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5 Sports Figures who could be president

For the first post in the Hotard Top 5, I decided to take a stab at five sports figures who could be president. Since, you know, we just voted for the new president of the United States and all that jazz. Some of the people on this list have actually talked about a potential career politics, which makes for an interesting discussion.

5. Kris Bryant/Anthony Rizzorizzo-bryant-300x225

I couldn’t put Bryant without putting Rizzo. Shirts were made about the Chicago Cubs young duo with the slogan “Make Chicago Great Again.” They delivered. They gave the Cubs their first World Series in 108 years. That has to mean something right? Put them on the ballot and they have my vote.

4. Drew Breesimg20569170

This one is absolutely legit. I could see him running for public office in New Orleans for sure. If he ran for governor of Louisiana, he would win in a landslide. He is a deity in New Orleans because of the role he played in giving the city hope after being beaten down by Hurricane Katrina…or the faulty levees. I believe Brees is one of the few genuine athletes out there. He’s a family man. He handles himself like a true professional. Drew Breesus is the real deal.

3. Tim Tebowtebow.gif

Again, another guy I could most certainly see as a politician. He may be too much of a good guy for it though…shots fired. The conservatives would love him. Obviously, most christians would be right behind the former quarterback turned baseball player. He is very open about his religion. The thing I love most about it is that he carries his beliefs in such a humble way that isn’t invasive. He has been quoted saying that the number one priority is to love Jesus. Number two is to love people. I would absolutely back up the god that is Tim Tebow.

2. Chris Jericho/Kevin Owensjericho-and-owens

Who gives a shit if they are Canadian?  They are the greatest best friends of all time and can do anything. They are the WWE Universal Champion and they know exactly what teamwork and fair play is. If people are scared of guns or nuclear weapons, imagine the fear the List of Jericho would send to any enemy, both foreign and domestic. This duo is just one that is not to be fucked with. No one would even try to mess with America. No one fucks with a guy in that awesome of a scarf and whose best friend looks like he will kill anyone.

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsongiphy

It has already been teased that The People’s Champion could run for office one day and if he did, I truly believe he could win…easy. Everyone loves him and rightfully so. That winning smile. The charisma. His down to earth personality. He would be amazing. Plus, much like Jericho and his list, Vladimir Putin or Isis stands no chance at surviving one patented Rock Bottom. Can you imagine his campaign speeches? It would be the greatest thing to happen in the oval office since Bill Clinton decided to play swallow the leader.





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