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Dear People Who Bitch Because I love Disney World…

“Oh my god, you’re going back to Disney World? You were just there. Go see somewhere new.”

I hear it every time. Literally EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME.

No. I am not booking somewhere else. The last time I attempted to go somewhere else, the trip had to be cancelled because Gatlinburg burned to the ground. Want to know what saved my first anniversary? Oh yeah, old reliable Disney World.a3a44300d10a24492566c559ff39c32f6422db61835071e419cb2ca99cbd61be.jpg

My favorite part about those people is that 9 out of 10 times, it usually comes from someone who visits the beach every other trip (Insert eye roll). Enjoy staring at waves, getting sand in between your toes and salty water.

I will be enjoying Tower of Terror, amazing food and forgetting that we live in a world with so much bullshit.

I recently posted the top 5 places I would like to visit and as much as I would love to visit said places, it probably won’t give me that same spark as a trip to Disney does. No place has ever given me that same feeling.

No hotel. No city. No vacation even compares to an extended stay in the happiest place on Earth. There is way more to this place than just Splash Mountain, although that is reason enough to go!

The biggest reason I love Disney is the same reason most of us “Disney freaks” love it, the magic.

Part of the magic for me is the fact that this place came to be because of the simplest idea, Mickey Mouse.

Before they shut down the Wishes firework show, I couldn’t help but get choked up when  Walt Disney pops up on the screen and says his famous line…

“I only hope we never lose sight one thing, that it was all started by a mouse.”

20e346c53b6d1a2ffdf486419ef1583e.jpgThis quote reminds me that the simplest ideas can change the world. I love the fact that almost every Disney movie piggybacks off the idea that we can do the impossible and to believe in ourselves.

You’ll never see so many people from different parts of the world and different cultures laughing from pure joy. That is part of the magic of Disney World. This simple idea created a place of pure happiness.

With every character…with every show…with every firework display…there is an aura about this place like no other. When you visit, you feel like your dreams can actually come true. You feel like anything is possible.

Don’t believe me?

Maybe this is pure coincidence, maybe it is just the magic of Disney that I choose to believe in.

15338613_10209384970000353_6647001551936441371_n.jpgWhen my wife and I were there for our trip in December, we had been struggling to have our sweet Finn. We would literally do anything to make our dream a reality. We went behind Cinderella’s Castle and threw coins in the wishing well and wished for our first baby. When we watched Wishes (our favorite show) that night, we wished for our first baby.

Just a few weeks later, our wish came true.

When we took our most recent trip, Wishes was no longer showing. Now it is Happily Ever After, another great show in my opinion.

(Spoiler Alert) The show featured Phil Collins “You’ll be in my heart” and it showed all the Disney dads with their kin like Mufasa and Simba. That is a song that already gets me emotional because of all I have ever wanted was a son. It just reminds of being a dad. I went to tell Mallisa when we were watching how awesome that part was. She just “yeah I can’t talk about that right now.”Mufasa-gives-Simba-pouncing-lessons-in-The-Lion-King

We get back to the hotel room and she tells me why she was emotional…

The last time we were watching the castle show, which was “Wishes.” We were wishing for a baby. Now we were watching the new castle show “Happily Ever After.” While that song was playing, our sweet Finn was kicking away reminding her that our wish had come true.

Now some of you may read that and think how silly that is. I don’t think it is silly for a child to believe in Santa Claus. Just like I don’t think it is silly for someone to believe in God. People just want something to believe in. The magic of this small part of the world is something I feel strongly about because some of my wife and I’s best memories are there.

Plus if you don’t like Disney, the child inside of you died a long time ago. Mine keeps me young.78c2a55e85c13cf7df215392daebdc6a

Disney World is a place where I can go to forget all the problems of real life, not that I have a lot. But it is nice to not think about when my bills are due.

As an adult, we tend to wish we could go back to being a kid. Even if it is just for an hour, we want that chance.

Disney gives me that chance. It is a place where I can go and just be completely happy with nothing else on my mind.

I grew up on Disney. I loved the movies. I loved the songs. I loved everything about it. When I go, there is nothing better than seeing those characters up close and personal.

I’m sorry that isn’t fun for you because you’re probably dead inside.

I love getting roasted by Gaston and watching him insult everyone.

When they added Kylo Ren (huge man crush), we visited him and he was as dark as he was in the movie. Fucking awesome!

All of these characters come to life with every meet and greet or every ride.

There is nothing like sailing through the Caribbean with Jack Sparrow at every corner.

There is nothing like getting soaked on Splash Mountain as Brer Rabbit tries to escape that douche canoe Brer Fox and that pothead Brer Bear.14938226_10209027449262558_7513633321478227530_n

If you need thrills, there is nothing like going through the turns and drops in the dark track on Space Mountain.

You can’t talk about thrills without talking about entering the Twilight Zone at the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

How can I go on these rides dozens of times and never get tired of them you may ask? It is all part of the fun and magic.

Another part of the magic that is so underrated when it comes to Disney is the customer service. The cast members treat you like royalty. They treat you like you are a prince and princess. It is so amazing. All their cast members make you feel like you matter. As someone who works in a gym, I know how important it is to feel like more than a number.

My wife has always dreamed of waking up to a view of the castle from the Grand Floridian. On our Honeymoon, we booked our first night for that particular hotel. However, our room was standard. It wasn’t a suite with a castle view.12390986_10206516761696938_260408009288864051_n

We get off the bus with bags in hand and Honeymoon pins on our shirts. The cast member working the unloading zone asked for our names to check our reservation. She told us that our room wasn’t quite ready yet and sat us in a lounge with complimentary food…that’s a win.

She comes back and says we have been upgraded to a Honeymoon Suite with a castle room view…SHUT THE FUCK UP! I will never forget the smile on Mal’s face when she saw that castle from the room. Part of the magic, man!

If you love food like me and my wife, the food alone keeps you coming back. Food and Wine Festival every year is a hell of an experience.

Even on a normal trip with all the dining options, you can always find somewhere new.

My wife and I have been to Disney 10 times together and there are plenty of restaurants we have not experienced. We will keep plugging away at that.

For the record, Hoop-Dee-Do Musical Review is amazeballs! Do yourself a favor and check that out.

Everything I talked about is part of the appeal and magic to this place.

Disney World is somewhere my wife and I will always hold near and dear to our hearts. It is a place we will continue to visit for the rest of our lives. It gives us an experience like no other. And nothing makes us happier than passing through those welcome gates. Because after all, it is a whole new world once you enter.


5 responses to “Dear People Who Bitch Because I love Disney World…”

  1. Kurt from Nola Nerd Couple Avatar

    “My favorite part about those people is that 9 out of 10 times, it usually comes from someone who visits the beach every other trip (Insert eye roll). ”

    So true, so true.


    1. Michael Hotard Avatar
      Michael Hotard

      Glad you enjoyed the post!!

      I hear it every single time!!


      1. Kurt from Nola Nerd Couple Avatar

        We do too. My wife’s sister and best friend lives in Orlando, so going so much is actually really cheap for us. And we still aren’t bored of it. Especially since the last couple of times have been with out niece and we just basically paid to watch her get excited. You will be seeing the World with your son’s eyes soon, and it will just renew how much you love that place.


      2. Michael Hotard Avatar
        Michael Hotard

        Thats awesome! That’s what I am looking forward to the most! We already have his first trip planned! There’s just so much to do between restaurants, shows and everything in between. We’re getting annual passes next time we go so that’ll save us some money! You’re right. It never gets old!


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