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The curious case of being a dumbass

For many football fans, the most exciting plays come at the hands of defenders crushing someone with a brutal hit. Football, like many other contact sports, allows people to maul one another without serving time in jail. Athletes have lost seasons, careers and even lives because of the brutal hits that can occur on any given play. It is the nature of the beast.

When you have a bunch of alpha males with large egos and large amounts of testosterone in their system, emotions run high. That can cause players to act out due to a lack of self control.

We certainly saw that on Saturday at the end of the LSU/Wisconsin game when offensive lineman Josh Boutte decided to lay into Wisconsin defensive back D’Cota Dixon late in the game.

Boutte’s vicious hit came after Brandon Harris threw an interception caught by Dixon with :57 ticks left on the clock. Dixon went down immediately following the pick and began running in celebration before being tattooed.

Before any of you LSU fanboys defend him by saying “he probably didn’t know the play was dead.”

Yeah, and Grizzly Adams had a beard. So to Boutte…

There is this thing called a whistle that the refs blow once a play is dead. It is a very loud high pitch noise. But let’s assume you were not able to hear it over the tens of thousands of cheering Badger fans, I will give you a pass on that. However, do you really not have any awareness to your surroundings?

First and foremost, none of your teammates are going after Dixon. In the gif above, you can see two of your fellow Tigers could have easily tackled him.

Second, there is a sea of red surrounding him. Do you think for a single second that your big oversized ass is that sneaky and none of them would have attempted to cut your legs down? If you do, your lack of self awareness is even more startling.

There are former players who can’t walk and this oversized, emotionally unstable shell of a human being does that? Are you kidding me? Luckily, Dixon is ok and no serious injuries occurred.

Fortunately, he was ejected, not that it makes it any better. He will serve a one-game suspension for targeting as he should.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who played college football at Louisiana-Lafayette and both of us agreed that a suspension of just one game for a play like that is weak sauce. If I were a coach and saw one of my players do that, you can bet that he would be suspended for a bare minimum of four games because that was blatant and reckless.

The worst part, Les Miles actually defended him. I get protecting your players, but fuck that. Throw him under the bus for being a dumbass. 8093c9a8b36b3c50784d46ed0154af62

It shows an absolute disregard for human life. One wrong twist and turn and Dixon could be paralyzed. Had that been the case, not only would I have pursued criminal charges, but I would pursue compensation for medical bills.

That hit did not happen within the confines of the game. That hit happened because Boutte has the IQ of a goldfish and was pissed off that his team just lost. Sucks to suck dude. I would like to once again emphasize the great quote from Red Forman…”You’re a dumbass.”



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