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Never thought I would get fed up with sports

I send my deepest apologies to the dorkchops who just love sports. I send a warm welcome to the pop culture fans. If you love TV Shows and Movies, good news for you. I will now include more posts about entertainment.

Sometimes you just need to add to the Huddle, right?

I enjoyed doing the TV show character tournament and to the 15-20 people who regularly sent in their votes, thanks. You are obviously smart because George FREAKING Feeny won.

The blog has primarily focused on sports and will continue to do so. However, I am going to try an implement more WWE, TV Shows, Video Games and Movies. I want to diversify the blog because why stay stagnant?!?

Plus, I am getting bored with the same bullshit narratives of the sports world. #FakeNews

Take for example the NBA, this is the least interested I have been in the NBA playoffs since…probably ever. Yeah I get it, Russell Westbrook is stat stuffing like a mad man. James Harden is putting up ungodly offensive numbers. LeBron is still the best in the world. He should be MVP and should have won the last eight or nine of them.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the NBA just isn’t interesting to me this year. The MLB season is just too damn long. The NFL usually holds up their end of the bargain of being interesting. College Sports are awful.

“But college athletes play with more heart.” That is about as accurate as someone saying they got a hand job in cargo shorts. #Lies

Did you see when Oregon didn’t give themselves a chance for a final shot because they couldn’t box out on multiple free throws? SO ENTERTAINING! I would rather shave my eyes than watch that garbage.

I find I have been enjoying TV Shows and seeing more movies the last few months as my interest in sports is dwindling…for right now. It will be back soon.

I will of course have a heavy focus on sports (ultimately why I started the blog), but once the summer approaches and we reach a dead time in sports, I am not going to continuously write about baseball, football previews etc. Of course I will include those things because my damn blog’s logo is a sports fleur di lis, but why not mix it up?

I recently did a Hotard Top 5 on the best quotes of George Feeny. Those are entirely too much fun to write. So I could continue to do Top 5s with topics such as TV/Movie villains, heroes, people we hate, profiles on my favorite WWE stars, and more fluff posts.

If you don’t like the idea, well I will just take my damn ball and go home. I really don’t give a shit. I do what I want.

If you ever have any suggestions for topics you would like to see, please email hotardhuddle@gmail.com, text or message the Facebook page.

I have a huge list of Hotard Top 5 topics, so I am always looking to add so I can continue to have stuff in the tank.





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