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Does anyone honestly give two shits about the Heisman anymore?

The Heisman Trophy presentation was an event I looked forward to almost every year growing up, but as the years continue to pass, the less intrigued I am. Part of it is because my dying interest. Unless it is Nicholls (my alma mater, go Colonels bitch), I really don’t care about college sports. I would much rather the professional scene.

Even more boring than the sports themselves is the Heisman Trophy presentation and I have a feeling I am not alone here.

I read something interesting that the Heisman presentation scored a TV rating  that was one point lower than Star Wars Return of the Jedi, which aired at the same time. I get it that Star Wars’ popularity is outrageous right now. I have become quite the fan boy myself. I met Kylo Ren a few weeks ago in Disney World…kind of marked out when I did. But really? A movie that came out 33 fucking years ago topped a major sports award presentation. Good for you College Football. You continue to bore the shit out of me and everyone else.conup

The award was originally supposed to be presented to the “most outstanding player in College Football.” However, integrity of the athletes plays a factor as well, at least until two years ago when they removed the word integrity from the award’s mission statement. Because you know, Johnny Manziel won it and all. It wasn’t a publicized move though. Again, good for you college football. You still bore the shit out of me.

The real reason no one cares about the award is because it is too damn predictable. It typically goes to two positions, quarterbacks or running backs. Yay. In many cases in the last few years, the “most outstanding player” hasn’t been selected. If you play defense, you’re pretty much screwed.

Rewind the clock to 2009. I understand why former Alabama running back Mark Ingram won it, but it bothers me that former Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh went in without a prayer of winning the award. I want anyone reading this to remember something. Nebraska was playing a 3-4 defense with Suh at the nose. He finished the year with 12 sacks. Fucking 12. That is absurd. He sacked Texas quarterback Colt McCoy four times in the Big 12 Title game. I don’t know if his numbers top Ingram who finished with 1,600 plus rush yards and 20 TDs, but lets not pretend Suh didn’t have a phenomenal season and help Nebraska win 10 games.

Now we can jump to 2011, you guys are probably familiar with one of the filthiest defenders in the NFL…the Honeybadger. That’s right Tyrann Mathieu finished as a finalist for the award. He was must see TV during his time at LSU. He has a nose for the ball and he found a way to make plays when LSU needed it most. That is pretty outstanding. A suspension is what many will point to as the reason he didn’t win it. Integrity remember? I call bullshit. I remember listening to the talking heads and it was a two way road the whole way, Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck. Honeybadger was more “outstanding” than either of them. Sorry. raw.gif

Then the very next year in 2012, Johnny freaking Football baby. Before getting squashed in the National Title game, Manti Teo was pretty good. Different player, same story, he never had a shot. This is the one I understand why. Johnny Manziel was pretty damn good. He certainly was the most popular and polarizing figure in the College Football. Had this been any other year, I would be ripping the selection apart.

Then we fast forward to this year, the ultimate slap in the face. Why in God’s name did Jabril Peppers not win the damn Heisman? Yeah yeah yeah, Lamar Jackson had the numbers. So you’re telling me that a guy who touches the ball every play and runs more than 20 times per game (as a quarterback) should win it over someone who has lined up at 15 different positions this season? He has close to 800 all-purpose yards, has the most tackles for a loss and is near the team lead in tackles. He is Michigan’s return man, best defensive player and maybe their best offensive player. He also happened to be a chess piece for a top 5 team in college football thanks in large part to Jim Harbaugh.

If you really think Jackson deserved it more than Peppers, you’re a walking argument for birth control.63780370



2 responses to “Does anyone honestly give two shits about the Heisman anymore?”

  1. Jeffrey Avatar

    I agree with you, it sucks that offensive stats stick out more than defensive stats. I think as we know it the gane of football in college is just fading more and more. I loved in earlier years before our generation, they gave it to wide receivers but now it’s primarily a qb or rb.


    1. Michael Hotard Avatar

      Thank you for your feedback. The most I follow college football is after bowl season when we start hearing about the draft.


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