Well, here we are. Seven years in a row that LeBron James has made the NBA Finals. The last time LeBron lost before the Finals was May 13, 2010…

  • Instagram did not exist
  • Iron Man 2 was #1 in theaters
  • Game Of Thrones was about a year away from premiering
  • Cam Newton was not in the NFL
  • The 1st generation iPad was in stores for a month

It is inevitable to hear the Jordan v LeBron debates. As Cleveland is set to lock up with the Golden State Warriors for the third year in a row, the debate will only get worse no matter the outcome.

If he loses, the haters will cast him off yet again. If by the grace of God, Cleveland actually does the unthinkable and wins, good luck fighting off LeBron fans.

This debate will likely continue long after LeBron retires. LeBron could go on to win four more championships and you will still hear the Jordan faithful screaming…but Jordan’s 6-0.

I hate discussing this debate with most people which is why I choose not to. In all honesty, I hate discussing basketball with most people because they are simple minded. They are either stat whores or ring whores, both are equally annoying. They don’t understand concepts like spacing, making your team better and efficiency.

When I talk to those basketball fans, I can only assume their birth certificate is a letter of apology from a condom manufacturer.giphy.gif

The Jordan or LeBron debate can be a great conversation…with the right people. The debate on who is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) is closer than most people give credit for. Too many of these morons act like the conversation shouldn’t even be had. Again, see condom comment.

For the record, a lot of this column might seem like I am just ripping anti-LeBron arguments, therefore I think LeBron is better. That is not necessarily the case, they just outweigh anti-Jordan arguments because I haven’t heard many that are truly anti-Jordan.

My plan is to debunk all of the absurd arguments I hear quickly and swiftly. If you’re one of the people who makes these arguments, your tiny microscopic brain probably can’t handle more in depth analysis. I would rather not hospitalize you from making you think too hard. I will keep it simple.

These are among some of the stupidest arguments I hear from people…

80’s and 90’s Basketball was much better (Pro-Jordan)

First and foremost, I hate comparing the era in just about every sport. If you’re an objective person, you can spin any era to be weaker. That player didn’t choose to play in that era, so why should they be faulted for that?TlsSac5.gif

Floyd Mayweather, as much as I hate him, is still a top 10 boxer even though he fought poo-poo compared to boxers like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

Babe Ruth didn’t play against anyone from the Negro League, which is widely regarded as a better league. He had the luxury of swinging a bat the size of a tree because there were no barrel regulations. Meaning, it was much easier to get good wood on it. He is arguably the best to ever play for many people. At the very least the most recognizable.

And no one is discrediting Tom Brady for playing with softer defenses than Joe Montana due to rules protecting receivers and quarterbacks.

Is it really fair to sit here and diminish LeBron when we don’t do the same for guys like Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain? You can’t possibly say the game was better back then with those two than it is now.

LeBron is playing in one of the toughest eras believe it or not…the social media era. I always say this about athletes then vs today. Everything they do now is looked at under a microscope. Jordan had a drinking, smoking and gambling problem. You think that would have gone over well in today’s NBA? Anytime LeBron has a bad game, it blows more out of proportion than the previous 25 games where he likely averaged 27 points shooting 56%, 8 assists and 8 rebounds. Therefore, we only highlight the failures because the great games are the norm.

There are aspects of every era that made it harder or easier.

So sit down. Adults are talking.

Defense’s Were Better therefore it was a harder league to play in (Pro-Jordan)

The first comment people make about Jordan’s time is how great defenses were and how it was a more physical game.

From a physicality stand point, that can’t even be argued. It most definitely was more physical.

But this goes hand in hand with the same thing I said about Brady v Montana. Rules change, so of course teams were more physical.

You can’t throw a punch in the NBA today without a flagrant 2 and ejection…probably a good thing. You could do that in the 80s and 90s. In fact, that is a big reason why the rules have changed. You know that whole thug stereotype the NBA had to fight for so long? That’s why.

The NBA has also eradicated hand checking, which was a huge defensive advantage. So yes, defenses were tougher in the Jordan era than they are today.

Jordan was also one of the best defenders of his time which is why he is widely regarded as the best overall player. He could do it on both ends.

But how good would he have been in today’s game where hand checks are illegal? How good would he have been in an era where there is more movement and spacing from the five guys on the court? Players are spacing the floor and making it rain from three today. That era didn’t have to worry about that nearly as much.

Jordan’s era was about power, where today’s game is about speed and finesse. Your speculation on what is harder is worthless. My guess is as great as both LeBron and Jordan are, they would both make adjustments to be great no matter what the rules are.

Next Stupid point…

LeBron has Weaker Opponents (Pro-Jordan)

Hmmm, this is an interesting one.giphy.gif

I definitely agree that the West (up until recently) has been a much stronger conference than the East and it wasn’t even close. Similar to the SEC in college football. People have the false narrative in their head it is still so one sided when it isn’t. With that being said, LeBron has pretty much shit on the East for most of his career so this argument only works if he sucked against the competition.

  • 14 Seasons
  • 12 Playoff Appearances
  • 0 First Round Exits
  • 9 Conference Finals Appearances
  • 8 Finals Appearances
  • 3 NBA Titles (Golden State v Cleveland happening now)

And again, I will go back to my previous argument about playing the competition you are given. He has shit all over the East, so who cares? Why are we even talking about this?

I find it particularly funny when I hear this argument because these idiots who love to point to the Eastern Conference must have forgotten that six expansion teams were added during Jordan’s two title runs. While Jordan did have to play against great teams like the Jazz with John Stockton and Karl Malone or the Suns led by Charles Barkley…no one ever brings up the expansions. Weak sauce.

