Screw the Saints. Screw LSU. The Nicholls Colonels are coming and they’re coming for blood.

This has been two years in the making since Tim Rebowe took the head coaching job with the Nicholls State University football program.

When Rebowe came in, the program was an absolute dumpster fire. There was no direction. There was no excitement. There was no support. The football program had to schedule three money games each year just to keep their heads above water.

Those days are gone and the Southland Conference better fasten their damn seat belts. Tim Rebowe and his Colonels are freaking coming for you. giphy

I have already established that Tim Rebowe will eat your soul. After all, when Tim Freaking Rebowe gives blood, he denies the syringe and demands a gun and a bucket.

After two years of work and preparing for battle, the Colonels are all in and ready to rock and roll. So far in 2017, they stand tall at 2-1.

They defeated McNeese State on a last second field goal 37-35 in their season opener. The Colonels have not beat the Cowboys at home since 2005. We saw how much guts this team has in that game. They fell behind in the third quarter 16-7 before a 67-yard pick six by Jonavon Lewis put them back on the map and within one score.

From there it became a see-saw battle where McNeese would pull ahead and the Colonels refused to break. They kept clawing back before taking the lead thanks to a 19-yard run by quarterback Chase Fourcade, only for McNeese to try to turn the lights out one more time taking the lead 35-34.

When your back is against a wall, you can do one of two things back the hell up or jump in. eff6604d3287f8ee8a852f728c759ade

Rebowe brought the motto “all-in” to the Colonels and his players stand by that. With a little more than three minutes to go, the Colonels took 10 plays to march 53 yards putting them in striking distance, while managing to erase 2:57 from the clock.

That gave them just enough time for Lorran Fonseca to boot one through the uprights as time expired. Just like that the season began on a high note with a 37-35. 1-0 never felt so good.

Their season could not have started with a better win. I love games like this because they test your guts. They test your desire. They test your will to win. Playing for a school like Nicholls, you better have that make up. You’re always going to be clawing from behind, even if you are good. The public nor the media takes you seriously. Football fans in general don’t take you seriously.

After a big win against a school that historically kicks the crap out of them, they face Texas A&M.

The difference between these two budgets says this game is not even supposed to be close. In all honesty, the Aggies should have curb stomped Nicholls into the ground and left them for dead. A&M has an athletic budget of $192 million. The entire budget for Nicholls as a university is $55 million.

The Colonels still took the Aggies to the wire. Aggie Head Coach Kevin Sumlin had to attempt a garbage time touchdown instead of running out the clock and failed. My middle finger salutes you, Sumlin. You, sir, are a vagina. giphy.gif

That led to a field goal to put them ahead 24-14.

That is a major win for the Colonels despite what it says in the win/loss column. Thanks for the recognition, the added hype to the Colonel bandwagon and the paycheck. You guys suck. Your head coach should be absolutely ashamed for trying to run up the score and failing to do so. If you’re going to be an asshole, do it right.

Like Ron Swanson says, “never half ass two things, whole ass one thing.”

After two close games, the Colonels took on Prairie View A&M at home. Under head coach Willie Simmons, the Panthers had an impressive 15-7 record heading into that contest. Their first game ended with a 44-31 loss to Sam Houston, Nicholls’ next opponent.

Unlike the Bearkats, the Colonels dominated the Panthers. That sword was driven through their hearts and twisted to make sure the job was done.

The Colonels pummeled them 34-0 before the Panthers finally got their first score before the half. They finished the job and closed the game with a 44-13 victory.

Sam Houston may be ranked 3rd, but you’re next on Tim Rebowe’s hit list. That is not a place you want to be. You don’t want those problems. The Colonels are a different beast this year you better be ready.

Unrelated note, who spells Bearkat with a “K.” For that alone, that team should be worried.

This is the money maker for the Colonels. They are facing the number three team on the road and I can’t fucking wait. The Bearkats better be ready. The Colonels are coming with their swords up and ready to drive it through you next.

You may ask what makes this team different than the previous…to put it simply Tim Freaking Rebowe. 598a79d25b7a7.image.jpg

But in all seriousness, the attitude of this team is like nothing I have seen before with Nicholls. This team is confident. They have swagger. They are hungry. They feel like they have something to prove…because they do.

Defensively, I love everything about them. They play hard physical defense and there are two areas I want to focus on with these past three games.

They are averaging four sacks per game to pair along with nine tackles for losses. I freaking love it. That means they are wreaking havoc in the offensive backfield which can be demoralizing for a quarterback or running back when you have a defender in your face so frequently. Football games are won in the trenches and the Colonels are making shit happen there.

Senior defensive lineman Terrell Encalade and junior defensive lineman Kenny Dotson have led the charge combining for seven of those sacks these year.

While those guys are getting after the quarterback, junior linebacker Adrian Richardson and sophomore linebacker Evan Veron are taking down the running backs before they can get started. Those two have accounted for 5 stuffs in three games.

The last part of this defense is the pass coverage. Much of this probably can be attributed to the fact the front is making opposing offenses shit their pants. But, the coverage is limiting opponents to just 5.5 yards per attempt. Given that the sport has now shifted to focusing on the pass, that is incredibly low.

This defense is a force to be reckoned with. You may hear the term bring the wood in football. That means bring crushing hits and hard nosed defense. The Colonels may as well redefine the termed coined by Dick Butkus because they’re bringing the swords.

Offensively, the Colonels are averaging 31 points per game. That is a pipe dream after sitting through four years of scoring maybe 6 points. I love that they are going to run it down your throat and tell you to stop them (looking at you Sean Payton). With a stable of backs led by Kyran Irvin, the Colonels are averaging 128 yards per game.

That commitment to the run has opened up an efficient pass attack with quarterback Chase Fourcade, who has tossed 241 yards per game and 6 touchdowns. With an average of more than 10 yards per attempt, much of that comes from receiver Damion Jeanpiere Jr. who has 9 receptions for 361 yards and two touchdowns. They are just picking up where they left off at Rummel High School. maxresdefault.jpg

Not only does this team have a great swagger about them, they are just aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They run the ball well. They make big plays. They just punish you on defense.

I love what is happening with my alma mater down in good ole Thibodaux. It all starts with Tim Freaking Rebowe. As for those lame ass Bearkats, they’re coming. You better run.

Gone are the days of being a laughing stock. Gone are the days of being terrible. Gone are the days of looking like a miserable program. Gone are the days of losing. The Colonels are here. They are ranked. They are coming to eat your damn soul.

So to all my fellow Colonels, get your swords ready for battle. Our fight is now. Our time is now. We are all in babayyyyyy!





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