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Sports Movie Character March Madness: Winner and Full Results

First and foremost, it was awesome to watch the results of the tournament unfold. I predicted three of the Final Four. But there were still some pretty interesting votes and surprised. I appreciate all the participation and voting. If you didn’t, you’re a stupid idiot and you just made the list. Here are the full results, my picks will have the asterisk next to them.

The Champion – Gordon Bombay, The Mighty DucksGordon_Bombay

Gordon Freaking Bombay. The Minnesota Miracle Man took it home! Was there every any doubt! No! The answer is no. No one stood a chance against him. Not one match was ever in doubt. He ran through this tournament like the Ducks ran through Trinidad in D2. People were just hoping to score a few points against Bombay. He is the greatest coach to ever grace the planet. He puts Bill Belichick, John Wooden and Phil Jackson to shame. As if fake coaches or players ever stood a chance. DUCKS FLY TOGETHER! WAY TO GO COACH!


*Gordon Bombay def. Bobby Boucher 15-5

Final Four

*Gordon Bombay def. Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez 15-4

Bobby Boucher def. *Mr. Miyagi 11-8

Elite 8

*Gordon Bombay def. Ricky Bobby 9-4

*Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez def. Herman Boone 11-2

Mr. Miyagi def. *Billy Hoyle 7-6

Bobby Boucher def. *Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn 11-2

Sweet 16

*Gordon Bombay def. Boobie Miles 12-3

*Ricky Bobby def. Rocky Balboa 10-5

*Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez def. Happy Gilmore 9-6

*Herman Boone def. Daniel Larruso 9-6

*Billy Hoyle def. Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass 8-7

*Mr. Miyagi def. Shane Falco 8-7

*Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn def. Willy Mays Hayes 12-3

Bobby Boucher def. *White Goodman 10-5

Round of 32

*Gordon Bombay def. Hamilton Porter 12-3

*Bobbie Miles def. Becky “The Icebox” O’Shea 8-7

*Ricky Bobby def. Patches O’Hoolihan 11-4

Rocky Balboa def. *Charlie Conway 9-6

*Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez def. Julius Campbell 13-2

*Happy Gilmore def. Sidney Dean 14-1

*Herman Boone def. Ivan Drago 9-6

Daniel Larruso def. *Jimmy Dugan 8-7

*Billy Hoyle def. Shooter McGavin 10-5

*Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass def. Gerry Bertier 8-7

*Shane Falco def. Spike Hammersmith 12-3

*Mr. Miyagi def. Willie Beamen 9-6

*Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn def. Danny Bateman 12-3

*Willie Mays Hayes def. Paul Crewe 8-7

*Bobby Boucher def. Greg Goldberg 11-4

*White Goodman def. Nigel Gruff 10-5

Round of 64

*Gordon Bombay def. Farmer Fran 14-3

*Hamilton Porter def. Fulton Reed 9-8

Boobie Miles def. *Gunner Stahl 10-7

Becky “The Icebox” O’Shea def. *G-Baby 12-5

*Ricky Bobby def. Junior Floyd 15-2

*Patches O’Hoolihan def. Roy Hobbs 12-5

*Rocky Balboa def. Bill Yoast 15-2

Charlie Conway def. *Peter LaFleur 11-6

*Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez def. Andy Brinker 14-3

*Julius Campbell def. Dottie Hinson 14-3

*Happy Gilmore def. Dean Portman 16-1

Sidney Dean def. *Squints 9-8

*Herman Boone def. Air Bud 11-6

Ivan Drago def. *Chet Steadman 14-3

Daniel Larruso def. *Henry Rowengartner 10-7

*Jimmy Dugan def. Kelly Leak 11-6

*Billy Hoyle def. Jesus Shuttlesworth 14-3

*Shooter McGavin def. Apollo Creed 9-8

*Gerry Bertier def. Phil Brickma 14-3

*Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass def. Ty Webb 12-5

*Shane Falco def. Mike Winchell 16-1

*Spike Hammersmith def. Lester Averman 12-5

*Mr. Miyagi def. Johnny Lawrence 15-2

Willie Beamen def. *Stan Ross 10-7

*Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn def. Charlie Tweeder 14-3

Danny Bateman def. *Rudy Zoltek 12-5

Paul Crewe def. *Morris Buttermaker 15-2

Willie Mays Hayes def. *Tanner Boyle 12-5

*Bobby Boucher def. Jimmy The King 17-0

*Greg Goldberg def. Pedro Cerrano 10-7

*White Goodman def. Earl Megget 13-4

*Nigel Gruff def. T-Rex Pennebaker 14-3





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