Don’t think the league was watered down at all? Explain to me how in Jordan’s second season (injured) that team went 30-52 and made the playoffs. They literally got in 22 games below .500, but let’s bitch and whine that Lebron had to play against a team that was maybe 41-41.

Keep fishing…

6-0 is better than anything (Pro-Jordan)

Bill Russell went 11-1. Kbye. #NeverBeTheRingsGuygiphy

I understand that 6-0 looks sexier than 3-4 or (3-5 or 4-4) after this year. But what happens if LeBron goes on to three more finals and wins another two or three? You will probably still have Jordan fanboys out there screaming 6-0. I hear that same crap about Joe Montana. Sorry 5-2 is better than 4-0. That means he made it there seven times vs four. I never understood why athletes are penalized for making the finals by sports writers and fans.

If Lebron goes to 10 finals and finishes 4-6 or 5-5. I’ll take 10 finals appearances over six any day. Now if LeBron were to go 0-8, yeah 6-0 is probably better.

There’s more to debates than…how many rings he got bruh? Bitch, go play 2k and leave the critical thinking to those who have a higher IQ than a beach towel. Mmkay?

If you find yourself in a debate with this type of person, just play dead and hope they leave you alone. If that fails, just rip a fart on them and that should do it.

Jordan Never Had Bad Games (Pro-Jordan)giphy

This may take the cake for dumbest argument ever. Any time LeBron has a bad game, which is rarely, we hear about how Jordan would never allow a team to beat him and how Jordan didn’t have “those” games. Yeah and Jeffrey Dahmer seemed like a real hoot to be friends with.

  • 97-98 Game 6 v Utah – Lost 81-83 – 9-26 for 28 points
  • 96-97 Game 3 v Utah – Lost 93-104 – 9-22 for 26 points
  • 96-97 Game 4 v Utah – Lost 73-78 – 11-27 for 22 Points

You’re right though! Never had a bad one.

Go run some suicides and leave the adults alone…

Jordan Didn’t Need To Team Up With Great Players (Pro-Jordan)

No he didn’t. Oh yeah because the Bulls traded for that guy…oh God, what was his name? Ohhhh yeah, it was fucking Scottie Pippen. He also had Dennis Rodman for the second run.

Remember when Jordan retired? Yeah that team still won 55 games the following year. Good talk though. You’re right, he had nothing.

LeBron NEVER had help (Pro-LeBron)giphy

You can say that when he was in Cleveland considering he had amazing talent like Boobie Gibson, Anderson Varejao and Larry Hughes.

However, that argument went out the window when LeBron jumped ship to Miami. Although Dwyane Wade had seen much better days, he was still a top 5-6 shooting guard. Then you had Chris Bosh who was THE guy in Toronto. They were then able to recruit geriatrics like Ray Allen and Mike Miller to sit in the corner and shoot threes. That gave them some experience and solid role guys. Those were some solid teams.

Fun fact…Even with all the teams he has played on, he been a favorite in only two finals. Always found that interesting.

Now he is back in Cleveland with a budding star like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love (formidable 4). Right now, it is honestly a two man show in Cleveland with LeBron and Kyrie though. If any of you douche canoes say “oh bullshit, he has Deron Williams, Kyle Korver and JR Smith.” Yeah that would  be fantastic…if it were 2010. The last time LeBron didn’t make the finals.

Stop trying to make fetch happen…

LeBron was better at _____ age than Jordan (Pro-LeBron)i0d9q

This is the same type of crap as saying if so and so had LeBron’s size, he would be better. Well they don’t so suck it.

I hate seeing the graphics pop up on TV that say LeBron accomplished this by age 28, where Jordan accomplished this.

Whoever had the bright idea to compare that must have forgotten that Jordan went to College. I am not going to fault MJ for going to UNC just like I won’t fault LeBron for looking like a greek god.

The more fair comparison would be by year six LeBron did this and by year six Jordan did that. Seems logical. But again, we aren’t talking about intelligent people.

As Sam Elliot says, you’re a special kind of stupid…

Jordan Faced Weak Teams in the Finals (Pro-LeBron)

I will fully admit that the teams LeBron has faced are better. He faced three phenomenal Warriors squads. This year is the best team either have faced. The Spurs in 07 were incredible. I would give a slight edge in Finals opponents to LeBron…there is a reason his teams were the underdog in most of those series.

But don’t discredit MJ when he faced guys like Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Karl Malone and Magic Johnson. That 91 Lakers team (although peaking) was as good as it got. Jordan defeated a nasty Utah squad not once, but twice. In my opinion, that was the best team he faced in the Finals.

Stop acting like Jordan beat your local recreational league teams. He sliced up some good competition. The road to get there usually involved the bad boy Pistons, Knicks or Heat. That was’t an easy road.

I am sure Stockton and Malone would punch you for that stupidity…

The Debate We Should Be Having

We shouldn’t be having any GOAT debates until this man’s career is done. LeBron probably has another five or six good years left, maybe even more. Enjoy what you’re seeing because it’ll be gone before you know it. Put your weak ass sword down for thirty seconds and watch greatness. You will never witness another LeBron just like you will never witness another Jordan.

To be honest, if the debate was not close…why do we keep talking about it?

If I said Kyle Korver was better than Jordan or LeBron, you wouldn’t give me the time of day because you know it is erroneous. Clearly, you don’t feel that way about LeBron v Jordan no matter which side you lean on.

If you feel the need to make those silly arguments, save it for the other assholes who listen to Stephen A  or Skip on their stupid shows.

If you really want a good debate, which do you prefer…a talented scorer who will win at all costs even it means being a ball hog or a guy who will do the opposite and get everyone involved maximizing their numbers?

Leave this discussion for the big boys and girls…mmkay?klaus-mmkay.gif

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