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Stop trying to make fetch (Derrick Rose) happen

Anyone who tells me that Derrick Rose still has something left in the tank, I will stare at you harder than that awesome kid at the College World Series. Kid Staring.gif

Anyone who tells me that this is the year Derrick Rose finally returns to his MVP form, I am kicking you in the face.sweetchin1.gif

I am not one to knock general managers or front office personnel in the realm professional sports. There is a reason they make the calls and I sit here in my underwear typing for this blog.

But why the hell do you honestly believe Derrick Rose is worth giving up three players for? (I’m looking at you Phil.) I get that you are the zen master and you are without a doubt, a legend in the world of basketball. However, Phil Jackson may be the biggest dunce this offseason.

I am not even going to touch on the fact that Derrick Rose still acts like he is still an elite player. Actually no, fuck that, yes I am.

I am a firm believer in knowing your role. Derrick, like many athletes, seems to have a difficult time grasping that concept. You are no longer an MVP candidate. You are not even an all star. You are a solid starter at best, which is more than ok. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But for the love of God, understand it.

The initial press conference after the trade was laughable at best. Rose, of course, still thinks he is a great basketball player. Sources said that he wanted to go to New York because he “wants the spotlight.”

You have not averaged over 20 points per game in the last four seasons. You average just as many shots as you do points. You are a point guard and have not touched five assists per game since the 2011-12 season. Oh yeah, and you have averaged a grand total of 33 games played over the last five years.

Yes Derrick, you are so good!Conan-OBrien-Sarcastic-Clap-and-Thumbs-Up

Every year, I get to hear the same crap that this is the year Derrick Rose can get back to being a top player. And here we are again.

If you are one of those bozos who actually believes this, I want you to remember something. Derrick Rose relied solely on athleticism when he was at his peak. He had a quick first step and could blow by defenders. He could jump out of the arena.

He no longer has that ability and he is not smart or savvy enough to still be a game changer.

When most of your game relies on athleticism like Rose or a Russell Westbrook, injuries will destroy you. They certainly have in Rose’s case.

Yet, the Knicks felt the need to trade a decent center in Robin Lopez, barely average point guard Jose Calderon and last year’s first round pick Jerian Grant for Rose, guard Justin Holiday and a second round selection.

Granted, the Knicks did not give up a ton to get Rose, but now you take on a $21 million cap hit for a player who hasn’t done a damn thing in five years.

I understand that Rose only has one year remaining on his current contract, but I am thinking big picture here.

Rose now seems to be the focal point of New York lately, meanwhile you have a budding star in second year forward Kristaps Porizingis who seems to be getting lost in the shuffle. I would think the smart move is build around him and let him be your focal point. But hey, we’re New York. We want wins and we want it now.

I am sick, tired and closing the door on Rose. I am dumbfounded on why NBA executives are not doing the same.







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