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When it comes to Tebow, media and fans are all asshats

Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing athletes I have ever seen in my 25 years on this planet. Still to this day, I will vehemently defend the sentiment that he is the greatest college football player I have seen. His time playing for the Florida Gators under Urban Meyer was nothing short of legendary. I feel it is unnecessary for me to divulge into the accolades and awards. 2008-tim-tebow

Aside from all the wonderful memories on the field, Tebow, barring some crazy dark secret, is also one of the most down to Earth athletes on this planet. How can you garner so much hate for that man? I understand the criticism, but for the love of God, relax.

Tebow signed with the New York Mets and has quickly fallen down the hill in the Arizona Fall League. In his first week, Tebow has gone 0-9 at the plate with 3 strikeouts. Tebow hasn’t played baseball in over a decade (2005) and of course the scouts and many of the Tebow haters are ripping him and the Mets a new one for the signing.

There is no line drawn in the sand when it comes to Tebow and his fans, also his haters.

And I need to get something off my chest about the critics, as well as the fans. I will begin with the critics.

First and foremost, why does it fucking matter that the Mets signed him to play in their farm system?

Some of these assholes are acting as if Tebow was signed to play for the Mets during their short playoff run this season. At the very least, he will get butts in the seats of a farm team that likely isn’t making much money anyway.

The critics of Tebow will do anything they can to cut his legs out from under him. If he were to go 4-4 with 4 HRs, you would still have a select few talking about the one pitch he chased in a plate appearance.

One kumquat journalist decided to call the Tebow experiment an embarrassment because he sees it as a publicity stunt despite Mets GM Sandy Alderson denying that claim. Tebow is 29, hasn’t played in over a decade and got a $100,000 signing bonus. tumblr_nhcz1bet4s1ruqqm0o1_500

Of course it was a publicity stunt you dunce. Thanks for pointing out what everyone, or at least I hope everyone, already knows.

The Tebowmania phenomenon in the sports world baffles me.

You sons of bitches (journalists) complain about how much hype Tebow gets anytime something happens whether it is being signed as a college football analyst, a backup quarterback or an outfielder. Yet, you stupid idiots are the ones who can’t leave it alone no matter what.

You know who was the catalyst for creating Tebowmania?

Oh that’s right. These dumb hipster journalists. You guys are a bunch of twat swabs.

Enough about the journalists, these people are the worst…

The fans drive me up a damn wall with the narrative they have seemed to create over the years.

Read any message board, comment or column from the Tebow faithful and they have one reason for why he isn’t playing quarterback in the NFL or why people don’t give him a chance…his religion.tumblr_mew9ng2gMN1qb9pa3o1_500.gif

I know this is a sensitive subject for people so I will try my best not to offend anyone…oh wait, no I won’t.

If you think for one single solitary second that the reason Tebow is no longer in the NFL because of his faith, your head is further up your ass than the journalist who rails on him. Former QB Kurt Warner was outspoken about his faith and he is going to the Hall of Fame eventually.

This isn’t a religion thing so get that fallacy out of your head.

This is a Tim Tebow can’t complete a damn pass thing. You’re not going to start when you can’t complete 50% of your passes.

You’re not going to get a shot at being a back up when you bring a media circus with you everywhere. You’re also not going to get a shot when you are brought in as a backup, but you (Tebow) fail to understand your role.

Do I like Tim Tebow? Absolutely, both as an athlete and person.

Do I wish someone would give Tebow a starting job? Absolutely because I loved watching him prove people wrong, even with awful stats. He still somehow managed to win.

Do I blame teams for not giving him a shot? No. They have a job to do and Tebow isn’t fitting the bill. You can’t take a fly on uncertainty.

The reality is Tebow can’t settle being a back up because he is a competitor and he thinks he is always competing for a starting job. He also doesn’t want to play any other position but quarterback.

If Tebow would have said that he was willing to play fullback or tight end, I firmly believe he would still be in the NFL and doing well. From a pure athlete standpoint, there isn’t a physical specimen who compares to him except LeBron James.

The media circus and the constant “when will Tim play?” every time your starter has an incomplete pass would drive any coach or GM nuts.

Tim screwed Tim. The media screwed Tim. The fans screwed Tim.

That doesn’t make him a bad person. In fact, good for him because he had always been willing to work his ass off to try and be a starting quarterback. Good for you for not settling.

As far as baseball goes and to the journalists hating on it, get a fucking life. Oh wait, I forgot. You are paid to shit all over decent human beings. My apologies.





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