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Michael Phelps is Overrated

If you thought for a single solitary second that I would claim the absurd notion that Michael Phelps is overrated, you were sorely mistaken. However, I have heard, read and seen that preposterous claim pop up multiple times since Rio 2016 began.

At 31-years-old, Michael Phelps claimed his 22nd gold medal and fourth straight 200-meter individual medley on Thursday night. Roughly 40 minutes later, he placed second in a semi-final race in the 100-meter butterfly.

Phelps also broke a 2,000 year old record held by Leonidas of Rhodes for most individual titles, kind of a big deal.

If you can’t or won’t even consider that he is arguably the most decorated Olympian ever, I am convinced you have the IQ of a baked potato.

Niche Sport

That bongo beating moron from Fox Sports, Jason Whitlock claimed that Phelps was not the greatest because he is in a niche sport.

In the video link above, you can hear Whitlock say that 70% of African Americans do not compete in the sport and that 50% of Americans do not swim. His whole argument is predicated upon the competition.giphy.gif

Let’s just eliminate the fact that Jason Whitlock will find any reason to play the race card. Aren’t most Olympic events “niche” sports to an extent? How many people do you know compete in gymnastics, cycling, diving, rowing or shooting?

Now, how many people do you know play or played football?

You probably answered more for the latter. To Whitlocks point, he made mention of track and field which has over one million high school participants every year (second most). But at the end of the day, the best of the best from across the globe are competing in each sport. So basically what I gather from what Whitlock is saying is “black people don’t compete, so it is null and void.”

He mentioned the likes of Jesse Owens, Bruce Jenner and Carl Lewis as better Olympians.

You just bitched about the people Phelps competes against and then talk about three guys who competed decades ago. Why do I have a problem with that you may ask?

Because athletes are far better today than they were even 20 years ago. Technology and information has allowed for better training and preparation. David Epstein is an expert in the area of sports science and concluded that Usain Bolt would have smoked Jesse Owens in the 100-meter by 14-feet. Epstein has a great presentation that can be found in the blue text above.

Speaking of Bolt…

Number of Events

Another bone-headed twat swab by the name of Nick Wright made the argument that Bolt is a better Olympian because Phelps can compete in up to 8 events each year.

Wright went on to say that Bolt would be up there if he can run his races backwards, sideways and however else you can basically move. He says Bolt doesn’t have the opportunity to compete in that many events. 55120091

Um, what?

Bolt is competing in the 4×100 meter relay, 100-meter and 200-meter races. He could very well run the 400-meter individual, 400-meter relay and participate in the long jump and triple long jump, which would give him a shot at seven medals. The opportunity is most certainly there.

Thanks for playing, next argument.

Difficulty of Swimming vs Running

I know I probably should not even include this because it was written by some douche in a comment section. This asshat tried saying running was more difficult than swimming.

I beg your jargon.

He literally tried making the argument that running is tougher on the joints. Sure, I would probably agree it is tougher on the joints to run. You know, gravity and shit. I wouldn’t say that makes it more difficult though.

First off, theres this thing called water in swimming which makes it a hell of a lot more difficult to move. You do have to use most of your muscles to move your fastest exerting more energy.

Oh and then there’s that whole breathing thing which we, as humans, can’t do underwater.

If you don’t think so, read this. It basically says what I just told you in more technical terms. vsh6JiM.gif

Science, bitch.


You were dropped too many times as a child if you look at Phelps and don’t see arguably the greatest Olympian ever. You stupid idiot.









8 responses to “Michael Phelps is Overrated”

  1. Barbara Turner Avatar
    Barbara Turner

    Well said Mike.


  2. Mike Avatar

    1. Every able person can run, has the opportunity to run, and the facilities to run. Running around is something children, teens, and arguably adults, have the ability to do, for free, daily. You cannot say the same for swimming.
    2. There are 16 non-marathon swimming events (the 10km is a marathon). There are 7 running events, 9 if you include the 5km and 10km, and 10 if you include the 20km race walk, which are long distance, but use them for arguments sake. A swimmer simply has more opportunities to compete every year. This isn’t opinion, this is fact.


