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Fantasy Football Draft Grade (Team 2)

Rules for the league: Standard Scoring, 10 Teams. Nothing special. Here it goes…

Round 1 (10) – LeSean McCoy RB Buffalo Bills

Top 200 Rank – 5
My Grade – A+

He fell into my lap at 10. I am happy about that. I get a workhorse at running back who could very well finish as the top fantasy back. He is part of an offense that starts and ends with Shady. With the last pick of the first round, this could not have gone any better.

Round 2 (11) – Jordy Nelson WR Green Bay Packers

Top 200 Rank – 7
My Grade – A+

This pick was between three people, Leonard Fournette, DeMarco Murray and Nelson. I went with the latter. Fournette is a rookie with a bad QB. Murray may lose touches to Derrick Henry. Screw it, I will take the number five receiver in my opinion. I just got two top 10 players with the snake pick.

Round 3 (30) – Todd Gurley RB Los Angeles Rams

Top 200 Rank – 17
My Grade – A

I was two picks from getting Ezekiel Elliot here, but I will take the consolation prize of Todd Gurley. If Jared Goff can be a shell of a quarterback, Gurley could see a bounce back year. There is nowhere to go when you have 12 our of 11 players in the box (obviously exaggerating). You see my point.

Round 4 (31) – Christian McCaffrey RB Carolina Panthers

Top 200 Rank – 37
My Grade – B

DeAndre Hopkins would have been the better pick here, but I was salivating over the idea of having McCaffrey. Sue me.

Round 5 (50) – Carlos Hyde RB San Francisco 49ers

Top 200 Rank – 32
My Grade – C+

I was going to take a tight end here, but Greg Olsen, Jordan Reed and Travis Kelce came off the board during a run of tight ends earlier in the round. When it came time for me to pick, Hyde is going to get all the touches in San Francisco so I took that. The main reason I gave myself a C+ here is because I can only start three backs. Too valuable to pass up and I still believe you can never have too many backs, but it wasn’t a position I needed.

Round 6 (51) – Keenan Allen WR Los Angeles Chargers

Top 200 Rank – 36
My Grade – B-

On my swing pick here, it obviously had to be a receiver with all the top QBs and TEs off the board. I thought long and hard about Kelvin Benjamin or Jarvis Landry, but decided on Allen. I still say he can be a top three fantasy receiver if he stays healthy. He is a stud. Injury prone and risk drops the grade here.

Round 7 (70) – Jamison Crowder WR Washington Redskins

Top 200 Rank – 58
My Grade – C

I honestly don’t know what to make of Crowder, but he is going to get a high volume of targets from Kirk Cousins. I will take that.

Round 8 (71) – Brandon Marshall WR New York Giants

Top 200 Rank – 67
My Grade – B+

Am I missing something? Why has he been falling so far down draft boards. He, Beckham and Marshall are the best trio of receivers in the NFL, period. Considering the Giants run three wide receiver sets more than 95% of the time, I will take it.

Round 9 (90) – Tyler Eifert TE Cincinnati Bengals

Top 200 Rank – 100
My Grade – C-

First tight end off the board for me. Delanie Walker was drafted earlier in the round. That was my target. I worry about Eifert because I had him during his breakout fantasy year. Touchdowns made that season for him. He was getting three or four receptions for 12 yards and two touchdowns. That scares me.

Round 10 (91) – Doug Martin RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Top 200 Rank – 88
My Grade – B

I know he is suspended, but as you can see, I am good with running backs. Hopefully he comes back and is the muscle hamster again. Too much value to pass on here.

Round 11 (110) – Jeremy Maclin WR Baltimore Ravens

Top 200 Rank – 87
My Grade – A

I love this pick so late. Baltimore doesn’t have much going for them on the outside. Much like Crowder, Maclin is going to get a ton of targets. The big difference, he has been a leading receiver before.

Round 12 (111) – Cardinals D/ST

Top 200 Rank – 148 (6)
My Grade – B-

Again, all great defenses are off the board. I will take the Cards. They have great special teams and the defense can cause turnovers.

Round 13 (130) – Andrew Luck QB Indianapolis Colts

Top 200 Rank – 107
My Grade – A-

Shit. Luck in the 13th. Yes sir, I’ll have another. Win.

Round 14 (131) – Hunter Henry TE Los Angeles Chargers

Top 200 Rank – 125
My Grade – B-

If Eifert does not make much noise, Henry could be a decent starter. He had a really nice run last year and looks to be the feature tight end in Los Angeles.

Round 15 (150) – Andy Dalton QB Cincinnati Bengals

Top 200 Rank – 155
My Grade – C-

He is too inconsistent in terms of fantasy. But he was the best available or at least I thought so. He has since been dropped for Eli Manning. Hold it over until Luck comes back, please.

Round 16 (151) – Dustin Hopkins K Washington Redskins

Top 200 Rank – 152
My Grade – B

Final Grade – A

He attempted the most field goals last year so let’s hope Washington will still put up the points.


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