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Top 5 Gifts I Hope Santa Brings to the Sports World

First and foremost, Merry Christmas to all. Happy holidays to those who may not celebrate Christmas. If you’re not celebrating anything, happy…weekend, I guess. If any of that offends you, that is so 2016. Let’s get some thicker skin, huh? Anyway, it is Christmas Eve┬áso I decided to write another Hotard Top 5. This will consist of the five things

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Make the Pro Bowl Great Aga…For the First Time Ever

The Pro Bowl is the worst all-star event in all of sports, period. The NBA all-star weekend, while meaningless, is at least fun to watch. The MLB all-star game is at least meaningful with the winning conference getting home field advantage for the World Series. Those two sports have celebrity games and gimmick events like the slam dunk contest and home

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