First and foremost, thank you to everyone who voted. It was truly entertaining to watch the results happen and part of me dying when the person I voted for kept falling behind or getting that spark when the opposite happened.

Shoutout to My Good Friend Danny

One of my good friends took his picks a step further and sent commentary to go along with it and they were GOLD!

His Pick: Icebox over G-Baby 

His Reason: Unfortunately…G-Baby just ran out of life.bruh 


His pick: Patches over Hobbs

His Reason: In a huge upset…Patches dodged, ducked, dipped, dived and dodged defeat. Beating an opponent who “naturally” should have won.

Great Play on words there.

His Pick: Boone over Air Bud

His Reason: Boone puts down Air Bud

Well that got fucking dark.

His Pick: Duggan over Leak 

His Reason: Roger Hornsby was his manager…he beats down Leak and tells him to stop crying because why? (I think you all know the line)tumblr_meny4788ls1r1lmyro1_500.gif

Brilliant my friend…brilliant. The Roger Hornsby had me in stitches.

His Pick: Wild Thing over Tweeder

His Reason: Wild Thing – He makes everything groovy. However, doubters will say he will blow it in the playoffs…fucking Randy Quaid

Yeah…fucking front runner.

Notable Upsets

  • (14) Patches O Hoolihan def. (3) Roy Hobbs
  • (13) Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass def. (4) Ty Webb
  • (14) Greg Goldberg def. (3) Pedro Cerrano

Take a look at the full RESULTS and SCORES right here

Round 2 Match Ups

Bracket 1

(1) Gordon Bombay v (8) Ham Porter

(5) Boobie Miles v (4) Becky “The Icebox” O’Shea

(6) Ricky Bobby v (14) Patches O’Hoolihan

(7) Rocky Balboa v (2) Charlie Conway

Bracket 2

(1) Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez v (8) Julius Campbell

(5) Happy Gilmore v (4) Sidney Dean

(6) Herman Boone v (3) Ivan Drago

(10) Daniel Larusso v (2) Jimmy Duggan

Bracket 3

(1) Billy Hoyle v (9) Shooter McGavin

(13) Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass v (5) Gerry Bertier

(6) Shane Falco v (3) Spike Hammersmith

(7) Mr. Miyagi v (2) Willie Beamen

Bracket 4

(1) Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn v (8) Danny Bateman

(5) Paul Crewe v (4) Willie Mays Hayes

(6) Bobby Boucher v (14) Greg Goldberg

(7) White Goodman v (2) Nigel “The Leg” Gruff

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