For many parents, picking baby names can be a huge challenge. Not only is it a challenge, it is a massive responsibility. Think about it. This is the one label that your child will carry for the rest of their life.

Love my parents and wouldn’t trade my name, but it got annoying growing up with 87 Michaels…fast. My best friend growing up, know what his name was? It was Michael!

Also no offense to any juniors out there, but I would never burden my son with my name. He swam like hell to be here. At the very least, the kid will get his own fucking name and identity.

1e69aa109800ad1eacb815ed575e9234Another downfall to some names…you think of someone you despise with the name you are considering and it becomes tarnished.


First and foremost, originality and uniqueness of the name was priority one.

I consider myself to be a unique and quirky individual and I hope my boy is the same way. In turn, I also wanted his name follow suit. It needed to be something that stood out.

Although the popularity of the name has risen in the US the last few years, the name is primarily used in Irish and Nordic cultures. In total, there are about 1,500 children named Finn each year. Finn ranked at 175 in popularity for 2016 in the US.

It is nowhere near something like Michael and probably never will be.

Just for the record, we had the name picked out before Star Wars was released. I know I sound like a hipster, but I don’t care.


Another part of choosing a name is whether your child will outgrow it? Take my name for example, I haven’t been called Michael since I was young. Mainly because people feel like it sounds disrespectful as if they are calling me for doing something wrong. Now, I go by Mike.

With Finn, it seems to work great for a baby or an adult. When you hear the name Finn for a child, it sounds absolutely adorable. However, when he turns 25 and is entering adulthood, Finn sounds like a name that commands respect in the workplace. That is called a slam dunk of a name. Self high five.

If you don’t believe the power behind the name Finn, the Irish would break a pint over your head…

Irish BackgroundTheHighDeedsOfFinnMacCool

I am a sucker for the Irish culture. I love everything about it from the kilts, bagpipes, dancing, drinking songs, pubs, accent and of course drinking. These are some baaaaad people. I hope to one day visit the beautiful land of Ireland.

Finn is actually an Irish name that originated from the Irish legend of Fionn mac Cumhaill also known as Finn MacCool. MacCool was one badass you should never mess with it. Irish legend has it that he sleeps in a cave waiting until he has to wake up and defend the great country of Ireland. Good luck to those in his way. So my son’s name originated from a total bad ass…that’s a W.

Agreeing On Finn

Before my wife and I ever got married, we had always discussed baby names. It was a few months before our wedding that we landed on Finn and fell in love with it.

My wife follows a youtube family who have two sons and one of them is named Finley. They call him Finn for short. So the idea had already been implanted in her head at how much she loved the name.

You guys will get a good laugh at this…this name came to be because I love wrestling…surprise!

wskzaxL.jpgFinn Balor is one of my favorite wrestlers in WWE right now. At the time, he was still dominating in NXT. I pulled up picture of him to show to my wife because he wears this ridiculous war paint for major matches. Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, you can certainly appreciate the art behind it.

She then turns to me and says “you know, I really like the name Finn for a boy.” She then told me the story about her youtube family. However, she wanted to name him Finley. I couldn’t do it. It was too soft for me. I wanted something that commanded a little more respect. Plus I am over the whole add “ley” at the end of names. Sure we could always call him Finn for short, but then just name him that if that is what we will call him. We agreed on Finn. The wrestling fan in me was pumped as hell about that.

If you scroll through the comments on the post about his name, you may find three or four people making references to Balor. You guys know me too well.

Announcing Finn

Throughout her life, my wife had always talked about getting proposed to in Disney, didn’t happen. She talked about getting married in Disney, didn’t happen. She wanted to announce her pregnancy in Disney, didn’t happen.

We had planned a trip to Disney towards the end of 2017. When we found out we were pregnant in January, we decided this would be a perfect opportunity to announce our baby’s name in Disney, so we did.

We had his name engraved in a child’s pair of Mickey ears and placed the ears in front of the castle and formally announced the name of our first son. The second I saw his name engraved on the hat, a new wave of reality hit me because I saw his name spelled out on something for the first time. Good vibes.

It was a fun weekend and I decided to make a short video with pictures from our trip and included a small video of Gaston trying to convince us to change his name to “Gaston.” Hope you all enjoy.




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