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Enough sunshine and rainbows, how about results?

I am tired of the losing. I am tired of the mediocrity. I am tired of watching poo-poo on the court and gridiron. However, I can deal with those things.

What I can’t deal with is the fact that reporters blow sunshine up the ass of New Orleans sports.

What I can’t deal with is the fact there is absolutely no one or no voice holding coaches, players and people in the front office in check.

I guess I will be that voice. Oh wait, that requires more than 8.5 views on my posts…FUCK!jimharbaugh-freak-2-3-131.gif

Right now, I am convinced New Orleans is the worst market in sports, at least the worst with multiple franchises. Before you say Cleveland, they may have the Browns, but they also have the Cavaliers and Indians.

What do we have in New Orleans? An underachieving mediocre football team (Saints) and a sad hand job of a basketball team (Pelicans). Since we are stuck with publications like nola.com and The Bird Writes and all these other stupid idiots spewing sunshine and rainbows, I will be the voice of reason.

I read something a few weeks ago by nola.com in which the headline read “Sense of pride, professionalism driving Saints to finish strong.” You serious? You were referring to a 5-8 football team. That is something you write about high school kids to soften the blow for a rough year. You don’t write that about a pro team.

Then we have some twat nuggets from The Bird Writes talking about the Pelicans being better than their record earlier this season. Pretty sure I have read that one every single year from that site. No, the Pelicans are not better than their record. It blows my mind that many of the writers in New Orleans actually out swam 100,000 other sperm to make it to this point.61145444

These spineless turds let guys like Sean Payton, who is an arrogant dick (pot may be calling kettle black here), walk all over them. They don’t demand answers from the guy who is paid to win football games in fear of being cut off. If he does cut you off, so what? You then turn around and write about the asshole coach who is preventing you from doing your job. You are not paid to be a PR rag, you are paid to be journalist. Get some testicular fortitude.

Enough about the publications, let’s talk about the circus in New Orleans and owner Tom Benson is driving the tiny red car.

It starts at the top. People can say what they want about Benson and how he should handle the suit with his children. I am not at their table for Thanksgiving, so I don’t know what really goes on. I can assure you Benson doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on. I do believe his children are right about him being incompetent.

Either pass it down or sell it. Swallow your pride and give it up. The teams are miserable to watch and you’re not doing any favors by giving Saints head coach Sean Payton and GM Mickey Loomis (who you designated to have a hand on both teams) immunity because of one Super Bowl. You have also held on to Pels GM Dell Demps for far too long.

It is almost time to rebuild everything from the ground up…


At what point is mediocrity enough? At what point does Sean Payton become held responsible for losing?

Arrogance is not necessarily a bad thing, but you better win some games. Arrogance wears thin when the ball isn’t rolling your way. Payton is about to finish his third consecutive year missing the playoffs and the team has shown zero signs of improvement in those three years. If they don’t improve next year, I would pull the plug.

It pisses me off that the douche canoe can get his team rallied to curb stomp the Rams because his ego won’t allow him to be shown up by Gregg Williams, yet this asshole can’t get them ready week to week. He is probably too busy fucking his mistress in West Virginia and doing blow. You won’t hear that from the local reporters though.raw.gif

The revolving door of defensive coordinators over the last 11 seasons also says something about the head coach. The defense still sucks for the most part, but when they do play well, the offense sucks. As a head coach, isn’t it your job to get everyone on the same page? Do your job, Sean.

Speaking of people not doing their job, how awful has the tandem of Mickey Loomis and Payton been lately when it comes to the NFL Draft? You know, that thing where you get potential talent for a low price. You know, that thing that good franchises focus on to build their teams. Not free agency and bad contracts.

From 2009 to 2014, the Saints have six players on the current roster that they actually used draft picks on. SIX! That means you have retained one player per year. Not to mention you were too busy splurging in free agency so you were not able to retain Jimmy Graham and Malcolm Jenkins. You’re so good guys. Keep up the great work.

I do believe the last two draft classes have shown plenty of promise, but if things don’t turn around in 2017, you know where I stand.

All the while you have Drew Brees who is still in the upper echelon of quarterbacks. Keep wasting his talent.


Let’s start with the obvious, you have a top 5 player in Anthony Davis and the Pels sit at 10-20. This is an even bigger tragedy than Brees’ latter years being wasted.

If I were Davis, I would be in Demps’ face demanding a trade to a franchise that is actually worthy of his talent. The Pelicans are wasting it.giphy.gif

I am so tired of hearing about the injury bug biting them, which seemingly tends to be an every year occurrence. Enough about injuries, fix the problem if that is in fact your biggest problem.

However, the biggest problem is your paying the wrong guys. Tyreke Evans is nothing more than a street baller which won’t translate to wins. He needs the ball entirely too much to be effective. Sorry, you’re not THAT dude, homie.

Eric Gordon…because paying a spot up shooter a max deal makes sense.

I will give them a slight pass on Jrue Holiday, but at some point, you have to move on if injuries are derailing him. Omer Asik is a dud. E’Twaun Moore was supposed to be the three point savior and here he is having his worst year from deep. Solomon Hill? Who the fuck is that?

The list just goes on with free agency whiffs. Again, bless your heart, Anthony for sticking around for this shit show.

Alvin Gentry went 30-52 year one and now he is sitting at 10-20. What a fantastic hire, right!? Monty Williams was ran out of town, which I do think was the right move. Williams is a great guy, but great guy doesn’t mean wins. I do like him, unlike Payton. So I am not here to bash Williams or Gentry for that matter.

The Pels hire an offensive guru for a team who was actually in the upper half of the league in offensive efficiency. Meanwhile, the defense was abysmal and has only gotten worse.

In conclusion, #FreeAnthonyDavis, your front office sucks and he deserves better.


Payton sucks. Loomis sucks. Demps sucks. Local coverage sucks. Benson sucks.

To the media..

Do us a favor. Start doing your job and writing more columns similar to what I have just said. Maybe a little less colorful because PC and all that dumb shit. It is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

To Tom Benson…

Do us a favor. Sell the team and let the new ownership clean up the mess you have made. You have created complacency in your organizations. Thanks.


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  1. Jeremy Avatar

    “He’s the hero New Orleans sport fans deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.” – Lt. James Gordon

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