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My Fictional 3v3 Team (Movies/TV Shows)


One response to “My Fictional 3v3 Team (Movies/TV Shows)”

  1. Derek Avatar

    Alright let’s see starting would have to be Air Bud cuz he’s a dog. I mean you trying and guard a dog. Then I gotta pull Patrick Ewing from Space Jam, the alien version of course. Size matters. Throw in Kyle Johnson, everyone’s favorite Leoprachan from Disney Channel original movie Luck of the Irish for some more diversity. Then not to forget the opposite gender we have our final two….(same movie but they are ringers and we tried to split them up but they’re twins)….Heidi and Heather Burge from another Disney movie Double Teamed. Literally how will you beat the improbable team who has destiny and a come from behind screen writer in their corner. Now for the great coach that needs to lead this team of misfits into battle. Tough pick, but I’ll have to go with John Candy’s character from the beloved, you guessed it Disney movie Cool Runnings. Irv Blitzer brought the most unlikeliest of bobsled teams to the Winter Olympics imagine what he can do with a little spit shine and can do attitude for basketball. You’ll be hard pressed to find a squad that can match up with this!


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