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March Madness: Best Sports Movie Character

Today is March 1st…that means March Madness is right around the corner. If it wasn’t for filling out a bracket and seeing how I fair, I could not care less about College Basketball. Sorry, not sorry.

I decided to put together a 64 bracket tournament tree on the best sports movies characters ever.

Follow the link below and at the end of each week I will post the results of each round until the tournament is complete! Message your votes to me privately on the Hotard Huddle Facebook page or email me at hotardhuddle@gmail.com.

Sports Movie Character Tournament on Challenge.com

Bracket 1

1- Gordon Bombay
16- Farmer Fram

8- Ham Porter
9- Fulton Reed

5- Boobie Miles
12- Gunner Stahl

4- Becky The Icebox O’Shea
13- G Baby

6- Ricky Bobby
11- Junior Floyd

3- Roy Hobbs
14- Patches O Hoolihan

7- Rocky Balboa
10- Bill Yoast

2- Charlie Conway
15- Peter LaFleur

Bracket 2

1- Benny The Jet Rodriguez
16- Andy “Brink” Brinker

8- Julius Campbell
9- Dottie Hinson

5- Happy Gilmore
12- Dean Portman

4- Sidney Dean
13- Squints

6- Herman Boone
11- Air Bud

3- Ivan Drago
14- Chet Steadman

7- Henry Rowengartner
10- Daniel Larruso

2- Jimmy Duggan
15- Kelly Leak

Bracket 3

1- Billy Hoyle
16- Jesus Shuttlesworth

8- Apollo Creed
9- Shooter McGavin

5- Gerry Bertier
12- Phil Brickma

4- Ty Webb
13- Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass

6- Shane Falco
11- Mike Winchell

3- Spike
14- Lester Averman

7- Mr. Miyagi
10- Johnny Lawrence

2- Willie Beamin
15- Stan Ross

Bracket 4

1- Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn
16- Charlie Tweeder

8- Danny Bateman
9- Rudy Zoltek

5- Paul Crewe
12- Morris Buttermaker

4- Willie Mays Hayes
13- Tanner Boyle

6- Bobby Boucher
11- Jimmy The King

3- Pedro Cerrano
14- Greg Goldberg

7- White Goodman
10- Earl Megget

2- Nigel “The Leg” Gruff
15- T-Rex Pennebaker


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