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Pick Another Target, Zebra season is over

Cue the world’s smallest violin…the New Orleans Saints lost and the Who Dat Nation is coming unglued because of a controversial call.reservoir_dogs_violine

For those who didn’t see the play, the Denver Broncos used an open hand block to hold down the center (legal), while another player leaped over the line without using leverage and/or landing on top of said blocker (also legal) and then deflected the kick which allowed the Broncos to  get a scoop and score for a two point swing giving them the lead and the win.

The other controversy came on the return as the return man appeared he may have stepped out. The Broncos were wearing white cleats and unfortunately the sideline is white and there was not enough evidence (in my opinion) to rule him out of bounds. It was as close of a call as you can get.broncos

Now we have Saints fans blaming the loss on one single play in a 60 minute football contest.

You’re right. It had nothing to do with the four turnovers. It had nothing to do with the fact that the Broncos inept offense managed to hold the ball for a near 20 minutes more. It had nothing to do with the fact that the Saints converted only 4 of 9 on third down. None of those things played a more crucial part than the zebras.

Officials do not decide the outcome of games. Teams have 60 minutes to ice it. Never put the game in the officials’ hands because there is a high chance of disappointment. Sometimes it is unavoidable. But, sucks to suck.

There was the same outcry at the end of the Saints/Panthers game earlier this season when safety Kenny Vaccaro was called for pass interference on Greg Olsen. Fortunately, the Saints escaped with a 41-38 win. Although, I completely disagreed with that call. That was a brilliant play by Vaccaro. He avoided contact and made a play for the ball while turning his head, something most of the Saints defensive backs have failed to do this year.

That is the main reason I think the Saints fans are bunch of douche canoes for bitching when I have seen the Saints get away with more face guarding plays than the law allows.

In that Carolina game alone, the Saints should have been flagged on three separate occasions on passes to Kelvin Benjamin alone. THREE! Three times, I saw a Saints defender run at the 6’5 Benjamin waving their hands in the air with zero intention of going after the ball, no head turn or anything.

One of those plays was about 50-60 yards downfield while the others were about 20-30 yards.

Then Sean Payton had the audacity to talk about wishing he could have challenged the PI call at the end of the game.giphy

I am sure Ron Rivera would have loved having those three plays cost your team roughly 100 yards as well. We could nitpick calls all day.

The nitpicking seems to be a growing trend in 2016, from Cam Newton to Richard Sherman to Sean Payton to Julio Jones to fans.

As far as the fans go, there is nothing worse than the douche six seats over who scream “oh my god, how does he not make that call? That was clear as day.”

Yeah, no shit dick chicken. You just watched the play in seven different camera angles and slow motion. Of course it was clear as day to you, stupid idiot.l9ltb.gif

So Saints fans, how about we pick another target other than the refs? The Saints are 4-5 because they are a mediocre football team.

If someone should be blamed, try blaming the senile owner Tom Benson. Perhaps, Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton for continuing to fork out contracts to players who turn into dead money. The lack of defense under Payton has been abysmal. Thankfully, Drew Brees is good enough to keep them in most games.

They still have hopes for the playoffs with NFC being a complete shit show. If they don’t make it, can we stop blaming officials for losses? Good teams find a way to win.






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