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5 Greatest Disney Songs of All Time

As I stated in a previous post, I am going to implement more pop culture into my blog  because I am tired of writing the same shit. Wash. Rinse. Repeat…time to mix it up.

Being that I am a dorkchop for Disney, of course the first one will pertain to just that. Just to prove my love for Disney, May will be my fourth time within a year and a half going to Disney World.

One of the things I absolutely love about Disney movies are the songs. The soundtracks for most Disney movies are spectacular. Here are the five best songs in a Disney movie.

5. Sons of Liberty – Johnny Tremainhqdefault

This movie came out in 1957 so this is my one song on the list that most people probably won’t recognize. I honestly don’t remember the movie itself, however the song Sons of Liberty is amazing. I completely forgot it existed until I was walking through Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom and I heard the tune to it. Even though there were no lyrics playing and I had not seen the movie since 6th or 7th grade, I found myself singing the lyrics. I looked it up at the hotel and forgot how much I loved that song.

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4. You’ll Be In My Heart – TarzanTarzan

Phil Collins is amazing and this one is no different. I am shameful to admit that I have never actually watched Tarzan from beginning to end, but I know this song. The thing about most Disney songs is they know how to tug at the heart strings. This song was originally written as a lullaby for Lily Collins (The Blindside), Phil’s daughter. I guess that is why when I hear it, I think about the first time I will hold my future child/children. And then I will tell them, “now move out, get a job and earn you keep.”

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3. Can You Feel The Love Tonight – The Lion Kingmaxresdefault

Can You Feel the Love Tonight always gives me the feels when I watch The Lion King. When Nala finally finds Simba, she knows something is wrong. Simba worries she won’t understand the troubled past he had. RIP Mufasa. Grown men can’t watch that scene and not cry. If you can, you have no soul. My favorite lyric is “why won’t he be the king I know he is, the king I see inside.” Simba had forgotten who he was and where he came from. Thanks to that crazy monkey Rafiki (who is amazing), he became that king Nala saw.

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2. Gaston – Beauty and the Beastrs_600x600-150729052138-600.Josh-Gad-Luke-Evans-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Set-Instagram-JR-72915_copy

First and foremost, Gaston is a God. He is easily one of the best disney characters ever. The song about him in Beauty of the Beast after being rejected by Belle is just as legendary. The song talks about how great he is…because he is. If you haven’t seen the live action remake, you’re missing out. Josh Gad (Lefou) and Luke Evans (Gaston) are the best thing to ever happen to bromances. There are several videos of them on youtube singing “Gaston” and all of them make me jealous I don’t have that kind of bromance in my life.

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1. I’ll Make a Man Out of You – Mulanwith-all-the-strength-of-a-raging-fire

I mean, there is no other option. This song can be used as a pre workout and suffice for fucks sake. There are rumors that the remake of Mulan won’t have songs in it. If that is the case, no thank you. I will not be wasting my money or time to see Mulan without this song. If you don’t agree with this song as number one, then you are the saddest bunch I’ve ever met. To those who agree with, stay swift as a coursing river. Stay forceful like a great typhoon. Stay strong like a raging fire. Stay mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

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  1. Josh Trusheim Avatar
    Josh Trusheim

    5. Prince Ali
    4. I just can’t wait to be king
    3. Circle of life
    2. Hakuna Matata
    1. Be prepared

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