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5 Possible Surprise Entrants for Royal Rumble 2017

My absolute favorite pay-per-view of the year is this Sunday. The Royal Rumble means anything can happen. You can get all of the action for just $9.99. There is your plug WWE, now give me my royalty check. Be sure to check out this week’s podcast which will be released this weekend to get the full card predictions.

As of now, 22 of 30 spots have been filled for the Rumble. This list will be compiled of superstars who we could see return or debut in WWE for the Royal Rumble from least likely (5) to most likely (1).

5. Kenny Omegatumblr_nhn91idnmb1qcluu2o1_500

I seriously doubt this is going to happen. Although his contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling is up, he has emphatically stated he will go nowhere near the WWE. Then again, Sting was always anti WWE as well so who knows. I will take him as a major long shot to show up on Sunday. If he does, think of him as this year’s AJ Styles and look how well that turned out.

4. Kurt Anglemaxresdefault.jpg

His recent WWE Hall of Fame induction has the internet going nuts and the rumors swirling about when the olympic gold medalist will grace a WWE ring again. He, like Omega, has emphatically said don’t expect to see him on Sunday, but that remains to be seen. Obviously guys like this won’t actually confirm if they will enter the match. That is part of the appeal of the Rumble is the element of surprise.

3. Finn Balor or Shelton Benjaminfinn-balors-wwe-raw-debut

Ok. I know I am cheating by having two guys at number three, but hear me out. Both are recovering from injuries and are expected to return sometime in the near future. Maybe that is now. Benjamin reportedly is still a few months away from being ready. On the other hand, Balor seems to be getting closer and I hope we hear his music on Sunday. If he came out at number 30, I will mark out so hard. More so than Bob (wink wink). If you didn’t catch the WTF Raw moments from the episode in New Orleans, click the link below and fast forward to 15:48. That would be me holding the sign and Bob is my father and he is a legend. If anyone has anything bad to say about Bob, I will go Liam Neeson on your ass.


2. Triple Htriple-h-nxt

Triple H is no stranger to the Royal Rumble and he caused Seth Rollins to lose his chance to become the WWE Universal Champion after screwing him in favor of Kevin Owens. He also caused him to lose his spot in the Royal Rumble to Sami Zayn. Therefore, Rollins isn’t even on the card for the year’s second biggest PPV. There is absolutely no way this show goes on for four hours without Rollins playing a part. See where I am going? Triple H enters, Rollins comes in and screws over The Game. The two eventually have their inevitable match at Mania and it will be SIIIICK!

1. Samoa Joejoe-nxt-png-640x370

This is a no-brainer. Joe hasn’t been on NXT for about two months now. He has disappeared which means inevitable call-up. This is it. Rumors are indicating he is headed to Smackdown giving Tuesday Night another major heel. Despite being a heel, expect a huge pop in his debut as everyone knows who Samoa Joe is. I would be willing to bet a holographic Charizard on Joe showing up Sunday.


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