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If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen

In case you haven’t noticed, censorship is not my thing. I am a “potty mouth” and I don’t like beating around the bush. Profanity and honesty are both staples of my personality. I am all for trash talk and low blows. Of course, there is a place and a time to tone down.pezgM.gif

Boxing is just not one of those places.

The world tour hyping the Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather bout, scheduled for August 26, has been nothing short of spectacular. If you are offended easily and hate trash talk, then turn away. Stay off your Facebook. Tune out anything sports related. This kind of entertainment is not for you.

As for me, I can’t get enough of it. Even though Floyd Mayweather wins this boxing match by decision, these promos did one thing I will always cherish.

It put a spotlight on how fucking dumb Floyd Mayweather is. Not that we really needed this to know that. Be careful in a crosswind if that bitch ass trick is around because you may hear an ungodly whistle coming from inside his head. His mind must have wandered and never came back.

McGregor has done nothing but destroy him on the microphone these past few days and it is awesome. If you watch Mayweather, you can see it is difficult for him to formulate a complete thought. The dude has the IQ of ranch dressing.

My favorite insult came when McGregor mocked Mayweather’s clothing and said he looked like a 12-year-old break dancer and to dress his fucking age. Then he proceeded to ask why he was carrying around a school bag because he can’t even read. GOLD!giphy.gif

That is called a nuclear weapon of words. He has just continued the verbal assault on the woman beater. It is amazing to see. The guy had “fuck you” written on his suit as pin stripes…ballsy.

The only insults Mayweather has come back with is “I make money” or “easy work” and of course when he called McGregor a faggot. I know 8-year-olds who can think of better shit than that. But that requires some brain activity upstairs.

Now while faggot can be offensive, plenty of people have taken offense to McGregor’s “dance for me, boy” comment. When he was asked about whether or not he is a racist, he responded saying he was half-black from the waist down. If you can’t put two and two together, he was insinuating he has a large penis. He also made a comment about having sex with black women.

I read a column talking about McGregor being a racist and misogynist and why he is such an awful person…that is ironic. Even more ironic, Mayweather launched an attack on McGregor because he insulted Mayweather’s daughter and black women.

Yeah, well Floyd actually beats women. So there’s that. At least McGregor isn’t doing that.

My favorite part of all this is Mayweather seems to be getting offended. The same Mayweather who used the word faggot. The same Mayweather who told Manny Pacquiao to carve up some sushi and cook him some rice. There is nothing I love seeing more than that douchebag getting pissed off.giphy.gif

This isn’t the girl scouts selling cookies. These are two athletes from violent sports, why would the words be any less violent and offensive? We literally cheer on people beating the shit out of each other, but when words are spoken, we get offended. That is kind of silly.

Know why people know who McGregor is? He knocks dudes out both verbally and in the octagon. He has made a career from talking shit no matter how low the blow.

Do I think McGregor is actually a racist? No, I don’t. I think all of his comments are calculated to draw more eyes to his fights. Unlike Mayweather, I think he is smart in a sense of marketing himself.

If you want to question the morals of his methods, so be it. I think that is fair. But, we are not talking about someone who is running for president…heyooooo. (Self-Five)

These promos are basically the uncut version of WWE. Why would you expect something else? This is all part of a show to make money. Think of a TV show character you hate, would you hate the actor who plays that person? Fighting is similar. These guys are portraying a certain persona to draw people in. Not that this fight needs it, but more people (myself included) are talking about combat sports right now because of the verbal jabs.

If your morals take precedent over being entertained, tune out. That is perfectly ok. Combat sports may not be best for you. But, let’s not be offended by a violent sport for insults.



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