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Month: August 2017

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New Orleans Saints 2017 Schedule Prediction

Well, here it is! My official prediction for the New Orleans Saints season. Heading into last season the Saints had lost nine straight preseason games. This year the Saints have actually looked good. They are 2-1 thus far and all the hype is how good their defense is…insert fart noise. The preseason has absolutely no impact on how I feel […]

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Takeaways from Mayweather v McGregor

The fight of the century happened. After years of banter and trash talk, boxing’s mega star (Floyd Mayweather) and the man who revolutionized the UFC (Conor McGregor) squared off this past weekend. It DID NOT disappoint. The fight went 10 rounds before a TKO was called as Mayweather began pummeling McGregor. I wanted to see this fight end with Floyd […]

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It's 2017, let's be better: 6 Takeaways from Charlottesville

What happened in Charlottesville, Virginia is inexcusable, reprehensible and absolutely disgusting. There is no way around that. This is 2017, we should be better. A white nationalist rally comprised of Ku Klux Klan and Neo-nazi buttholes turned violent and deadly. A 32-year-old women was killed after being rammed by an idiot in a vehicle. A dozen or so more were […]

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Hotard Huddle Fantasy Football Preview 2017 – Why We Love Fantasy Football

Adrenaline and excitement is flowing heavily through my veins because freaking fantasy football is upon us my brothers and sisters. This is what we trained for….the mind numbing losses, the euphoric wins, draft day, bitching at the commissioner because of a close loss, trade rapes, scrapping over the waiver wire, the trash talk and being able to run a team […]