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Top 5 Survivor Series Moments

The 30th Survivor Series takes place this Sunday, November 20th, in Toronto. This pay-per-view is usually my least favorite of the “big four” events every year. However, the main team Raw v Smackdown match alone has me ready for Sunday. Plus I am ready for the showdown between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar.

We have seen plenty of stars debut at Survivor Series. We have seen one of the most infamous moments in wrestling history happen at this particular PPV. It is tough picking just five moments from Survivor Series, but damn it, that is what I have to do.

5. Undertaker Debuts – 1990hqdefault

Considering he is one of the most recognizable faces in all of wrestling, there is absolutely no way the debut of the deadman could be left off the list. Undertaker would join the Million Dollar Team defeating the Dream Team in a Survivor Series style 4v4 match. He has been a star since day one of the gimmick. As tired of him as I am now (he is just old), it still deserves to be considered a top moment in the history of the PPV.

Ironically, this year’s Survivor Series could be the beginning of the end for the deadman as indicated by his appearance on Smackdown.

4. HBK Wins First Elimination Chamber – 2002449afc99a44492b5d4f6641df9be30d9ed1b6606_hq

I remember this like it was yesterday. Shawn Michaels was always one of my wrestling idols growing up. When he returned from a gruesome back injury (no one knew if he would), I was just happy for him to be part of the roster again. After a 3-4 month feud with Triple H, he was put in a match with Triple H, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kane and Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Title. It was billed as one of the most grusesome match types in history. He actually fucking won.

As a wrestling fan, every once in a while we get moments that just tug away at the heart strings and we forget it is pre-meditated. We call it marking out. I remember 11-year-old me tearing up when the heartbreak kid won his first title since his injury because I never thought I would see him wrestle again.

3. Sting debuts in WWE – 2014maxresdefault

I get chills when I think about that night. I never thought for a second that I would actually see Sting show up and grace a WWE ring. If you don’t know, Sting was synonymous with WCW. He was the guy who refused to jump ship. He played an integral part in the Monday Night Wars when WCW was ahead.

Here he was, coming down to the ring to destroy Triple H and be the hero against the Authority. He is one of those stars who doesn’t have to say a word. That is part of why he became such an icon in the wrestling industry. When he took out The Game with the Scorpion Death Drop, fans knew how big of a moment that was.

2. The Shield Debuts – 201211909375_166322080373549_2120743359_n

I talked about marking out earlier. If you really want to see me mark out, just ask me about the shield. That is the greatest stable ever. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on a team means everyone dies.

The Shield had one of the best runs in the history of WWE with one match of the year candidate after another. They shook up the WWE and quickly became top heels who eventually became top faces in the business. It also was comprised of three mega stars who are all major players in the WWE.

Most fans will probably crucify me for having this as my number two moment, but I love the shield and it is my favorite stable in WWE history. Last time I checked, this is my list and if there’s a problem, take it up with my manager Paul Heyman.

1. The Montreal screw job- 1997montreal-screwjob-2_0

Was there any doubt as to what would be number one for Survivor Series moments? Bret Hart did not return to WWE for 14 fucking years after Vince screwed him over against Shawn Michaels.

It also coined to famous phrase, “Bret screwed Bret.”

There are few times in wrestling where things go off script. The original plan was for The Hitman to retain the belt and relinquish it on Raw the following night. Instead, Vince McMahon, Earl Hebner (referee), Shawn Michaels conspired to screw Bret as a final fuck you for jumping ship to WCW. This was a moment where wrestling was in fact real to some degree.

Although the WWE has tried to replicate this multiple times, it will never hold the same weight. This is not only one of the biggest Survivor Series moments, but one of the biggest moments in wrestling history.



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