  3. Michael Hotard Avatar

    1. Sure, but running around vs competitive running is a little different. I know how to put food away. That doesn’t mean I will be able to compete with the folks who enter the Hot Dog eating contest.

    2. Yes swimmers do have more opportunities, but don’t use that as an argument when the person you’re comparing a swimmer to doesn’t take advantage of all of the events.

    Are we really going to use those two arguments to devalue a great Olympian to say he isn’t that great? That is foolish.


  4. Mike Avatar

    1. Being able to run around and understand you have an inclination, talent, or love of running is what can make a lot of kids decide to go into the sport and compete, so the sport is more competitive.
    2. Even if Bolt took advantage of all the events I mentioned, Phelps could do the same. The point is Phelps can focus 50% of the events and so can Bolt, and Bolt would have less.

    The proper way to determine the best Olympian is to normalize for event appearances, with a certain threshold for repeat wins, etc. 4 for 4 is clearly better than 1 for 1, but 3 for 6 is not better than 2 for 3, or 2 for 2 for that matter.


  5. Mike Avatar

    No one is saying he isn’t that great. They are saying that people are rating him as the best ever (greatest of all time), which would be over rating him.


  6. Michael Hotard Avatar

    Even if he does have more events, he wins them all or at least medals. No other swimmer has even close to his medal count or any Olympian for that matter. If you want to get into the numbers. He’s medaled in 28/29 total events. 97% does that hold enough weight?

    Overrated? Please. That is nothing more than a typical shock jock statement, which seems to be common place in sports.

    I’m not saying it can’t be argued that someone like Bolt is better because the guy is incredible. But don’t spew that nonsense that Phelps can’t be argued for greatest Olympian and that he is overrated.


  7. Mike Avatar

    There are several contenders, each with their own merits. Larysa Latynina (18/19), Edoardo Mangiarotti (13/14), Paavo Nurmi (12/12), Birgit Fischer (12/13), Bjørn Dæhlie (13/15), Mark Spitz (11/12), to name a few. 12 of Phelp’s medals have come from team events, which doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it, but not all of the top historic Olympians have had that many of their medals made up of team events. Then there are the Olympians that have been able to master 2 or 3 different disciplines. Another thing to factor is, when looking at things historically, 100% of current short-medium footraces existed since 1912, whereas 37% (6/16) of short-medium swimming events did at the same time. Swimming has evolved into a much larger sport with many more opportunities now than ever. Swimmers back then didn’t have the opportunities Phelps had. Phelps is definitely in the top. Some might say he’s the best, some might say he’s second best, some might say he’s 3rd, etc. Those that do no believe he is the best, might say to rank him the best would be to _over_ _rate_ him. You are effectively saying that anyone who says that rating Phelps as the best Olympian is over rating him, is an idiot. Not a very sound argument.


    1. Michael Hotard Avatar

      Every sport has evolved. Athletes are better as I stated in the post. If we’re going to pick apart swimming, why are we not doing the same for every other sport? Babe Ruth used a bat the size of a tree trunk because there was no regulation. He also didn’t play against anyone from the negro league. Guys like pistol Pete didn’t have a three point line.
      Ronnie Lott didn’t have rules protecting receivers. You can pick apart every sport and every era to some degree. When I say someone is an idiot for arguing that phelps is not among the true greats, which the guys I mentioned in the post did in fact say, yeah I’ll gladly call those guys idiots. This is the sport Phelps is in and these are the guidelines. No one is doing it better than him in his respective sport. 28/29 is ridiculous. 22 of which are golds. Dude has more gold than plenty of countries. If you don’t think he is the best, fine but don’t give me a lame ass excuse like “oh the sport allows for it.” Refer back to what I started earlier in this rant.


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