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Month: July 2017

Off The Record (Ep 33) – NFL QB Landscape 2017

Off The Record is an uncensored sports podcast featuring Michael Hotard and Richard Fischer. Two former journalist who are tired of the fluff in the industry. Honest, unfiltered and no agendas on this show. Opening Statements NFL Quarterback Landscape Tier 1 (Best of the Best) Tier 2 (Established Stars) Tier 3 (Young Guns) Is Brady… Read More ›


Three Best Friends, Three Babies, Three Different Experiences

Sometimes in life, crazy and unexplainable things happen. Kind of like when the Falcons blew a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl, heyooooo! My wife, Mallisa, and two of her best friends, Chelsea Pitre and Katie Haslauer, grew up together.¬†PS that was weird for me to write out the new names considering you guys are… Read More ›

Understanding The Media: Why You Are Far More Alike Than You Believe

When I began this blog a year and a half ago, I wanted to shy away from politics as much as I possibly could. Of course, there are some digs in several of my columns when I can get away with it. Because of something that happened recently, I want to dive into the world… Read More ›

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