March Madness: Best Sports Movie Character

Today is March 1st…that means March Madness is right around the corner. If it wasn’t for filling out a bracket and seeing how I fair, I could not care less about College Basketball. Sorry, not sorry.

I decided to put together a 64 bracket tournament tree on the best sports movies characters ever.

Follow the link below and at the end of each week I will post the results of each round until the tournament is complete! Message your votes to me privately on the Hotard Huddle Facebook page or email me at

Sports Movie Character Tournament on

Bracket 1

1- Gordon Bombay
16- Farmer Fram

8- Ham Porter
9- Fulton Reed

5- Boobie Miles
12- Gunner Stahl

4- Becky The Icebox O’Shea
13- G Baby

6- Ricky Bobby
11- Junior Floyd

3- Roy Hobbs
14- Patches O Hoolihan

7- Rocky Balboa
10- Bill Yoast

2- Charlie Conway
15- Peter LaFleur

Bracket 2

1- Benny The Jet Rodriguez
16- Andy “Brink” Brinker

8- Julius Campbell
9- Dottie Hinson

5- Happy Gilmore
12- Dean Portman

4- Sidney Dean
13- Squints

6- Herman Boone
11- Air Bud

3- Ivan Drago
14- Chet Steadman

7- Henry Rowengartner
10- Daniel Larruso

2- Jimmy Duggan
15- Kelly Leak

Bracket 3

1- Billy Hoyle
16- Jesus Shuttlesworth

8- Apollo Creed
9- Shooter McGavin

5- Gerry Bertier
12- Phil Brickma

4- Ty Webb
13- Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass

6- Shane Falco
11- Mike Winchell

3- Spike
14- Lester Averman

7- Mr. Miyagi
10- Johnny Lawrence

2- Willie Beamin
15- Stan Ross

Bracket 4

1- Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn
16- Charlie Tweeder

8- Danny Bateman
9- Rudy Zoltek

5- Paul Crewe
12- Morris Buttermaker

4- Willie Mays Hayes
13- Tanner Boyle

6- Bobby Boucher
11- Jimmy The King

3- Pedro Cerrano
14- Greg Goldberg

7- White Goodman
10- Earl Megget

2- Nigel “The Leg” Gruff
15- T-Rex Pennebaker

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