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Movie Character March Madness: Sweet 16 is set

Again, thank you to everyone who voted. If you didn’t, you suck. Vote for this round though. We are getting closer to the end as the bracket is finally in the Sweet 16 phase.

There is still a major cinderella story alive and kicking. The 13th seeded Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass took home a 8-7 victory over fellow TC Williams teammate Gerry Bertier to keep his title hopes alive. He will have his hands full this week as he takes on the God of trash talk, Billy Hoyle.

Notable Cinderellas Remaining

  • Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass (14)
  • Daniel Larusso (10)

Intriguing Match Ups

  • (1) Ricky Vaughn v (4) Willie Mays Hayes

Two Cleveland Indians will duke it out to see who really is the fan favorite. Is it the speedy and flashy Hayes or is it the Wild Thing, Ricky Vaughn? WOWZERS!

  • (1) Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez v (5) Happy Gilmore

Both of these guys have obliterated their opponents thus far in the tournament. Who is a contender and who is a pretender? I have a feeling this one will be a lopsided victory.

Sweet 16 Match Ups

Bracket 1

(1) Gordon Bombay v (5) Boobie Miles

(6) Ricky Bobby v (7) Rocky Balboa

Bracket 2

(1) Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez v (5) Happy Gilmore

(6) Herman Boone v (10) Daniel Larusso

Bracket 3

(1) Billy Hoyle v (13) Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass

(6) Shane Falco v (7) Mr. Miyagi

Bracket 4

(1) Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn v (4) Willie Mays Hayes

(6) Bobby Boucher v (7) White Goodman

For the full tournament results and matches click the website below…


Email votes to hotardhuddle@gmail.com or send a message to hotard huddle on Facebook. 


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