We are almost to the finish! We have two number one seeds going head to head and then a match up featuring a six and seven. You have voted and here are the final four characters…who will come out on top!?

(1) Gordon Bombay v (1) Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez

(7) Mr. Miyagi v (6) Bobby Boucher

Gordon BombayGordon_Bombay

He was my pick to win the entire thing and he is still going strong. If there is one thing the Minnesota Miracle Man is good at, it is winning. He has done so in dominating fashion throughout this tournament. No one has even been close to sniffing a victory against Bombay. He is going to have his toughest challenge since the game against Iceland. He is the only man for the job though.

Benny “The Jet” Rodriguezmike-vitar

When people talk about The Jet, they speak about him the same way he spoke about Babe Ruth. People say Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez is less than a God, but more than a man. If anyone can challenge the Minnesota Miracle Man, it is Benny. He has never faced a pickle he couldn’t get out of. Only time will tell if this is the one.

Mr. Miyagimr-miyagi-smiling

Talk about a major surprise in this tournament, but should we be though? Miyagi once said “it’s ok to lose to opponent, but it’s never ok to lose to fear.” Maybe that is why he has made it this far. He is never scared of a fight. He pounded Kobra Kai’s Johnny Lawrence in the first round, but his resume’ after that is impressive. He took down a pair of quarterbacks in Willie Beamen and Shane Falco (8-7). Last round, he fended off heavy favorite Billy Hoyle (7-6). If there is anyone who can beat the emotionally unstable Bobby Boucher, it is Miyagi.

Bobby BoucherThe_waterboy_1998_926x1370_338331

We are talking about a guy who is fast, strong, intense and close gaps in a hurry. He is a tackling machine. And Bobby Boucher loves his mama! In the words of Farmer Fran, “member when Bobby Boucher jwhfhf fohwfcuewhfc heowuhfc?” Sure do! I also expected him to make a strong run to the final four. He was the only person in this tournament to sweep all the votes in a single round. Will he continue his dominance or will he let his anger get in the way of defeating Mr. Miyagi?





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