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Tom Freaking Brady…GOAT

If you need anymore validation for why Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, I will assume one of the following…

A- You have a memory like Dory from Finding Nemo

B- Your eye sight is as good as Steve Wonder

C- You have a room temperature IQ

I was texting a good friend of mine during the Super Bowl as Brady was on the verge of coming back from the dead. He texted me after the winning touchdown and we shared some quick banter about how great he is.

That seems like a meaningless conversation to mention, but then I get a text from said friend around lunch on Monday and it read…

“Now that we’ve all had some time to think it over, he’s still the goat (goat emoji)”1477870-980x.gif

Naturally, I laughed at the text. It takes a dig at many people who fall into the category of prisoner of the moment mentality. Like when Eli Manning won his second, he was hoisted into “elite” status. Hindsight is 20/20, but he never deserved that title of elite.

Most of us who actually enjoy the game and don’t spend meaningless hours hating on players see what has been happening the last 15 years. Brady has been unmatched. I am not going to dive into all the numbers because I did that a few weeks ago…

Read that 3,000 word masterpiece by clicking this sentence. 

While there are not many people hating on Brady this week, there are some. Primarily, it is shock jocks and people who are walking arguments for planned parenthood. PS, that doesn’t always mean abortion. #PoliticalJab

What we saw on Sunday is the perfect example of what Brady has cemented his legacy on…Doubt. He was never given a fair shake at Michigan and he was passed on in the NFL draft until the 6th round. Doubt him, he will destroy you and then eat your soul.

I don’t have to tell you how impressive that comeback was or how magical those final nine minutes were. Some of that comeback was in large part to the surrounding pieces on the Patriots, Atlanta making some bone-headed decisions, good luck and much had to do with Brady himself.

I find it funny that no matter how much he does, people will find ways to cut his legs out from under him. Whether it is him winning the Super Bowl MVP or making the comeback and just continuing to be the mythological creature that is Tom Brady.


If you find yourself saying how lucky Brady is. Part of being this good in the NFL is creating your own luck. You may have heard the old saying “better lucky than good.” If you look around the league, the NFL has so much parity. The good teams aren’t that far separated from the bad teams. Mojo changes so frequently in the NFL, you never know when that window of opportunity is closing. Brady’s window has not closed in nearly two fucking decades. edelman1.gif

I saw people tweeting about how lucky Brady was on that Julian Edelman play as if the game was over if he doesn’t catch that ball. David Tyree and Mario Manningham anyone?

Get out of here with that noise.

System Quarterback

You’re an even bigger moron than the guy screaming lucky. Do you even watch the Patriots? You know how many offenses that team has used as their base since Brady has been with New England? Countless.

Chances are, the person screaming this is a Peyton Manning dick rider. Just bring up the fact that Manning has run the same system since college minus his one year under Gary Kubiak. Shoutout to Tennessee for winning a national championship as soon as Manning headed out the door.

Going back this whole system thing…the only consistent part of this “system” in 16 years has been Brady. Their willingness to change the gameplan week to week and year to year is unbelievable. They will run the ball 40 times one week and then 15 the next. They will go up-tempo one week and go for methodical drives the next. You can find this in more detail in the previously linked column. Bottom line, I would rather argue with Donald Trump about Muslims over anyone who believes Brady is a system QB. Fuck! I brought up politics again.

Where would he be without Belichick?tom-brady-pumped-against-cowboys-1.gif

Two can play this game. Where would Belichick be without Brady? He had a rough stop as a head coach in Cleveland. He went 5-11 in his first season with the Patriots. I am not taking away from the genius of Belichick because the guy is running this franchise like nothing we have ever seen. But for the love of God, let’s not act like this act is a one man show.

Where would Joe Montana be without Bill Walsh? Bart Starr without Vince Lombardi? Dan Marino without Don Shula? Drew Brees without Sean Payton (yuck, I hate saying that)?

I can go all day.

Tom Brady is the Fucking GOAT so get over it. You will NEVER see anyone or anything like what he has done ever again.





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