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Month: August 2016

Off The Record Episode 2

Check out the podcast on Youtube or Soundcloud: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON YOUTUBE CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD   Off The Record is an uncensored sports podcast featuring Michael Hotard and Richard Fischer. Two former journalist who left the game, but have returned with one goal, have some fun. Opening: Dumb Quote of… Read More ›


Can we get the elephant out the room on Deuce McAllister?

Before I begin, I want to start off by saying that Deuce McAllister is truly a stand up guy. I love the way he carries himself. I love the countless things he did for the city of New Orleans, the place I call home. He is genuinely humble and down to Earth, which contributes to why… Read More ›

All-American Movie Football Team

Two things I have always found entertaining are sports and movies. One of my favorite things to do is merge the two. With football season around the corner, I figured now would be a perfect opportunity to pick my fictional fantasy football team, sort of. Not all of the movies I will select from will… Read More ›

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