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O Kaeptain My Kaeptain

A month ago, I thought the whole thing was a publicity stunt to get his name out of the sand. A month ago, I didn’t believe we would still hear chatter about this situation. A month ago, I didn’t think I would be writing this…

Shit changes, sorry. rs_500x215-141111110718-tumblr_n69os4yyxf1sfwumuo1_500.gif

When Colin Kaepernick elected to not stand and acknowledge the national anthem of the United States, I figured this conversation would be gone and forgotten by now. But, we are still talking and hearing about.

If you have been living under a rock for the last month, here is how it went…

During a preseason game, Kaep elected to sit during the national anthem causing a simultaneous uproar and praise from fans, members of the media and your average joes. After making a bold move, Kaep defended his position saying that he did it as a form of protest due to police not always being held accountable for their actions in this country. After pissing off many people, the attention was taken away from the why he did it and instead the attention was focused on the how he did it. So Kaep had conversations with friends and colleagues who were in the military and decided to take a different approach. He started kneeling during the anthem to honor those who have fallen for the US, but also not participating in the status quo of standing to continue his protest.

We have seen dozens of athletes follow in Kaep’s footsteps and kneel during the anthem or make their own statement in ways such as holding up a fist. In the Saints/Falcons match up, we saw a sign of unity in the middle of the field after the anthem where players huddled into a large circle holding hands.

Before I get in to how I feel about Kaep, I will say that I hate both extremes to the ongoing issue in this country.jhfsfheghreg.gif

On one hand, black man gets shot by police and there is a group of people who will defend the person shot regardless of the evidence.

On the other hand, black man gets shot by police and there is a group of people who will defend the police officer regardless of the evidence.

Both sides need to wake the fuck up.

If you are the type of person who will ignore new information or evidence at hand, I have no use in talking to you because you clearly have the IQ of ranch dressing.

I am well aware that every officer wants to get home safely to their families and I certainly respect the badge and what they do. I would never consider taking that job, nor do I think I can successfully carry out that job. I also realize that people should not be shot just because they are black and that there is a larger percentage of unarmed black folks getting killed by police. I could go through most of the cases from the past five years and I would say it is close to a 50/50 split on where I stand in terms of which side I lean toward. Each case is different. But there are the people who choose to ignore the facts of each case.

Being the intelligent person I am, I take things case by case. That goes for everything, not just this particular issue.

With that being said…

By all means, protest away Kaep. He isn’t physically hurting anyone. He isn’t starting riots and destroying local businesses. He is starting a peaceful protest among athletes. Kudos man. kttlugk

He opened the dialogue and is willing to collaborate with those critical of his stance and the manner in which he is going about it. That shows maturity. That shows compassion. That shows understanding. That shows he is WILLING to LISTEN to those opposed to him. Listening is the most important part of any debate especially when that debate is political.

I have heard many people say there are other ways to go about fighting for your cause. Please give me an example of one and how it would keep the dialogue going. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

The reality is, if you want change, it has to come in some form of controversy. That obviously excludes rioting like a fucking idiot. Those people are morons. All that does is cause more resentment and hate.

If he just held a press conference and said his feelings, we wouldn’t be talking about this right now.

Not only did he hold a press conference in addition to his kneeling, he has donated money to help communities in need. Forgive me while I go off-base here…

For the record, I love the people who complained about his generosity saying “oh a million, thats nothing to him.”

I am sure five bucks isn’t much to you, but you’re probably not donating a damn thing to anyone who needs it more than you. Are you? Didn’t think so. Kbye. You’re the worst kind of person.

Small rant over…

People are intrigued by drama and controversy. That is the only way to get attention from a mass audience. Mission accomplished. Kaep did that.

Many athletes such as Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, US Women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe, WNBA teams and high school teams are following in Kaep’s footsteps and I think it is awesome to see. People are coming together and being a voice for the voiceless in this matter.

Athletes have a huge platform. We worship them like gods in the US. Use that platform!

I do agree with Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett. I wish more white athletes would come out and take a stance, especially a quarterback.

Drew Brees had no problem ripping Kaep about how he protested, but when asked about the reason why he was protesting, he had no comment and deflected. You were better off not saying anything.

Some may say I am unpatriotic and maybe I am. Partly because I believe patriotism is nothing more than propaganda to further divide people.

I don’t believe lines on a map should separate millions of people because they dress different, worship a different god or speak another language. Unfortunately, people would rather condemn and kill than embrace and love. This is why I choose to talk to my cat. Watch out for crazy cat man!

I think Thomas Paine said it best…

“The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion.”

In regards to the national anthem, I understand the military has died for that flag and for this country. But some of you are forgetting that they died for the very right Kaep, among others, are exercising by electing to kneel during the national anthem. They also died for your right to bash them.tumblr_o49m09h4w71uctmgoo1_500

Although this pertains to the Pledge of Allegiance, this clip from Boy Meets World goes hand in hand with the discussion.  I think it is spot on as cheesy as it is.

My advice to any of you reading this and to anyone who likes to discuss politics or ever gets thwarted into a political discussion…

1- If you have an opinion, have facts and logic behind it and don’t regurgitate what you heard on Fox, CNN or MSNBC (I will make fun of you and flip your world upside down even if I agree with what you are saying)

2- Listen to the opposition. Unless of course, they are not following rule 1. Then troll the shit out of them.

To Kaep, thank you for opening the dialogue. I just hope we can all act accordingly.





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