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Takeaways from Mayweather v McGregor

The fight of the century happened. After years of banter and trash talk, boxing’s mega star (Floyd Mayweather) and the man who revolutionized the UFC (Conor McGregor) squared off this past weekend. It DID NOT disappoint.

The fight went 10 rounds before a TKO was called as Mayweather began pummeling McGregor. I wanted to see this fight end with Floyd splattered in blood and laying in the middle of the ring. I did not expect that happen though. It was certainly a spectacle and all the trash talk leading up this was worth it.

That brings me to my first point…

It Definitely Entertainedmayweather-mcgregor-uppercut-boxing-1300

This fight was probably the most entertaining few months in the lead up to it than any I can remember. The trash talk is something I will remember for a long time. I wasn’t sure if the fight would be though. Boy, was I wrong? As good as the comments were leading up to it, the fight was even better.

These two laid it all out there for 10 rounds. There was a part in maybe the 7th or 8th where Mayweather laughed at McGregor and the crazy irishman stuck his tongue out and arrogantly smiled back. That was pretty awesome. That is showmanship at it’s finest.

Both of them landed some heavy hits in this war. The uppercut McGregor landed in the mid rounds was absolutely vicious. In the 9th and 10th, Mayweather kept landing heavy jabs.

There was no running by Mayweather for the most part. He stood in there with his hands up and brought the fight to McGregor. That was cool to see.

If you missed it, you missed a fight for the ages.

I Still Don’t Understand How Boxing Is Scoredgiphy.gif

The judges had McGregor win the first three rounds by a score of 10-9. I understand knockdowns are worth more after reading a dummies guide to boxing, basically. I don’t remember Mayweather getting many hits or even swings in the first three rounds. McGregor was ripping him apart. Why would those rounds not end on 10-8 at the very least?

Rounds 4-6, I could see why the score would be 10-9 because it was like splitting hairs in those three. I was keeping track of who I had and I had McGregor, Mayweather, McGregor. Obviously the judges saw differently. After that, it was all Mayweather until the TKO. I would have rated those rounds the same in favor of Mayweather.

Both Had Their Dirty Momentsmayweather-mcgregor-hug-1600_0.jpg

It was frustrating watching Mayweather turn around and put his back to McGregor and ducking. Mainly because it was McGregor who kept getting told something by the judge. Mayweather did his typical cheap shot as soon as the ref broke the two up. We have seen that happen before.

However, once Mayweather started with it, McGregor followed suit and returned the favor. If I were to bitch about Mayweather, it would be hypocritical because I enjoyed it when the favor was returned.

Both threw some shots from the clinch. Both threw some shots after the clinch was broken up. Both had their fair share of cheap shots. That is perfectly ok. The ref did a decent job of keeping everything in check.

Moral Victory For McGregormayweather-mcgregor-weigh-in.jpg

McGregor stood toe to toe with one of the best boxers ever for 10 rounds. He brought the fight and landed some heavy shots on someone most consider the best defensive boxer of all-time. That is impressive considering he is not even a boxer. The fact he landed more significant strikes than an aged Manny Pacquiao is something to be proud of.

Even though he was TKO’d, this is still a big moral victory for McGregor and I am genuinely curious if he ever gets in a boxing ring again. He did well in that capacity and I personally wouldn’t mind seeing him again.

Both Fighters Wongiphy2.gif

Let’s be honest, neither of them are leaving unhappy after the purse they took home. Mayweather made $100 million while McGregor brought home $30 million. They both got paid and made it out with minimal damage. Now McGregor can buy 30 more of those “fuck you” pinstripe suits.

Respect to Both of ThemTELEMMGLPICT000138435518_1_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqpdpCsDEHI-S5JwZr3nT67FjKkg6BxshTkQSFIPEistw

I never thought I would actually be saying this but hats off to Mayweather. He was very humble in victory. Likewise, McGregor was humble in defeat. That was pretty cool to see. Both of them took some big shots at each other verbally in the name of the sport. They squashed it like true competitors when it was all said and done.

Immediately after the fight was called, the two of them made sure to find each other, tap gloves, hug and both could be seen smiling sharing a very real mutual respect. In a sport where your job is to injure the opponent, that was cool to see.

When Pacman and Mayweather fought, there was a meet up in the middle, but you could tell it was forced and neither of them wanted to do it. This was different.

They both called each other “a hell of a champion” and “competitor,” I believe they meant it. Serious kudos to both of them. I can’t stress how awesome that moment was.

The Referee Needed to Stop The FightRespect.jpg

The big controversy in this fight came when the ref called for the TKO in round 10. The ref obviously knew I would win $120 if he did. That is why he ultimately did it.

In all seriousness, this debate has been the ongoing question. Mayweather was going to win the fight either way. He dominated rounds 7-10. He had no signs of slowing down while McGregor was clearly getting fatigued.

The ref stopped the fight after McGregor was getting tagged and was not putting his hands up to defend the flurry from Mayweather.

I understand he was still moving and trying to avoid the flurry. But he was not protecting himself at all. The rules are simple…you have to protect yourself at all times in a combat sport. If you are not fulfilling that duty, the fight will get called.

Sure, I would have loved to see it go the distance or see if Mayweather could actually put McGregor on his back. But unfortunately, the ref cannot allow that to happen if he is doing nothing to protect himself.

Worth The WaitOvation

From all the points I just mentioned, this fight was well worth the wait. Both of them went into this match trying to knock each other out. Mayweather just bought his time and had a great game plan. McGregor said that after the fight.

He talked about how Mayweather wasn’t as fast as he thought, nor was he as powerful, but he was composed. McGregor was throwing the shots the first six rounds. Mayweather stood in there and took the licks and did what he could to dodge them. Once McGregor fatigued, Mayweather went for the kill.

You can think of him as Iceman from Top Gun. No mistakes. Let McGregor get bored or tired and then you get him. He did.

This fight was awesome and I loved every minute of it. For Mayweather, it was a hell of a way to go out. He agreed saying he couldn’t have picked a better dance partner giving respect to his counterpart.

It was simply an amazing spectacle.


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