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Top 10 Quarterbacks for 2017

Another NFL Season is upon us. As per usual, here comes my annual top 10 quarterback rankings as we head into the season.

Some of the big changes to the quarterback position this season include the retirements of Tony Romo and Jay Cutler. Last season, we saw Oakland Raider Derek Carr take a massive step forward before being injured late last year. We also saw rookie Dak Prescott emerge as a budding star from day one. Tom Brady reclaimed his throne as a champion as the Patriots took home their fifth Super Bowl title with him as their starter.

The one person, who just missed the cut, that I have to give honorable mention to is Jameis Winston. I absolutely love him and I believe he is taking a Derek Carr type step forward this year with all his new toys. After signing Desean Jackson and drafting OJ Howard to pair along with Mike Evans and Cameron Brate, this offense is going to be one of the most fun to watch in the NFL. Winston will have a field day with those guys. Early spoiler alert, I have them winning 11 games and the NFC South.

Let’s get to the top 10…

10. Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskinskirk-cousins-you-like-that-imgur.gif

Washington has completely dropped the ball on the Kirk Cousins deal. Two years ago, he threw for 4,100 yards 29 TDs and 11 INTs completing 69% of his passes. They franchise tagged him and rightfully so. It was just one year. He follows it up with a 4,900 yard campaign for 25 TDs and 12 INTs completing 67% of his passes. My man has earned a payday. Hopefully he will have another great soundbite this year. He has much to live up to after “YOU LIKE THAT?!?” After his last two seasons, he cracks my top 10.

2016 Rank: Unranked

2017 Stat Prediction: 4,600 yards 28 TDs and 10 INTs

9. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthersgiphy

Coming off his best season ever and Super Bowl Run, Newton disappointed with maybe his worst season ever. He finished last season with his lowest completion percentage and rushing yards of his career. The Panthers didn’t do so well either finishing last in the NFC South. I don’t expect him to be the Newton he was two years ago because if you look at his numbers, that was a statistical anomaly. I do expect a rebound year though.

2016 Rank: 6

2017 Stat Prediction: 3,600 yards 22 TDs 14 INTs, 530 rush yards 7 TDs

8. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh SteelersBIGBENTONGUE

The biggest thing that prevents me from putting Big Ben higher is his durability. He can’t put together a healthy season. Even though he will play most of the games, it is evident his injuries affect his play by the end of the year. That has to account for something. There is no doubt the Steelers are infinitely better and arguably the best offense in the NFL when he is healthy. But what good is he if he can’t stay healthy?

2016 Rank: 7

2017 Stat Prediction: 4,400 yards 32 TDs 13 INTs

7. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falconsgiphy 

Much like Newton, Ryan put together his best season yet during the Falcons Super Bowl Run. The most interesting thing about Matt Ryan’s season is his yards (4,944). That is really impressive and also foreshadowing. I am glad you asked yourself why.

  • 4×9=36
  • 4+4=8
  • 36-8=28
  • 4+4+4=12
  • 12-9=3

That is 28 and 3. THE FALCONS BLEW A 25 Point lead in the Super Bowl! That carries over into this season where he throws 2,835 yards 28 TDs and 3 INTs. Kidding on that.

2016 Rank: Unranked

2017 Stat Prediction: 4,600 yards 30 TDs 9 INTs

6. Russell Wilson, Seattle SeahawksdIji8Ot 

Russell Wilson is coming off a season where he attempted the most passes of his career. He set a season high for yards in his career while maintaining a respectable TD-INT ratio. He threw 21 TDs to 11 INTs. I understand he is still backed by a great defense, but the big detractor to Wilson is that his offense was run heavy. They ranked 25th rushing and 10th in passing. They also won their division. No run, no problem for Wilson. The guy wins because he doesn’t make mistakes.

2016 Rank: 4

2017 Stat Predictions: 3,900 yards 24 TDs 7 INTs, 450 rush yards, 4 TDs

5. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts2 

All you can do is feel bad for Luck at this point because he is so much better than this franchise. Imagine if he actually had a GM and Owner who knew their ass from a hole in the ground. Luckily, there is a new GM. But this team has a bigger crisis than BP during the oil spill. His offensive line gave up 41 sacks last year as he continues to gets pounded year after year. Somehow, he still kept that offense in the top 10 in passing and scoring. He was able to bring his team to an 8-8 record. He finished 2016 with 4,240 yards 31 TDs with 13 INTs. He is still a perennial top 5 QB and it is not debatable. Part of me wants to put him higher than 5.

2016 Rank: 3

2017 State Predictions: 4,300 yards 35 TDs 14 INTs

4. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saintsdrew-brees-seattle-o 

Is he ever going to fall from grace? He is still arguably the most accurate passer on short to intermediate routes in the NFL. The guy hasn’t thrown for less than 4,800 yards since 2010. He hasn’t thrown less than 30 touchdowns since 2007. On the contrary, I don’t think he is getting better with age because he can’t throw the deep ball like he used to. But for the love God, he can still get it done in the short game. I am curious to see what the Saints do offensively with the signing of Adrian Peterson. Either way, I don’t see Brees slowing down much.

2016 Rank: 5

2017 Stat Predictions: 4,800 yards 36 TDs 13 INTs

3. Derek Carr, Oakland Raidersgiphy-downsized-large

He took a massive step forward in 2016 along with the Raiders. Had he not sustained an injury, could the Raiders take down the Patriots? We will never know. They definitely would not have blown a 25 point lead. Heyoooo! I believe Derek Carr is just scratching the surface on how good he can be. He has a rocket for an arm. He has improved every single year in the league. So what is next?

2016 Rank: 10

2017 Stat Predictions: 4,400 yards 34 TDs 9 INTs

2. Tom Brady, New England PatriotsvYh3ZsF 

He is Tom Fucking Brady. He is a mythical god. Much like Brees, he doesn’t age. One minor difference, his teams win football games. I don’t need to explain this one. If he isn’t one or two, your opinion is wrong.

2016 Rank: 2

2017 Stat Predictions: 4,600 yards 33 TDs 5 INTs

1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packersgiphy 

And He is Aaron Fucking Rodgers. Unlike Uncle Rico, he can throw a football over them mountains. He is THE best quarterback in the NFL and last year was no different. Dude literally carried the Packers into the playoffs. He may not have the leadership of a Tom Brady or Big Ben, but it doesn’t matter. The guy is that talented.

2016 Rank: 1

Stat Predictions: 4,500 yards 41 TDs 6 INTs




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