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Reaction to Opening Day! Only 161 more to go

As I scrolled through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, I saw all this talk about opening day for baseball and how great it is.

Really? We are going ape shit over opening day for a sport that has 162 games over the course of 7 months. You know how many of those games I will probably watch out of the 4,860? Less than five. Unless I go over to my friend’s place to check out the Cubbies, it could be 0.

Here are all the baseball fanatics going ape shit over the fact it is opening day when baseball games are as long and drawn out as the unbearable length of the season. Don’t tell a baseball fan that though, you’ll get an ear full.

The same can be said for the NBA in terms of season length, I don’t watch much basketball until after the all-star break where star players ACTUALLY give a shit.

Know why I love the NFL and watch more NFL regular season games than MLB/NBA regular season games combined despite there being a huge gap in the number of regular season contests? Sense of urgency.

Just for good measure, there are 512 NFL games each season, where as NBA/MLB have 7,320 regular season match ups. Yet, I watch more NFL games because every week matters.

The same can’t be said for the MLB or NBA.

In the NFL, lose one game and it makes a difference. Losing one game in the NFL is the same as losing 10 in baseball. 10! WOW, so fucking exciting!

When someone asks if I watched MLB Opening Day, no I didn’t. I probably won’t watch a single pitch until October. Maybe once MLB has a sense of urgency and/or starts marketing their stars like they should, I will pay more attention.

I just prefer to spend three hours doing something else. So no, I wasn’t excited for opening day.

For the record, I don’t hate the sport of baseball. I played it until I was 19. I was actually offered a contract to play for the Yankees, but told them fuck off because I would rather play St. Charles Parish Recreation Ball.

I could probably write more (and I will soon) about the issues I have with the MLB in general. But unlike Major League Baseball, I will keep this one short, sweet and to the point.








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