after they shared a battle of words.

Dear WWE,

Please, please, please let the social outcasts job to Enzo and Cass for the next month because the promos alone will amazing.


A Huge Fanboy

Becky Lynch attacks Natalya Dear Diary

I almost cared, but Sasha Banks came back.

Jericho’s Highlight Reel feat. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn 

Jericho should never EVER be a face, in any scenario. He is a natural born heel. He blames Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for not stopping Ambrose from winning the MITB because they were too busy destroying each other.

This was my favorite segment of the night. The Owens Zayn rivalry never gets old and of course this match is being dubbed as the end of the rivalry. The only way this ends is if the two are split come draft night. However, that will just halt it until they end up on the same show again.

The thing I love about the rivalry is both men sell it so well. It feels like there is real tension and neither of them break kayfabe. People legit question whether there is a serious hatred between them because there is no evidence saying it isn’t real. That is why this rivalry is so compelling because they make you believe it is 100% real. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Im going with the latter.

In the internet age, that is rare.

Jericho goes on to say the rivalry is elevated just because they are in the ring with him. He is the best in the world at what he does so Drink it in maaaaaaan. BOOOOM Double Super Kick kills Jericho.

Cue the stare down between Owens and Zayn.

Surprise! Miz takes on Kane 

The match ends after Maryse randomly falls and hurts her ankle. Miz gets counted out retaining the title.


After the commercial break, she is limping with Miz helping her. She begins laughing maniacally laughing saying she was acting. Heel move by the movie stars.

Cesaro and Apollo Crews def. Albert Del Rio and Sheamus

I wanted to fast forward through this, but Cesaro is too amazing. Obviously he put on a great show delivering uppercuts left and right.

Del Rio tagged in Sheamus and then delivered an Enziguri to Sheamus which allowed Crews to do his patented spinning sit out power bomb for the win.

At least Apollo is gaining some momentum.


New Day comes out dressed as the Wyatt Family and it is the most amazing thing of all time. Kofi decked the sheep mask in a unicorn horn meanwhile Big E is wearing overalls, the stupidest hat I have ever seen and a gray beard.New Day v Wyatts

The Wyatts quickly interrupt…

X is still showing weird signs of being intimidated so I can’t wait to hear the back story behind what god forsaken voodoo Bray Wyatt did.

Bray uttered the words New Day falls. I am wondering if this is the beginning of the end of one of my favorite stables ever. I would think not, but they have been together for a long two years. Although, Wyatt hasn’t gone over in…well…seems like never.

Cena returns the favor

Ambrose defeated Styles on Cena’s distraction. He came down after the Club tried to cost Ambrose the match. The Club then ganged up on Cena to lay waste of him meanwhile Rollins who was on the announce team for the match, assaulted Ambrose with two pedigrees. The Club stands over the body of Cena on the entrance ramp while Rollins stands over Ambrose holding the title.




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