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5 Best Heel Turns Ever in Wrestling

Well, I guess we are moving on to the next top 5 series that was randomly selected from your votes. It is time for my favorite heel turns in WWE history. For those reading this who don’t understand wrestling (feel really sorry for you), but a heel is a bad guy. A turn is when someone goes from Babyface to Heel or vice versa. As a huge wrestling nut, I tend to gravitate more towards heels then faces. I always love a good bad guy. One of the things I value most most in heel turns is when it is completely unexpected. Unfortunately, the internet age tends to give away storylines before they happen. In this day, it is much harder for WWE to pull the swerve over the fans eyes. That’s not to say it never happens, just more rare. Ironically, two from my list happened in 2013. Here are my five favorite heel turns ever… (click hyperlink to view videos on heel turns)

5. Mark Henry Destroys John Cena (2013)

maxresdefault.jpgMark Henry came out in what seemed to be a heartfelt retirement. He was spilling his heart and shedding tears before he picked up Cena and delivered the World’s Strongest Slam. Although Henry found himself in the title picture, he never actually won which kind of sucked, but it didn’t make the heel turn less impactful. I thought for sure he was done because he has been around since I was a child and then he pulled that off. Absolutely genius.

4. Triple H Turns on Bryan Forming the Authority (2013)

SS13_Photo_294.jpgIf there is something Triple H knows how to do, it is turn heel and then be the best heel. The beginning of the Authority began when he was the special guest referee in a title match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan. He seemed to be all for the Yes movement until after the match where he delivered the pedigree heard around the world to Bryan who had just captured the title from Super Cena. That victory was then spoiled by Randy Orton who cashed in his Money in the Bank to take the title. This was classic Triple H. In all honesty, I could put several HHH heel turns on this list, but I chose this one above the rest because of how over Daniel Bryan was and the storyline that followed after. Daniel Bryan winning at Wrestlemania 30 (maybe fans forced their hand) was one of the best builds ever. Plus, the Authority was one of the best storylines in the last 10 years.

3. Stone Cold Sells His Soul to the Devil, Vince McMahon (2001)

edit-15339-1427478923-22.jpgThe partnership that no one saw coming. Stone Cold needed to beat The Peoples Champion, The Rock, so he sold his soul to the man he feuded with almost his entire run in WWE. This was one of the biggest WTF moments in WWE history and it happened on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. I remember watching this live and being so pissed that Stone Cold actually sided with Vince because I was young and stupid. What did I know?

2. Seth Rollins Turns his Back on the Shield (2014)

891ba2c61393d5d81a826fd917d6258b_crop_north.jpgNo matter how many years pass, I will never get over this one. The Shield was the best thing to happen to WWE in years. It is one of my top three favorite stables to ever exist in wrestling. One night after defeating Evolution (HHH, Orton and Batista) in an elimination match…a clean sweep at that, Seth Rollins turned his back on his brothers. The WWE constructed this perfectly for so many reasons. The first was that it was completely unexpected. They had been teasing a turn a few months before, but then they began feuding with Evolution and that kind of died. They were destroying their opponent, which meant no more arguing. They had put the final nail in the coffin on the Evolution. Bootista was leaving so that left a lot of questions for what was next. Never in a million years did I see a breakup coming anytime soon though. Never in a million years did I see it being Seth Rollins for that matter. Everyone thought Dean Ambrose would be the one to end the Shield because he was always the wild card. Nope, it was Seth Freaking Rollins. My heart still breaks. I wish I could put this number one, but I can’t. #BelieveInTheShield

1. Hogan is the THIRD GUY (1996)

01.jpgThere is no way this falls off the top spot. Before I go further, I hate Hulk Hogan with a burning passion because he is a complete douche canoe. I am glad he was furious about Shawn Michaels trolling him by overselling every move during their match at Summerslam. Emotion aside, this is the best heel turn ever because of how symbolic it was. Hogan WAS WWF for so many years. When he jumped ship to WCW and turned out to be the “third guy” joining The Outsiders Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, wrestling was turned upside down and inside out. No one saw it coming. Many people believed Bret Hart was going to be the guy because of his bad relationship with WWF. Boy, were they wrong? This was the beginning of arguably the most iconic faction in wrestling history, the New World Order (NWO). Hollywood Hulk Hogan was born. This was the beginning of perhaps the best era in wrestling, the Monday Night Wars. Without WCW pushing the WWF, we may not get the attitude era. We may not get Stone Cold. We may not get The Rock. We may not get DX. Everything about this is awesome. There is no other choice for number one.


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