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Kudos Pelicans, you finally did something right

For the first time since ‘Nam, the Pelicans actually did something smart. This isn’t me blowing sunshine up their ass like the local reporters or “analysts” and stupid sites like Bird Writes. “Solomon Hill could be a huge asset for the Pelicans…so can E’Twaun Moore.” Right…and I am going to be the next Kyle Korver. No really, I am.raw.gif

I have not given the Pelicans much credit for anything they have done in the last five years except signing Anthony Davis long term. Although, I felt bad for him lately. I kept hash tagging “Free Anthony Davis.” Poor guy was wasting his youth struck in a sinking ship.

That was until Sunday, when the Pelicans made a ballsy play to go after Sacramento Kings Center DeMarcus Cousins. Davis and Cousin or Fire and Ice (apparently, the new nickname) just became the best front court in the NBA by default. A move of that magnitude makes the Pelicans a little tougher to handle if they make the playoffs. I tip my hat to you Dell Demps and the Pelicans. Well done.

Trade Rape

Kings GM Vlade Divac is a fucking moron. He flat out said he had a better offer from another team two days prior to the deal and basically threw himself under a jumbo jet sized bus. Why in the hell would you ever admit that? So basically, you said “I fucked up and I was desperate to make up for it so I took the first deal that sounded decent.” Way to go Vlade.Tumblr_mbvnjuzNDh1r1ukqvo2_500.gif

If you didn’t see the outline of the deal…

  • Pelicans receive: DeMarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi
  • Kings receive: Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, 1st Round (Top 3 Protected), 2nd Round

Cousins is the best center in the NBA and it’s not even close. As I stated in my Hotard Hot Take this week, Boogie is in a class of his own. You can check out the video for more detail there.

But the Kings gave up Cousins for…

Buddy Hield, who I don’t see ever being a star. I see his ceiling being similar to a player like Jamal Crawford. He can be good, real good and an asset, but homie isn’t adding a ton of wins to your squad.

Tyreke Evans is essentially a turnover machine who needs to dominate the ball entirely too much.

Langston Galloway is a solid role player and bench guy.

Wonderful, the Kings basically gave up a superstar for a B player and two C players at best.

Sure they did get picks out of it, but then they actually allowed the Pelicans to make sure the first rounder was a protected pick. It is highly unlikely the Pels get a top three choice, but how hilarious would it be if that actually happened? All the more reason to make fun of Vlade.8093c9a8b36b3c50784d46ed0154af62

This trade is the type of shit I have pulled off in fantasy football leagues in the past.

The Good

There is absolutely no way Cousins and Davis don’t wreak havoc on the front court. These are two top-5 big men in the NBA right now and they’re on the same squad. Both of these guys are averaging 20 plus points per game and 10 plus rebounds per game.

From a pure talent standpoint, this should make any basketball fan salivate.

I believe the Pelicans could find themselves thrust into the contender discussion very soon because Cousins and Davis together make this team infinitely better. Teams are going to have their hands full and won’t have the personnel to stop the two of them.

I love that many teams in the NBA are following the small ball method and saying screw the size. The Pelicans just gave the entire league an eat shit memo because they said we will just go big and good luck stopping us. Again, kudos.

I know I used the C-word before about the Pelicans, but they are still a few pieces away. If they can resign Jrue Holiday, which they probably can due to bird rights, that is a key element in all of this. Holiday is fantastic for the Pels when healthy and playing with these two offensive forces will just make him that much better. This is a young Big-3 in the making.

The missing ingredient is a solid player on the wing. Luckily, the free agency pool is deep this year and I would personally love to see them somehow snag a guy like Danilo Gallinari, JJ Redick or Andre Iguodala. If so, maybe we can start talking title.

The Bad

Cousins has this year and next left on his current deal which means the Pelicans could have traded a decent amount of players and picks for basically two shots to win a title. If he walks, which I would not be surprised, it would continue to prove how inept GM Dell Demps is. Shocker.

Cousins is also a wild card of a personality and could start melting down like a four-year-old in a toy store not getting the legos he wants. Although, I won’t bank on that since he will actually have another all-pro by his side. I am giving him a pass for Sacremento. That was a shit show.

In all honesty, this could end poorly, but the trade wasn’t THAT risky to begin with.

The Verdict

The Pelicans are stuck in limbo (middle of the pack) and aren’t getting top five picks because Anthony Davis is just too damn good and keeps them from losing enough games.iawyl

This trade could either makes them a great franchise for the next five years and a top team in the West…or they lose Cousins and go back to sucking and missing the playoffs. Something that was going to happen for the next 10 years anyway. By that logic, I see this as a win-win scenario for the Pels.

Congrats Dell, you saved your job…for now.






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