Mallisa officially entered the third and final trimester as of last week, which means we are getting closer to meeting our sweet little Finn.

We did our final ultrasound this weekend with The Traveling Stork, which was incredible. If you are thinking about doing an at-home service, use him. Jim was great! He was super patient and made sure we could get great shots. He got a great shot of Finn grinning. So damn cute man!19554322_10211258785364566_5693125958713015615_n

We just bought almond milk a few hours ago and she looked at it and said “you know you are getting close when the expiration date is a week from your due date.”

I am still waiting for someone to pinch me and wake me up from this dream. Everything I have ever wanted (family to call my own) is about become a reality. If you read my previous post on our journey to get here (click here to read), you know how important and meaningful this is for us.

As of Wednesday, Mal hit 28 weeks and it has been nothing short of amazing.

From the night she told me she was pregnant, I was obsessed. I remember laying in bed the night I found out. She had gone to sleep a few hours before me as per usual. I got into the bed and I found myself staring at her and just feeling a new wave of emotion I have never felt before. I looked at her in a totally different light because she is now the mother of my first child.

Knowing there is precious cargo on board made me so proud and happy for her.

Think of the thing you want more than anything, whether it is money, fame, love…whatever it may be. Think about that for a second. Think about how badly you want that one thing.

18951407_10211059088412267_3232069313639094829_nI have always wanted children (plural) and at least one son. My wife though, take your biggest want and multiply it by a million. I have never seen someone want something so bad. A part of her died her every time she saw a negative test. To her, it was like reliving a bad dream over and over again. No matter what I said or did, she blamed herself. But she made it through and here we are.

Being able to help her have the one thing she has dreamed of having, there is no better feeling.

So that night…I laid in bed staring at her for probably 15-20 minutes and started tearing up. Just knowing everything she has been through and what she is about to go through, I owe her the world. She is giving me the greatest gift on the planet…a baby. That is a day I will remember for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately for her, it will be her body that takes the sacrifice. That makes her a hero in my book.

I watch every week as that baby grows and her bump gets bigger and bigger…and bigger.  She always said she couldn’t wait for the nine months of actually being pregnant, even though it would take a toll on her. She is taking all of it in stride and proud to do it.18557022_10210885447551354_1359873205827682077_n.jpg

I see all the changes happening to her physically and emotionally and it makes me feel so lucky that Finn will have such a strong woman in his life. Side note, she is still as beautiful as ever.

Early on, her biggest problem was food aversions and fatigue. Poor girl could not go around anything with a strong smell without feeling nauseous. She was also coming home every day and taking three hour naps. That still wasn’t even enough sleep. Yet, I would still have a meal ready for me on most nights when I came home. She was trooper through all of it though.

She really hit a wall when we were in Disney. I was dying from the heat. So I can’t imagine carrying around another person with swollen ankles. She did it though and didn’t complain once.

Normally we are powering through Magic Kingdom like our life depends on it. For once, we actually took it slow. Kudos to my wife because we still managed to do everything we wanted.

Lately, her back pain has been crippling, but she still manages to fight through that as well. On top of the aches and pains, her body is changing and adapting to birth and provide for our amazing boy.

Unfortunately, I am just stuck here watching as her body does all the work. It is like being injured and watching from the sidelines. The only thing I can do is cheer her on. But damn it, that is what I will do.tenor

She is the one going through all of the physical and emotional changes. She is the one who is working through this pregnancy. She is the one who is providing for this sweet boy right now.

I am just along for the ride. So I guess I owe her the world for that.

After all, she is giving me the greatest gift on the planet. Mallisa is going to be one amazing mom.




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