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Sports Movie Character March Madness: FINALS – Bombay v Boucher

Screw the introduction, let’s get down to the core…

(1) Gordon Bombay def. (1) Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez 15-4

This was a slaughter from the start. Gordon put the knife in The Jet and just kept twisting. The Minnesota Miracle Man is not to be fucked with. He was my prediction to win this tournament and he just curb stomped one of the only people who ran away with every match up. Bombay over everything. There is no one better. He is the GOAT in terms of coaching and anything sports related.

(6) Bobby Boucher def. (7) Mr. Miyagi 11-8

This match up went back and forth until Bobby showed up for the second half and put a hurting on Miyagi with four straight votes to win it. I am so happy for the amount of love Miyagi had in this tournament. He made it much further than analysts anticipated so kudos. If this tournament taught us anything, never underestimate Miyagi. As if we needed a reminder of that. Boucher is just too much of a psycho for him to handle.

Final: (1) Gordon Bombay v (6) Bobby Boucher


Gordon Bombay has captured a grand total of 63 of 79 votes giving him 79.7% of the ballot in his match ups. He has defeated the likes of Farmer Fran, Hamilton Porter, Boobie Miles, Ricky Bobby, and Benny The Jet. He certainly has had no easy road to the finals, but he is Gordon FUCKING Bombay so there’s that. When everyone says it can’t be done, ducks fly together. Let’s all remember that every time we touch the ice, it was Hans that taught us to fly. RIP Hans…you’re always with us Ducks.


The Waterboy took 60 of 79 votes putting him at an also impressive 75.9%. Not too far from Bombay. He also had an impressive 17-0 victory in round one over Ready to Rumble star Jimmy The King. He escaped the Karate of Miyagi in the Final Four. He put down some worthy opponents along the way as well including the two mentioned, plus Greg Goldberg, White Goodman and Ricky Wild Thing Vaughn. Even if Bombay takes a commanding league at any point, you just can’t count out Boucher. All he may need is water from an eskimo to make his wheels start turning.


Unlike the United States, your single vote actually does mean something. Send an email to hotardhuddle@gmail.com.






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