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A Tale of Two Eras

WWE Battleground 

Bayley Debut 

Bayley made her debut as the mystery partner for Sasha Banks and it was the greatest thing ever. Had it been anyone else, we were going to be in a world of disappointment. It later came out that her appearance was in fact one and done and she is expected to get her official call-up in the next few months.

BayleyWhen her music hit, I instantly got giddy. If anyone ever says they are not a fan of Bayley, give them a swift kick to the balls. Everything about Bayley is awesome. She is freaking adorable. I just want to hug her, which means her gimmick is working. She is great in the ring and she is awesome for the women’s division.

I also loved seeing Sasha react to Bayley coming down the ramp. The crowd ate it up and you could tell she was genuinely happy for Bayley and the pop she was getting. Just awesome to see.

The Viper Returns 

Randy Orton is one of my all-time favorites and nine months seems like forever in terms of wrestling. He made his grand return on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel. Drink it in Maaaaan!

The two of them bantered back and forth with Jericho being hilarious as per usual. My favorite part was when he said he talked to Brock Lesnar about Orton. Jericho claimed Lesnar called Randy Orton a stupid idiot.

After toying with Jericho…


Enzo Promo 

I don’t care if you’re not even a wrestling fan. If there is one thing that must be seen by every person on this planet, it is Enzo’s promo at Battleground. I am totally convinced Enzo does at least five lines of cocaine before entering the ring. I did not stop laughing from start to finish.Cocaine

It really is amazing how the pop Enzo and Cass get seems to be bigger and bigger. This is the most over tag team I have seen in a long time.

Dean Ambrose Retains 

I was genuinely surprised that Ambrose retained, but I could not be more happy. He is another hot babyface who never lost his pop since the Shield break up. Fans absolutely love him and rightfully so. I remember Ambrose was supposed to be the guy who got the big push when the Shield debuted.

When Rollins turned, he became the golden boy with Reigns as the main babyface on the title chase.

It appears that the lunatic fringe will be the main face of Smackdown for years to come after his big title defense at Battleground winning the match that fans have been waiting to see since before the Shield even broke up.

Monday Night Raw

The New Era 

WWE Universal Championship

I am not sure how much I like the name, but it could grow on me. After all, there is not a whole lot that can be done. Belt names are tough to come up with. I was going to see how original it was and then realized it wasn’t. Classic mix up.

All Roads lead to RollinsRollins.gif

Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon hand picked 8 guys to face off in separate fatal four-way matches. The winner of the two matches will face off in the main event to determine who will face Seth Rollins for the new championship.

I thought this was a hell of a way to start the new era. On the first episode, we get to see Raw’s best face off against each other in free for alls. Yes please!

Balor Debuts 

When Mick announced Finn Balor was the 8th man for the two fatal four-way matches, the crowd went ape shit with Balor chants. You better get used to seeing him because Balor isn’t going anywhere for a long, long time. I have been waiting so damn long for his call up to the main roster. Fangirl.gif

He did not disappoint in his debut defeating Rusev, Cesaro and unfortunately Kevin Owens. Rusev and KO ganged up on the rookie for a while, but once Balor got his feet working, that was all she wrote. If you have never watched NXT, his feet are weapons of mass destruction.

If you are familiar with Balor and not a fan, I hope you stub your toe on a piece of furniture because you’re a bum.

Reigns Wins…again 


New Day Picks Honorary Member 

New Day put together a video package to commemorate all of their success as your W W E TAG TEAM CHAMPIOOOOONS! After that, the New Day picked an honorary member. His name was Sunny Boy.

His name should have been Michael Fucking Hotard though. Yes, that is my legal middle name. Can I please just hang out with the New Day for just two hours? That is all I want in life. Let me be your honorary member.

Neville Returns

Obviously victorious, I just wanted to take a minute to say Neville looks better than he did before he hurt his ankle. He looks like he put on a little weight, but in a good way. Your boy is shredded. I am happy to see the man that gravity forgot back in action.

The Boss Era Begins 

Sasha freaking Banks wins the Women’s title! FINALLY! Welcome to the era of the boss. As long as Charlotte and Sasha are going to be locked in a rivalry, the women’s title matches won’t be bathrooms breaks. 

Now Sasha will go on to win every title and defeat Brock Lesnar in a three stages of Hell match at Wrestlemania because she is a freaking boss.

This really is a monumental move for WWE putting the strap on Sasha. They are stating the new era off right. The Women’s division is more ripe than it has been since Trish Stratus and Lita. Once Bayley gets her official call up, OMG, I am going to lose it.

Braun StrowmanWow.gif

Oooooh impressive. He will be back at the training center in no time.


What the fuck happened to the WWE we all used to shit on! Where did they go?

They actually had Balor go over Reigns in his first night for the right to take on Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship. My balls are tingling at the very thought of that match happening.

I am salivating at how good that match will be. I am calling it right now that the match will be a 5-star showing. After the major night he had, Finn Balor may very well be the first title holder of the Universal Championship. That is more than ok. What a night on RAW!

Smackdown Live


Ain’t No Stopping Me Noooooooow

YES! Shelton Benjamin is making his rumored return to the WWE finally. Unfortunately, I stopped watching right before he started to get fairly popular. He was always someone I enjoyed in the ring. I think it is funny that Smackdown was supposed to be for some of the younger guys, but it seems likes its gearing toward most of the guys who never had a fair shake. I cannot wait to see what is in store for him when he does make his comeback.

The Women’s Division just got real awkward 

I was stoked Becky Lynch picked up her first win on her new show. She is going to be the face of Smackdown Live for the ladies. However, it got stupid real quick when Alexa Bliss came out spewing some weird shit. That was followed by basically every women coming out and talking themselves up. tumblr_mn100moiPd1rdzuduo2_400

Carmella is obviously going to be the whore of the show, yay. We all love whores, right?

Eva Marie followed it up with some stupid idiot entrance. It just sounded like a god awful move trailer. I would rather play Russian Roulette than hear that again.

Where is American Alpha? 

Oh yeah they are not going to compete on the first episode. Why? Just Why? I was ready, willing and Gable to watch them go to work on the first night and I have to wait? Like bitch, this was your best NXT pick. At least Raw, gave us a shit ton of Finn Balor. This is where Smackdown lost this week.

Rhyno Signs with Smackdown kanye-west-fan

After a fantastic promo by Heath Slater, Rhyno ruined it. Here, let me tell you how excited I am by Rhyno…

Super Kick Prevails 

Wow. Dolph Ziggler is the number one contender. He won with a freaking super kick. Somewhere at home, Shawn Michaels has a smile on his face knowing that his finisher isn’t totally worthless. At least on Smackdown it isn’t. I am truly happy to see Ziggler get a crack at the title so soon on the new show. Although, I don’t see him with any chance of winning, but that has been his story for years now.

Raw bent Smackdown over

We all know which show won this week.

Balor v Rollins…enough said.





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