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March Madness: Sports Movie Characters Round of 32

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who voted. It was truly entertaining to watch the results happen and part of me dying when the person I voted for kept falling behind or getting that spark when the opposite happened.

Shoutout to My Good Friend Danny

One of my good friends took his picks a step further and sent commentary to go along with it and they were GOLD!

His Pick: Icebox over G-Baby 

His Reason: Unfortunately…G-Baby just ran out of life.bruh 


His pick: Patches over Hobbs

His Reason: In a huge upset…Patches dodged, ducked, dipped, dived and dodged defeat. Beating an opponent who “naturally” should have won.

Great Play on words there.

His Pick: Boone over Air Bud

His Reason: Boone puts down Air Bud

Well that got fucking dark.

His Pick: Duggan over Leak 

His Reason: Roger Hornsby was his manager…he beats down Leak and tells him to stop crying because why? (I think you all know the line)tumblr_meny4788ls1r1lmyro1_500.gif

Brilliant my friend…brilliant. The Roger Hornsby had me in stitches.

His Pick: Wild Thing over Tweeder

His Reason: Wild Thing – He makes everything groovy. However, doubters will say he will blow it in the playoffs…fucking Randy Quaid

Yeah…fucking front runner.

Notable Upsets

  • (14) Patches O Hoolihan def. (3) Roy Hobbs
  • (13) Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass def. (4) Ty Webb
  • (14) Greg Goldberg def. (3) Pedro Cerrano

Take a look at the full RESULTS and SCORES right here

Round 2 Match Ups

Bracket 1

(1) Gordon Bombay v (8) Ham Porter

(5) Boobie Miles v (4) Becky “The Icebox” O’Shea

(6) Ricky Bobby v (14) Patches O’Hoolihan

(7) Rocky Balboa v (2) Charlie Conway

Bracket 2

(1) Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez v (8) Julius Campbell

(5) Happy Gilmore v (4) Sidney Dean

(6) Herman Boone v (3) Ivan Drago

(10) Daniel Larusso v (2) Jimmy Duggan

Bracket 3

(1) Billy Hoyle v (9) Shooter McGavin

(13) Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass v (5) Gerry Bertier

(6) Shane Falco v (3) Spike Hammersmith

(7) Mr. Miyagi v (2) Willie Beamen

Bracket 4

(1) Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn v (8) Danny Bateman

(5) Paul Crewe v (4) Willie Mays Hayes

(6) Bobby Boucher v (14) Greg Goldberg

(7) White Goodman v (2) Nigel “The Leg” Gruff


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