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5 Predictions for WWE in 2017

Despite 2016 being such a shit show of a year, I think the year in WWE was splendid. Chris Jericho has had his best run ever, with his best friend Kevin Owens. Finn Balor took all of four seconds to become the first WWE Universal Champion and unfortunately was injured. Bayley made her main roster debut and I fell in love all over again. Shane McMahon returned and was picked to lead the new era of Smackdown. Where do we go now? Well, I decided to put some predictions together for 2017.

5. Roman Reigns Turns Heelraw_1135_photo_080-1545822644-750x340-1424792146

It needs to happen! I actually like Roman Reigns in the ring and enjoy most of his matches. I just hate the character. Ever since he was suspended, we haven’t seen nearly as much of him in the main event scene. I hope this means we could be seeing something crazy happen. Roman Reigns just jumps the gun and becomes a bad, bad dude. He has the look. He has the in-ring skills. Make him a heel that just destroys everything in his path.

4. Undertaker Calls the Quitsimage

Talk about someone who has just overstayed their welcome. I am over the deadman at this point. I think this is a fairly safe bet to happen. Hopefully we only have three more months of it because he is barely a shell of himself at this point. This retirement party is coming about three years too late. As much as I hate that it took this long, I will still get chills when he makes the announcement. He is without a doubt one of the most recognizable figures in WWE history, period.

3. Kurt Angle ReturnsLDDD8B.gif

Please come back, Kurt! I think 2017 is the year we finally get to see the Olympic Gold Medalist back in a WWE ring in what feels like an eternity. When he does return, I hope he has some ties to American Alpha someway to reform Team Angle 2.0. It would be absolutely glorious. If not, I will take Kurt Angle in any capacity. After all, he won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freaking neck. Got milk?

2. Finn Balor wins the Royal Rumblefinn_2-0-0-750x340-1472691163

The fans are going to go ape shit when the demon king returns at the Rumble. Mark it down, it’s happening. When he does, I have him winning the whole fucking thing. Why? Because Finn is the future of professional wrestling. He never actually lost the Universal Title, so I have no doubt he will be in line for a shot when he returns. What better way than to have him win the Rumble. He and Kevin Owens headlining Wrestlemania 33 would be a real treat. It will be the birth of the NXT stars.

1. Baron Corbin wins WWE World Heavyweight Titlebaron-corbin-andre-the-giant-memorial-battle-royal

This is my maybe my boldest and most outlandish prediction for 2017. I really believe Corbin is starting to blossom over on Smackdown. I hope they begin booking him in bigger matches in the coming future. By Summerslam, I believe he will be catapulted into the main event scene. The only conundrum is who will he face. I hope by that point Sami Zayn is traded to Smackdown and the two of them could have a huge rivalry. He v AJ won’t work…heel v heel. I don’t see AJ turning face anytime soon.


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