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Some men just want to watch the world burn

Get ready for the most popular Sunday of the year.

Super Bowl Sunday brings us plenty of entertainment for the better part of 5ish hours. The Falcons are set to try and take down Tom Freaking Brady and the New England Patriots. Key word is try.

But in all seriousness, I think the game itself will be exciting. Lady Gaga…meh. Not looking forward to that halftime show. I would rather watch someone cut my leg off with a hacksaw.

I am looking forward to the commercials. Probably not for the same reasons as you guys though so bare with me.e02de7f0-4d98-0133-8f14-0e17bac22e39.gif

Sure, the commercials are entertaining and they rarely disappoint. There are some hysterical ads. There are also the sappy ads. There are of course the political ads.

As we all know, Donald Trump managed to find his way to the White House. Quite frankly, many people on both sides are acting like a bunch of twat stains.

On one hand, we have the Trump supporters who say “he is our president, so quit bitching.” Right, just like you didn’t bitch for 8 years because a black man held office. And like a champ I might add. How many times did we hear “he is not from this country!” Roar! Or my personal favorite in 2008, “this country isn’t ready for a black president.” Said the racist. This country is not or are you not? I will go with the latter. Relax, people can complain without you getting your testicles caught in the peehole of your briefs. photoshop-battle-of-trump-taking-off-a-pen-cap-is-so-on-point

On the LEFT hand (see what I did there), we have the incessant crying about Hilary winning popular vote and a demand to change the oval. Mitt Romney anyone? We have the idiots rioting and destroying businesses and people’s lives. You are pathetic. As for my generation, I love that millennials care about the environment and truly want to help thy neighbor, but please stop giving people the satisfaction of saying we are a bunch of whiny spoiled bitches. You’re proving them right.

The reason I say all this is because the country is going nuts over the new president.

Therefore, any political commercials are likely going to piss off many people. To many, politics are not to be joked about. To those people I say, I am offended that you’re offended.

Truth be told, I can’t wait to see how many douch canoes I went to high school or college with (at least that I haven’t unfollowed at this point), go off on rants about how offended they are by the commercial that features an elephant running on a treadmill. Facebook is going to be amazing the week after the Super Bowl.la-majames-1486074909-snap-photo

Although, I have refrained from the political Facebook trolling since my glory days in college, times like these make it nearly impossible not to occasionally crack.

Essentially, these companies are going to pay millions of dollars to get their products out there by offending people. Shit, pay me an avocado and a handful of cashews and I will be happy to do that.

We are living in such a politically correct and hypersensitive time right now that the only way to keep my sanity (at least what I have left) is things like Super Bowl commercials poking some fun at the stupidity of some of the events happening. Cards Against Humanity always helps too. PS, there is a Trump expansion. SCORE!

To my friends, you know who you are, the ones I speak to daily about politics, let’s watch everyone get offended some more on Sunday.




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