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Month: May 2017

Jordan v LeBron: The Guidelines to Not Sounding Like A Moron

Well, here we are. Seven years in a row that LeBron James has made the NBA Finals. The last time LeBron lost before the Finals was May 13, 2010… Instagram did not exist Iron Man 2 was #1 in theaters Game Of Thrones was about a year away from premiering Cam Newton was not in… Read More ›


Off The Record Episode 29

Off The Record is an uncensored sports podcast featuring Michael Hotard and Richard Fischer. Two former journalist who are tired of the fluff in the industry. Honest, unfiltered and no agendas on this show. Opening Statements Should the Media change the way they cover sports? Why has shock jock become the new norm? The one… Read More ›

5 Best Heel Turns Ever in Wrestling

Well, I guess we are moving on to the next top 5 series that was randomly selected from your votes. It is time for my favorite heel turns in WWE history. For those reading this who don’t understand wrestling (feel really sorry for you), but a heel is a bad guy. A turn is when… Read More ›

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